Please People, Tell Me The Difference Between Being Stupid or Just Naive……

Seriously, I’ve been contemplating this all weekend long because I get so frustrated with one of my friends because sometimes I’m sitting there in front of her after she tells me something important or that happened to her and my inside voice is just……”she’s your friend, don’t kill her, don’t kill her.” This is whatContinue reading “Please People, Tell Me The Difference Between Being Stupid or Just Naive……”

Who Decides What’s Fashion? The Skinny and Overpriced Jean Dilemma.

This question came about because of a shopping excursion to buy a pair of jeans…… I will buy a lot of things on Amazon, for convenience of course, like shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergent because they come in bulk.  And sometimes one gets a really good deal on these items if you purchase them often.  ClothesContinue reading “Who Decides What’s Fashion? The Skinny and Overpriced Jean Dilemma.”

Seriously? Work Face-palm…..

We all have them, coworkers that are spectacular at their jobs, but total imbeciles when it comes to common sense.  Sometimes one doesn’t really see this until you talk to them in depth about something other than work. Case in point……………Baby Kermit’s Son Mac.  We talked a bit about our personal lives during a staffContinue reading “Seriously? Work Face-palm…..”

Things That Happened To The Huntress During the Holidays

I took some well-deserved time off from work because I’m slammed and it seemed to pile up while I was gone.  I was happy to get away from Baby Kermit and her throat clearing harmonies for almost two weeks.  But now I’m back and I hadn’t been in the office for more than five minutesContinue reading “Things That Happened To The Huntress During the Holidays”

The Huntress915 Wishlist….Holiday Edition

Someone in my office asked me what I’d like to receive this Christmas, then backtracked and asked “What would you like for yourself this Christmas?”  I thought about it long and hard and I came up with a wish list for some things I’d like before the end of 2019, so here I go… WishContinue reading “The Huntress915 Wishlist….Holiday Edition”

Another Helping of…..Random Thoughts by The Huntress, Office Holiday Edition!

I might have a cavalcade of things to write about this week, it’s been busy but there have been quite a few misadventures going on as well, so let’s get started shall we? Holiday Gathering, White Elephant Gift Exchange…..Don’t Make Me Punch You! We had our departmental holiday gathering on Friday, and it wasn’t exactlyContinue reading “Another Helping of…..Random Thoughts by The Huntress, Office Holiday Edition!”

Another week of…..Random Thoughts by The Huntress!

Work has been hella-busy so I’ve neglected to post and to respond to bloggers I follow.  I’m truly sorry, but I’m going to try harder to keep up.  So here we go! Holiday Gathering……Bring a Guest, oh Wait Never Mind                    So back in early November, our entire department was invited to the annual holiday event. Continue reading “Another week of…..Random Thoughts by The Huntress!”

This Weeks Random Thoughts by The Huntress

I hope everyone had a peaceful and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday.  And that your day wasn’t full of chaos, turmoil or family strife as sometimes is the case.  This year, oddly enough my mother was on her best behavior.  Which is saying a lot as her “best” behavior is usually when she says something insulting withoutContinue reading “This Weeks Random Thoughts by The Huntress”

Random Thoughts, Happy Thanksgiving and all that Jazz

Thanksgiving is this week and for some it’s a stressful time and for others it’s a chance to see family and friends one normally doesn’t see.  For me, it’s just the day we get to eat tons of turkey, stuffing and everything else that I have to cook.  My mom stopped cooking for Thanksgiving aboutContinue reading “Random Thoughts, Happy Thanksgiving and all that Jazz”

Memories or Dreams??

I have these memories, that come at random times or maybe when a smell or sound triggers them.  Sometimes they are so fleeting that I question whether they happened at all, or maybe they are just bubbling to the surface.  I do recognize many of these memories that I had long forgotten.  I distinctly rememberContinue reading “Memories or Dreams??”

Let Me Explain……Or Maybe I Should Just Stab You Instead?

Let me explain…… Is not something I say too often, other than at work I mean, because that comes out of my mouth every single day to faculty members who don’t get what my job is and how I’m here to help them not fuck up their proposals.  But in my private life, I don’tContinue reading “Let Me Explain……Or Maybe I Should Just Stab You Instead?”

How Mexican Am I, When I wasn’t Born In Mexico.

This weekend I was binge watching reruns of No Reservations and The Layover, shows that Anthony Bourdain use to host.  I was tired of all the scary movies and thrillers and decided I’d watch something different.  I loved Anthony Bourdain, he had a sort of “I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks” kind ofContinue reading “How Mexican Am I, When I wasn’t Born In Mexico.”

What Part of Leave Me Alone Don’t You Understand?

Let me start by saying that today, I’m in an unbelievably bad mood, and there’s no telling why.  It began when I got to work, as I walked in somehow I felt a kind of negativity enveloping me.  Go figure, I should either go with it or try to “be nice.”  But I think I’mContinue reading “What Part of Leave Me Alone Don’t You Understand?”

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, but not as Mad as I am Right Now!!!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about finally getting to buy my own house.  Well, as the slow and tedious process of the home buying began to unfold it slowly and surely turned to pure and utter shit!  Yep y’all heard that right not only am I not getting a house, butContinue reading “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, but not as Mad as I am Right Now!!!”

New Annoying Coworker and Federal Conspiracies

I’m going to channel my inner Sophie Patrillo, so here I go…… Picture it,  a random state university somewhere in Texas.  It’s 7:05am and I’m the only one in the office,  I’m sitting quietly reading blogs that I follow since technically I don’t start work until 7:30am.  I’m letting my cappuccino (that I made myself)Continue reading “New Annoying Coworker and Federal Conspiracies”

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