A Ray Of Sunshine Among All the Bullshit

I’m going in a different direction with this post.  I’ve posted recently how I’m being “RIF’d” from my position with the leathery hag VP I currently work for.  And yet, I’m also hoping that I can find it in my inner good person and walk away from this experience with a renewed sense of purposeContinue reading “A Ray Of Sunshine Among All the Bullshit”

Money For Nothing and My Checks for Free…….For Now

Since they gave me notice that I would be RIF’d and my last day here would be on October 22nd, I’ve been coming into work to find that things are slowly being changed over to the “new” backstabber who will be helping my now, soon to be former VP.   I’ve lost all access to allContinue reading “Money For Nothing and My Checks for Free…….For Now”

Well Fuck My Entire Life………..

Somehow I felt this coming, I had a sense that because I’m not in any way an ass kissing employee that I’d either be written up for something stupid or taken to HR because of how I verbalize my dissatisfaction with some situations.  But today I was told by both my no-good, rotten, ass-kissing, motherfucking,Continue reading “Well Fuck My Entire Life………..”

Things That Happened While I Was On Vacation

I haven’t posted anything in over two weeks because of work and the continuing effort to finalize the unpacking process from the move into my new house.  Which is kind of odd saying that because it’s not really my new house anymore, it’s just my house.  I’ve adjusted to the fact that this house isContinue reading “Things That Happened While I Was On Vacation”

Trying to Accept Things As They Are, and Being Grateful For What I Have

Yes, it’s still raining here….. No, you’re not dreaming or on someone else’s blog, yes that is the title of my latest post.  In addition to being tired, for which I have an upcoming doctor’s appointment.  I’m also feeling a lack of, enthusiasm, energy or whatever else once calls just making it through their dayContinue reading “Trying to Accept Things As They Are, and Being Grateful For What I Have”

Getting Into The New Swing of Things

It’s been just over a month since the “big move” into my very own home, and believe it or not, I’m still unpacking and putting stuff away.  But now that I’m living alone, okay with my cat so that’s not really alone.  I’ve struggled somewhat to get back into a normal routine of sorts, likeContinue reading “Getting Into The New Swing of Things”

In All Of The Emotional Chaos, A Stranger Rings Poetic

Dealing with all the emotional and physical whirlwind I’ve been through the last month, I thought I’d never find one solitary moment of peace.  After going through the horror of moving from one house to another (which took for fucking ever, almost an entire month) I’m finally done with moving of any kind.  Now IContinue reading “In All Of The Emotional Chaos, A Stranger Rings Poetic”

Will This Nightmare Ever End….or Will I Kill My Son Before He Moves Into His House?

Lunch with Freddy Kruger would be more pleasant than having to move crap, junk and trash from the rental house to mine and my son’s home.  Seriously the arguments of whose crap it belongs to, began to get on my fucking nerves because clearly, it’s mostly his shit.  You want to know the difference betweenContinue reading “Will This Nightmare Ever End….or Will I Kill My Son Before He Moves Into His House?”

It’s Just A Job and Other Happenings In the Huntress’ World This Week

Since the beginning of June, the reporting structure has changed.  I no longer report to my vice president “directly” I report to Fake Supervisor now.  All of us do, and while that might sound all good and whatnot it’s caused strife among some of us in the office.  When Fake Supervisor sent us the emailContinue reading “It’s Just A Job and Other Happenings In the Huntress’ World This Week”

Meh….I’m Not Impressed. But Then Again Maybe Neither Was He

I had mentioned in my previous post that JMR had called to tell me about his dog mauling mishap.  At first I was skeptical because, guys have used all kinds of excuses to get out of a date.  So when he called me on Weds to tell me he’d like to go out that FridayContinue reading “Meh….I’m Not Impressed. But Then Again Maybe Neither Was He”

Homeownership………….It’s an Adventure

The No-Show Realtor Date In my last post I mentioned that JMR asked me out to dinner, I had accepted and was a little excited for this date as I hadn’t been out on an actual date since Lestat.  Anyway, we were supposed to have gone out this past Friday, but it never materialized.  IContinue reading “Homeownership………….It’s an Adventure”

The Nightmare Is Almost Over……..I Think

The Late, Great Huntress and Overly Sarcastic Realtor With all the drama that happened last week over the most minute issues from my in depth, IRS/CIA/FBI background check and me getting the underwriters their answers.  I found myself waiting anxiously over the weekend.  Then yesterday around 11:45am I get a call from my realtor JMRContinue reading “The Nightmare Is Almost Over……..I Think”

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