Office Discord…..And I Had Nothing To Do With It

My boss, the director of our program is a great guy.  He’s got an awesome sense of humor, loves old films and sweets even more.  He goes swimming during lunch almost every day and as far as I know he has a wife and two sons.  We talk everyday about pending projects, funds for theseContinue reading Office Discord…..And I Had Nothing To Do With It

The Benefit of The Doubt Bit Me In The Ass….Again

In my last post I said the story with JMR was to be continued.  Why, because I knew that it wasn’t going to end well.  How did I know this?  Because it’s FUCKING JMR that’s why!!  A repeat offender does not a trustworthy person make.  Yes I made that up.  I’m going to spare youContinue reading “The Benefit of The Doubt Bit Me In The Ass….Again”

A Tale Of Two Cities……Ahem….States

I’m headed into my first month of being at my new job, maybe not so new.  But still there are things that I learn everyday that are considered new.  Like the fact that I will be traveling with my boss to a couple of conferences in 2023.  First is our bi-annual program meeting, we areContinue reading “A Tale Of Two Cities……Ahem….States”

A Slight Hiccup in An Otherwise Awesome First Two Weeks

On Monday morning on my second week of work I came into my office (did I mention I have a huge office?) went through my morning routine of grabbing some coffee, reading the news, going through emails and then it happened.  I get an email from Phoebe telling me and my director that she isn’tContinue reading “A Slight Hiccup in An Otherwise Awesome First Two Weeks”

New Job, New Attitude and All That Jazz

My first week at my new job (and new university) has been a chaotic see of excitement.  I’ve gotten situated in my new (huge) office.  Which isn’t either in a basement or void of a window, and parking on this university campus isn’t a horrific nightmare like my last two universities.  No, here there isContinue reading “New Job, New Attitude and All That Jazz”

There Is A Mystery Man………..I Think

Its been a while since I’ve entered into a relationship since my last disastrous one with Lestat.  That’s been going on 5 years already.  Wow, I didn’t even realize that it’s been that long.  In any case, there has been this person of interest who I met quite a while back and made a veryContinue reading “There Is A Mystery Man………..I Think”

Questions/Thoughts I’d Just Put Out to The Void In The Universe

I thought I’d put out some questions out to the universe to find out what in the fuck is going on.  Some rhetorical and some not.  So here I go. Open Toed Sandal Guy At Walmart Why or should I say how the hell do you walk in closed toe shoes with your damned toeContinue reading “Questions/Thoughts I’d Just Put Out to The Void In The Universe”

Tap Dancing on A Land Mind or How to Dance Like No One’s Watching

I’m on my second month at my job at Chaos (yes that was a Get Smart reference) because that’s exactly what it’s been like working here.  Except for the supersonic elevator that goes up and down in the film (not the series) because it’s fucking slow as hell and I get down the three flightsContinue reading “Tap Dancing on A Land Mind or How to Dance Like No One’s Watching”

Rock Bottom Or How To Bounce Back from a Rock

I loved the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, at the end of every episode they’d describe the next episodes title with an alternative. Which were typically puns of the same title, so I’m going use this as a title format for my post today. Because as bad luck would have it, things have gotten a bitContinue reading “Rock Bottom Or How To Bounce Back from a Rock”

A Ray Of Sunshine Plows Through The Concrete

I’m back to update on the update. On Thursday I had an appointment with the HR department from Hell to sign my paperwork and get my access badge. Not that I would need it to work from home but, low and behold I got this done. Then on Friday I had to drive to centralContinue reading “A Ray Of Sunshine Plows Through The Concrete”

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