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Lets Talk About Classic Movies And How They’ve Changed My Opinion About Them

Yep, I thought I’d write a post about old movies, mainly because I was on vacation for a week for the Thanksgiving holiday and binge watched movies like crazy.  In my movie repertoire, I have several classic films I never tire of watching.  But during that week when I did re-watch these films, I reviewedContinue reading “Lets Talk About Classic Movies And How They’ve Changed My Opinion About Them”

Things Happening in the Huntress’ World

First a few comments on the my featured image: Mr. Sherman Hemsley was my neighbor (on the nice side of the street I live on) for about six years before he passed away. I’d see him at the Albertson’s, at the Verizon store and as he took his morning walks around the neighborhood. He wasContinue reading “Things Happening in the Huntress’ World”

The Things that Bother the Huntress

I know this might sound a bit redundant, because it seems a lot of things that bother me and I tend to rant, talk about them quite a bit.  But there are daily little nuances annoyances that tend to get under my skin because they seem to happen EVERY FREAKING DAY! Here are a couple…Continue reading “The Things that Bother the Huntress”

The Urge To Write…..Is Gone….For Now

Those words definitely ring true, I haven’t had the urge to write at all.  I don’t know if it’s been because my new job has kept me busy writing for business purposes, which lets face it can get a little dry.  Or because I don’t think I’m a good writer in general.  But the factContinue reading “The Urge To Write…..Is Gone….For Now”

My Cat’s Attitude….and Other Happenings Around My World.

Charlie: Hmm, hmm, hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm-hmm-hmmm…… Me: Why are you humming that tune….again? Charlie: Meow know this, Beastie Boys, Sure Shot….it helps my concentration with catching the feathered flying creatures that want to kill me. Me: They don’t want to kill you….okay only Ralph’s family wants to kill you but they can’t.  Because your too bigContinue reading “My Cat’s Attitude….and Other Happenings Around My World.”

I Loath Mockingbirds and I live with Mockingbird Killer Charlie.

I know my posts have been few and far between, especially now with my new job, and boss.  I’m busy as hell and my day goes by so fast sometimes when I realize it, it’s time to go home.  And then I get home and I run and do yoga to stay in shape, soContinue reading “I Loath Mockingbirds and I live with Mockingbird Killer Charlie.”

War Is Hell and Hell is Where I Dwell Best….

Bring on the suntan lotion, lounge chair and the non-stop pitchers of margaritas people, because I’m ready!!!!  I know its been a while since I posted anything new, but work has me uber busy and I’ve finally caught up.  I mean, as much as I can because my boss is non-stop, and that’s a goodContinue reading “War Is Hell and Hell is Where I Dwell Best….”

My Mothers Love……Arsenic, Grain Alcohol and a Straight Razor

It’s no secret that I grew up with a narcissistic mother, and only recently found she might have (no she has) borderline personality disorder.  I think everyone in our family knows but what I think they don’t know is that other than narcissism, she’s also self-absorbed, self-centered and I’m pretty sure she has Munchhausen’s syndrome. Continue reading “My Mothers Love……Arsenic, Grain Alcohol and a Straight Razor”

The Higher the Mountain the Uglier the Trolls, Bitches and Wannabe Bosses…..

It’s been going on seven weeks since I began my new gig, and thus far I’m in heaven.  With the occasional run in with Buzz McCallister and the Impostor Huntress.  But the Impostor has actually been calm, for now.  In any case, I don’t know if I mentioned but I support two people, one isContinue reading “The Higher the Mountain the Uglier the Trolls, Bitches and Wannabe Bosses…..”

Math is my Enemy and I hate it Now More Than Ever!!!

I was going to post something relating to this damned virus, but I thought to myself no one wants to hear about this thing any more than I do.  It doesn’t matter that the numbers keep skyrocketing and that some people don’t take this seriously.  I mean, after my son came down with it andContinue reading “Math is my Enemy and I hate it Now More Than Ever!!!”

This Virus has Finally Hit Very Close to Home…….

As I began my new job, I was instructed to start working on campus, which to be honest was a relief as working from home, or should I say being micromanaged from home was getting to be a real chore.  I was also getting really tired of having to check in and out for everyContinue reading “This Virus has Finally Hit Very Close to Home…….”

Short and Sweet…okay somewhat sweet

I’m still here people…. I began my new job on Monday of last week, it was to say a very rocky first two days.  This is because here in my new position I need to be independent and a “self-starter” something I couldn’t be in my previous department.  As you all know I was micromanagedContinue reading “Short and Sweet…okay somewhat sweet”

My Two Weeks’ Notice And Micromanaging to the End

This week I signed my offer letter and submitted my information for my background check for my new position.  My new department asked me to wait to give my current department notice until I got my official offer letter.  So when I did, I turned in my letter of resignation to my supervisor, which wasContinue reading “My Two Weeks’ Notice And Micromanaging to the End”

Critical Comments and Callus Observations

Urban Cowboy This weekend I binge watched movies, one of them being Urban Cowboy.  Which is one of my favorite’s movies of all time.  I use to love the entire theme of the movie, but as I grew older and would re-watched several times, I began to realize that…I fucking hate Debra Winger as Sissy. Continue reading “Critical Comments and Callus Observations”

Midweek Update and Other Happenings In the Huntresses World

I suppose this is a midweek post because I’m just getting tired of working from home, eating cold fried chicken (which I love) and having my fair share of the new drink called a Quarantini.  This wonderful drink is literally what you make it.  I my case it’s white wine with club soda and frozenContinue reading “Midweek Update and Other Happenings In the Huntresses World”