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The Hangover Continues

We’re headed into the third week of the new year and it seems a lot of us are still dealing with the hangover that was 2020 and 2021. Negativity seems to be par for the course when I watch the news or read an article about what’s happening lately regarding COVID-19. How much stupidity can we endure having to deal with people who actually think COVID is a mind control technique the government is using to control its citizens? Yes that was something some idiot Joe Schmo said on the local news last night and I seriously had to contemplate the intelligence of some of the human race. IF the government was going to control it’s citizens I’m sure it would be using something a bit more covert, for instance if it wanted to do with with said Joe Schmo, it would use beer. Because that’s what this asshole on local t.v looked like he’d been swigging before he got pulled into the “on the street” interview. Which oddly enough includes my anti-vaxxer brother, but that’s an entirely different post.

For fucksake people, start using your brain and do your own research instead of believing what you see and hear on fucking Facebook and Instagram!!!! But as one of my cousins said a while back, intelligence isn’t something that Orange Asshole or his followers are known for. I agree, because anyone who believes that they don’t have to have vaccines to protect themselves or those around them from a virus that has killed millions all around the world, are certainly lacking in not only intelligence but education as well. Ok that’s enough of my soap box rant on to our show!

My Cat Won’t Eat Fancy Cat Food…..But Loves Raspberry PopTarts and Ice Cream

Tis true I tell you. I bought this mofo some of that fancy schmancy cat food, FreshPet and the fucker won’t eat it!!! I did it to break the monotony of him having just dry food. But, he just looked at it and looked at me and then walked away. So I left it there for a couple of hours and Charlie came back over and over again to just smell it and walk away. But the mofo does like Raspberry Pop-tarts and vanilla ice cream.

Cat eats Pop-Tart

Cat eats Ice Cream

Which I don’t feed him I just give him a taste, well the pop-tart I caught him eating mine when I got up to get my coffee. The ice cream, well cat like milk and ice cream is frozen milk sort of, but I don’t give Charlie much milk either since his vet said it causes stomach issues and gas. So no thank you, I couldn’t believe it, so what did I do with the fancy cat food? I gave said fancy cat food to Snowball, a beautiful white cat that belongs to one of my neighbors in back of where I live. She loved it, and she’s such a pretty can too, all white, clean and fluffy with her girly pink collar with her pet GPS tracker on her. I tried to get a picture of her but to no avail, she ate, washed herself and leapt over the back yard fence before I could snap a quick pic of her.

Still Looking and Still Waiting for a Job Offer

Yes I’m still applying and still waiting to see if any employer out there is going to take a chance on me and offer me a job. I’ve counted all the applications I’ve put in since October and I’m up to about 72 applications and out of all of those I’ve probably gotten 18 “thanks but no thanks” emails. So I’m still here plugging away at making as many applications as possible. Meanwhile trying not to get too discouraged and finding something productive to do here at home. With not much money there’s only so much I can do here. I’m trying to save up to buy more paint to maybe paint the two other rooms I have left. Or just get out of the house because I’ve gone weeks without leaving because I can’t afford to drive around too much and save gas in case I get an interview. And save up to buy food for the week. But also hoping I find something before my unemployment benefits end, so I’m trying to focus on the positive, which lets face it as of now, 2022 is still lacking but hopefully it will turn around……hopefully. I say that in the least sarcastic way possible…..or do I?

I’ve Let My Blog Reading Slide

In addition to not having much energy to do stuff around the house, I’ve found I haven’t read up on all the blogs I follow. I suppose I should be posting stuff daily since I haven’t got much else to do at the moment. But I’ve also realized I’m lacking energy and motivation. This is new to me and I’m not sure what I need to do when it comes to these feelings I’m not familiar with. So please bear with me until I find my motivation back.

Until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

14 thoughts on “The Hangover Continues

  1. I keep seeing t.v. ads for a company called INDEED which is supposed to match up employers and employees. I don’t know if there’s any payment involved, but since they advertise during the news, I’m assuming they are not a rip-off company. Although I’m fairly trusting so you can’t go by my opinion.

    You maybe should tell the neighbor that you fed their cat so if it doesn’t eat at home,they don’t worry that something’s wrong with it. And if there are any containers left, give (sell) them or donate to a local shelter. Have you tried Fancy Feast? My cat won’t touch the pate but she loves the grilled stuff (especially the gravy).

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    1. Hey Barb, I do have an Indeed account. That’s where I get my job feed info from daily. It helps a lot but it does repeat a lot of the postings. I should let the neighbor know, but now I’m afraid they might take kindly to me feeding Snowball 🤔. Anyway I only bought a small PetFresh tube of cat food. So it wasn’t a big waste and Charlie is partial to Fancy Feast pate, but I have to add a little hot water to it because he loves gravy. And that’s the best it comes to having gravy.

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  2. They do have a ‘gravy lovers’ selection but I don’t think it’s pate – and it’s mostly gravy and hardly any solids. My cat would love it, but she’s not the one paying for it. I always add a teaspoon (at least) to the can to make sure she gets extra water as well – and yay for me as it makes more gravy too.

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  3. Cats are picky little buggers and I swear they turn their noses up just for spite. I tried that FreshPet on Dudley. He took one sniff and tried to cover it like poop in a litter box.
    Sorry there’s no good news on the job front, that’s got to be aggravating. Yet another thing to blame Covid for.

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  4. It’s simple: Cats are assholes. 🤷‍♀️

    I’m sorry to hear that the job market hasn’t shaken some things loose for you yet. Contact some recruiters and have them beat the pavement for you. Many recruiters receive job listings that aren’t posted elsewhere. When I was doing my job search, I had four recruiters working for me—and one of them ultimately got me a job with my current company.

    Losing motivation and energy is expected—it sucks being unemployed, and searching for a job is often demoralizing. It’s tough to keep your spirits up. Please take care not to get depressed. 💕

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    1. Thanks you Heather! I hear you, I’m definitely keeping an eye on my mental and emotional health. I don’t need to battle depression with everything else I have to deal with. I’ll look into recruiters, I really hadn’t thought about that.

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  5. We had to take Atlas off everything except his kibble for a week because he had recurring ear infections related to a food allergy. Try telling your dog, who gets every table scrap imaginable, that he can’t have anything but dry dog food. He almost starved to death–kept looking at his bowl in disbelief! Are you getting LinkedIn job alerts? They sometimes have some good opportunities.

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  6. My old cat, Fuzz, who lived to be 18.5 years old, loved poptarts, and ice cream! He also loved Doritoes and Cheese-Its but couldn’t have those anymore because he gagged too much. Lol. Cats are just weird. Korn liked peanuts. Smokie liked ravioli. The others are pretty normal. Imagine that. Normal. In my house! Haha!

    I’m so sorry the job market is not providing you with the right opportunities. I’m sure something will come along so don’t give up hope! I know how it is being broke. It sucks monkey balls, as my son would say. Lol.

    Motivation is hard to come by these days for me, for many. You’re not alone! Take care of yourself! Text me if you need to chat, anytime.

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    1. Thank you my friend. I truly appreciate it. I’m finding my cat is weird in a lot of ways. He gives stank face when he smells spaghetti sauce and my eucalyptus hand cream. But loves cheese, cheddar to be exact, and won’t eat tuna from the can. It’s like what cat doesn’t like fucking tuna?! 😆

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