Let Me Explain……Or Maybe I Should Just Stab You Instead?

Let me explain…… Is not something I say too often, other than at work I mean, because that comes out of my mouth every single day to faculty members who don’t get what my job is and how I’m here to help them not fuck up their proposals.  But in my private life, I don’tContinue reading “Let Me Explain……Or Maybe I Should Just Stab You Instead?”

How Mexican Am I, When I wasn’t Born In Mexico.

This weekend I was binge watching reruns of No Reservations and The Layover, shows that Anthony Bourdain use to host.  I was tired of all the scary movies and thrillers and decided I’d watch something different.  I loved Anthony Bourdain, he had a sort of “I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks” kind ofContinue reading “How Mexican Am I, When I wasn’t Born In Mexico.”

What Part of Leave Me Alone Don’t You Understand?

Let me start by saying that today, I’m in an unbelievably bad mood, and there’s no telling why.  It began when I got to work, as I walked in somehow I felt a kind of negativity enveloping me.  Go figure, I should either go with it or try to “be nice.”  But I think I’mContinue reading “What Part of Leave Me Alone Don’t You Understand?”

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, but not as Mad as I am Right Now!!!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about finally getting to buy my own house.  Well, as the slow and tedious process of the home buying began to unfold it slowly and surely turned to pure and utter shit!  Yep y’all heard that right not only am I not getting a house, butContinue reading “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, but not as Mad as I am Right Now!!!”

New Annoying Coworker and Federal Conspiracies

I’m going to channel my inner Sophie Patrillo, so here I go…… Picture it,  a random state university somewhere in Texas.  It’s 7:05am and I’m the only one in the office,  I’m sitting quietly reading blogs that I follow since technically I don’t start work until 7:30am.  I’m letting my cappuccino (that I made myself)Continue reading “New Annoying Coworker and Federal Conspiracies”

Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Last night I went out, yes you heard that right I went out on a Monday night (what is the world coming to?).  My boys and I went to Tinseltown theaters to go and see Metallica’s S&M2 concert with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.  Now I’m more of a Megadeth fan and I thought toContinue reading “Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra”

A Love and Horror Story all In One

I’ve had a couple of ideas in my head about things I should write about.  Of course I haven’t following through with developing these ideas as I seem to be stuck at the moment.  But I did have an idea about a story about a person who becomes friends with online bloggers, that turns darkContinue reading “A Love and Horror Story all In One”

Emotional Homicide

Emotional homicide, that’s how this feels All because of you, it’s become all too real I wish you would disintegrate, obliterate, just disappear Metaphorical murder, I would so welcome the cheer Deep into your soulless, dark heart, a sharp knife I would plunge Watching you bleed out all your lies, with one last emotional lungeContinue reading “Emotional Homicide”

Writer’s Block or Blockhead Writer?

I know many of my blogger buddies out there have had this happen to them at least once, and some of you more than that.  This is what I’m suffering through right now, even for blog posts, I’m resorting to posting poems I wrote years ago as “filler” for my blog.  I hate this, IContinue reading “Writer’s Block or Blockhead Writer?”

Nothing Of You

Nothing to do but wait, you were only skin deep No substance, no emotion, only self-serving waste The scars left behind I thought were too deep But as time goes by, you and your memory are beginning to fade Into the deep abyss of unwanted thought I thought I would carry you around forever InContinue reading “Nothing Of You”

Co-Worker Road Trip Part Two…..The Nightmare continues.

Soon after we settled into our rooms at the hotel, the “gang” wanted to go out to dinner.  I was in no mood to eat a late dinner then wake up early to go to a training I knew was going to bore the hell out of me.  Needless to say, it was mandatory, soContinue reading “Co-Worker Road Trip Part Two…..The Nightmare continues.”

Champagne Thursday Y’all!!!

True to my word, I’m kicking off my inaugural Champagne Thursday today.  I think I deserve a cocktail or four.  Technically it’s not champagne its “Spumante” but it’s got bubbles and that’s good enough for me. What? I saw someone raise their hand about the coloring book?  So I have a friend who is aContinue reading “Champagne Thursday Y’all!!!”

Co-Worker Road Trip Coworkercide

So, I made it back from my work trip from hell, I say hell because it wasn’t hot per say but it was hell in the sense that I don’t socialize with people from work for a reason.  I will work with them because I get paid to, I don’t do it voluntarily.  So ourContinue reading “Co-Worker Road Trip Coworkercide”

Veruca Salt Was Onto Something….

I have found that there are certain things that annoy or amuse me, sometimes I laugh and other times I wonder how long I’d last in prison……. In any case I’m still trying to sort through my co-worker road trip blog posts, because right now it’s one giant post and I need to edit aContinue reading “Veruca Salt Was Onto Something….”

Co-Worker Road Trip Report To Come…..But for Now This Just In

As some of you know I was out for work the last week, only to come back and conduct a training on this freaking cloud based system that we only learned to fully use in the span of six days.  Two of those days were on Saturday and Sunday because our leaders/directors/supervisors decided it wouldContinue reading “Co-Worker Road Trip Report To Come…..But for Now This Just In”

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