This Virus has Finally Hit Very Close to Home…….

As I began my new job, I was instructed to start working on campus, which to be honest was a relief as working from home, or should I say being micromanaged from home was getting to be a real chore.  I was also getting really tired of having to check in and out for everyContinue reading “This Virus has Finally Hit Very Close to Home…….”

Short and Sweet…okay somewhat sweet

I’m still here people…. I began my new job on Monday of last week, it was to say a very rocky first two days.  This is because here in my new position I need to be independent and a “self-starter” something I couldn’t be in my previous department.  As you all know I was micromanagedContinue reading “Short and Sweet…okay somewhat sweet”

My Two Weeks’ Notice And Micromanaging to the End

This week I signed my offer letter and submitted my information for my background check for my new position.  My new department asked me to wait to give my current department notice until I got my official offer letter.  So when I did, I turned in my letter of resignation to my supervisor, which wasContinue reading “My Two Weeks’ Notice And Micromanaging to the End”

Critical Comments and Callus Observations

Urban Cowboy This weekend I binge watched movies, one of them being Urban Cowboy.  Which is one of my favorite’s movies of all time.  I use to love the entire theme of the movie, but as I grew older and would re-watched several times, I began to realize that…I fucking hate Debra Winger as Sissy. Continue reading “Critical Comments and Callus Observations”

Midweek Update and Other Happenings In the Huntresses World

I suppose this is a midweek post because I’m just getting tired of working from home, eating cold fried chicken (which I love) and having my fair share of the new drink called a Quarantini.  This wonderful drink is literally what you make it.  I my case it’s white wine with club soda and frozenContinue reading “Midweek Update and Other Happenings In the Huntresses World”

Interview Update and a Clusterfuck Bomb Explosion

First of all May the 4th Be With You and if you don’t understand what that means……your beyond comprehension….onto the post! My last blog post was about how I was (still) questioning my leadership, job and professional abilities, and all the emotional baggage that comes with all of the above.  Because let’s face it, whenContinue reading “Interview Update and a Clusterfuck Bomb Explosion”

Questioning My Leadership and The Huntresses Abilities

This isn’t a blog post but more of a diary entry, so it may not sound as profound or professional.  It may lack humor and even curse words.  But,  there is a need to be able to write this down because I do,  after all have the overwhelming urge to write. In November of 2017Continue reading “Questioning My Leadership and The Huntresses Abilities”

Week Four – Working From Home My Favorite Brit Edition

Yes that’s right, I’m working from home (running out of work really) and I’ve decided NOT to focus on anything negative.  What?! You are wondering if this is really the Huntress and not some squeaky clean, Girl Scout Troop leader taking her place.  NO! It is not, I am still the Huntress and I haveContinue reading “Week Four – Working From Home My Favorite Brit Edition”

I Don’t Understand Old People Or How the Huntress Almost Lost it In Public

Since the self-isolated quarantine has been imposed,  most of us have had to stay and work from home.  Some of us are lucky enough that we have jobs that allow us to do that, remaining on the payroll and such.  But sometimes we have to actually go outside, such as the case with me lastContinue reading “I Don’t Understand Old People Or How the Huntress Almost Lost it In Public”

Blog Material – Working from Home Edition

Since I’ve been working from home, and yes, I have really been working, I have come across some very interesting people in my neighborhood, not that I didn’t know them, I just hadn’t written about them.  Arionis, mentioned that maybe that working from home, I may not have any blog material to write about, givingContinue reading “Blog Material – Working from Home Edition”

Red Lipstick Is For Vamps and Tramps…..NOT!

Growing up, I was never shown how to be a “girl”, well not from my mom anyway because my parent’s wanted a boy, a thought they’ve shared with me since I can remember.  In any case, as a pre-teen and teenager I learned my feminine ways through either friends, their moms or on television.   MyContinue reading “Red Lipstick Is For Vamps and Tramps…..NOT!”

My Therapist Is A Genius, But I Sometime Hate That She’s Right

Last week I posted about Lestat the Emotional Vampire’s attempts at communication and how a dream that resulted from one of those voicemails came to be.  I went to go see my genius therapist Terri (which I’m starting to think she’s getting a swollen head because I keep telling her she’s a genius) interpreted thatContinue reading “My Therapist Is A Genius, But I Sometime Hate That She’s Right”

When Your Subconscious is Telling You, You’ve Made The Right Decision

It’s been……well hell, I can’t remember the last blog post about Lestat, and as Martha Steward would say, “That’s a good thing!” Anyway, I’ve had my therapy sessions with my amazing therapist Terri, and we’ve gone over several other issues in my life, one of which she brought to my attention only recently about howContinue reading “When Your Subconscious is Telling You, You’ve Made The Right Decision”


Without darkness, there is no light Pain and heartache will always subside To bring forth relief and calm Without struggle, there is no success Trials and tribulations make the soul strong Healing and discipline are the gold we seek Without stumbling we can never run To fail and return with scrapped knees Only then willContinue reading “Without….”

Is The Huntress Too Critical Of Her Friends? Or Am I Just Averse to Self-Induced Bullshit?

I’ve written about my friend Veronica, she doesn’t read my blog because she can never find it despite me sending her the link like a thousand and one times (just another little annoying thing that bugs me about her).  Anyway, this past week was a test of the will for me and my friendship withContinue reading “Is The Huntress Too Critical Of Her Friends? Or Am I Just Averse to Self-Induced Bullshit?”

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