Meh….I’m Not Impressed. But Then Again Maybe Neither Was He

I had mentioned in my previous post that JMR had called to tell me about his dog mauling mishap.  At first I was skeptical because, guys have used all kinds of excuses to get out of a date.  So when he called me on Weds to tell me he’d like to go out that FridayContinue reading “Meh….I’m Not Impressed. But Then Again Maybe Neither Was He”

Homeownership………….It’s an Adventure

The No-Show Realtor Date In my last post I mentioned that JMR asked me out to dinner, I had accepted and was a little excited for this date as I hadn’t been out on an actual date since Lestat.  Anyway, we were supposed to have gone out this past Friday, but it never materialized.  IContinue reading “Homeownership………….It’s an Adventure”

The Nightmare Is Almost Over……..I Think

The Late, Great Huntress and Overly Sarcastic Realtor With all the drama that happened last week over the most minute issues from my in depth, IRS/CIA/FBI background check and me getting the underwriters their answers.  I found myself waiting anxiously over the weekend.  Then yesterday around 11:45am I get a call from my realtor JMRContinue reading “The Nightmare Is Almost Over……..I Think”

AND……the Nightmare Continues………..

Nothing Can Prepare You For Any of This Shit It’s been over a month (officially) since the “actual” home buying process began, or should I say the underwriting process that is.  Since I qualified for an FHA mortgage, I thought this would be a piece of cake since I’ve met or exceeded some of theContinue reading “AND……the Nightmare Continues………..”

My Faith In Humanity Is Not Lost……..For Now At Least.

My Realtor Might Be THE BEST EVAH!! Since my last post I’m still waiting to close on my house.  A house that I believed might have been lost to the fact that even though I needed an extra two thousand dollars, I had no idea where I’d get them. Since my offer for the houseContinue reading “My Faith In Humanity Is Not Lost……..For Now At Least.”

Something I Never Thought I Had (anxiety) And Something I Wish I Didn’t (A New So-Called Boss)

On June 1st,  2021 I celebrated my one year anniversary at this job.  Boy does time fly, even when you’re not having fun.  I started this job wondering and questioning my abilities to working for a boss who is not only generous but who is kick ass and did a lot for not just me,Continue reading “Something I Never Thought I Had (anxiety) And Something I Wish I Didn’t (A New So-Called Boss)”

Breaking News!!! My Son Is Getting A House and Other Happenings In The Huntress’ World

When I began my house hunting journey a couple of years ago, I kept telling my oldest who still lives with me, that he needed to get himself a house.  I’ve preached this to all my boys, because I don’t care if they aren’t married, investing in a home should be their top priority.  AContinue reading “Breaking News!!! My Son Is Getting A House and Other Happenings In The Huntress’ World”

The Weirdest Thing Happened While I Wasn’t Looking

Why Are High School Friends Suddenly Coming Out of The Woodwork? As a matter of fact weird things do happen to me, but it takes me a while to notice them.  Since my last post, I’ve still been looking for a house, and that hasn’t been the experience I thought it would turn out toContinue reading “The Weirdest Thing Happened While I Wasn’t Looking”

I’m a Rebel Just For the Fuck Of It

The last two weeks our institution has had COVID vaccine clinics for the remaining students, staff and faculty members that were on the third tier of the vaccination list.  I worked an entire week until 9:30pm every night, to say the least I was dragging by Friday night.  And somehow I got wrangled into beingContinue reading “I’m a Rebel Just For the Fuck Of It”

Apparently I Have Anger Management Issues…..Or Do I?

I’ve continued my quest to improve myself and get over several issues I’ve been carrying since childhood and one huge one in my adult life (Lestat.)  So I’ve continued to see Terri my super therapist who has had some very valuable insight into who, why and how to deal with all of these issues inContinue reading “Apparently I Have Anger Management Issues…..Or Do I?”

Learning How To NOT To Let The Stupid People Get To Me or Let’s Kill All The MoFo’s To Help Me Feel Better

I know I’ve spoken about Fake Buddy, Fake Phoebe, Fake Buzz, Fake Bob, Fake Mimi and Fake Roseanne in a lot of my previous posts.  They have been to say the least entertaining and without them I wouldn’t have as much blog fodder to entertain my readers.  But, how does one get past the assortmentContinue reading “Learning How To NOT To Let The Stupid People Get To Me or Let’s Kill All The MoFo’s To Help Me Feel Better”

More Dysfunctional Characters from The Huntress’ World

Fake Buddy the Elf I recall that I mentioned Fake Buddy, or maybe I haven’t. who knows? Anyway we have a director from Human Resources whom I’ll call Fake Buddy. He’s a complete idiot who was acting as interim Vice President of HR since last May. First of all let me just say the motherfuckerContinue reading “More Dysfunctional Characters from The Huntress’ World”

You Know What’s Funny???

Driving on I-10 coming to work and watching a Smart Car pass a Mustang…. Yes this actually happened on my way to work this past week….that shit was hilarious to watch. Explaining to someone who has been in their position longer than you’ve been in yours, how to do THEIR job.   No other explanation needed,Continue reading “You Know What’s Funny???”

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