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Thing You Should Try (Pun Intended) And Other Stuff

I spent the Thanksgiving break cooking for Thanksgiving Day, baking and making all the side dishes to my mom’s surprisingly juicy and tasty turkey this year.  My mom has the tendency to overcook the turkey making it dry and bland.  I’m actually surprised since she’s really a great cook but her cooking has gone a bit downhill since she’s gotten older.  Anyway, I had to haul said side dishes to my mom’s house 37 miles away making sure nothing was spilled, dropped or wound up lopsided into the truck of my car.  The day was refreshingly free of drama.  That is until my stupid brother decided to leave to go and spend the day with his even dumber kids and not-yet-ex-wife.  Did I mention my idiot brother shaved off one of his eye brows that morning?  I’ll spare you the details only to say it was an “accident.”  This is what he told me and I responded in the monotone Wednesday Addams voice “Of course it was an accident, what moron would shave off their own eyebrow on purpose, right?”  He just looked at me and asked if I was making fun of him then rolled my eyes and muttered as I walked away “of course not.”  Which left him with more questions than answers. 

Speaking of Wednesday Addams, I’m strongly recommending the new series on Netflix, Wednesday.  It’s not a remake or reboot of the 1990’s films staring Raul Julia or even an attempt to recapture the kookiness of the 1960’s series.  No, this is a much darker and sarcastic series mainly focusing on their teenaged, homicidal minded daughter Wednesday.  She’s absolutely fucking brilliant and I love the way this show has captured her personality.  She’s dark and brooding, she’s experienced and ruthless…..everything I admire about women who are determined to blaze their own path in life.  In the first episode she spoke the very words that define what I think about social media.  I’m not antisocial I just wanted to point that out, but her words about social media are brilliant.

I find social media to be a soul sucking, void of meaningless affirmation” – Wednesday Addams

The only thing I don’t like about this series is the casting of her father, Gomez Addams.  Maybe I’m just a bit bias because Raul Julia did an excellent job of portraying Gomez in the films.  I was never into the 1960’s version of the show it seemed too dumbed down and silly in it’s content (sorry if I’m sounding like Wednesday.)  I didn’t even bother with the animated films that were recently released either, those were just… I like Luis Guzman as an actor but I loath his portrayal of Gomez.  It’s cheesy and sugary sweet but not in a good way and thank goodness he’s not in every episode of the series because that would be really bad.  Thing is a permanent character and helps Wednesday in all of her plotting and scheming and it’s not all bad. He’s a creepy hand with a mind of a cuddly stuffed toy, if a stuffed toy was a dismembered body part that is.

Yes, please we have enough Karsdashian’s in this world already

Catharine Zeta-Jones plays Morticia, she does a better job of portraying Wednesday’s mother but only a bit better than Luis Guzman plays Gomez.  She’s also a bit out of place in this character as well but she’s not as bad as her character’s husband.  I will always think that Angelica Huston was the quintessential Morticia and that no one could do better than her at playing the matriarch of the modern-day Addams Family.  Maybe it’s a lack of chemistry between Gomez and Morticia’s characters, it’s palpable and there in the two actors seem strangers to each other compared to Raul Julia’s and Angelica Huston’s characters. There are Easter eggs and subtle nods to the Addams Family of the past both the series and films.

The rest of the cast of characters is just as vibrant and ruthless as Wednesday Addams herself which makes for a great time watching this show, seriously it’s that awesome.  Christina Ricci makes an appearance as one of the faculty, which is a historical nod to her portrayal of Wednesday in the films. 

Of course, if you were never a fan of the films then I say, GO WATCH THIS SHOW!  Maybe, just maybe you will change your mind.  Here’s a cringeworthy clip of Wednesday Addams dancing in her own unique way. If your wondering about the song, it’s called Goo Goo Muck by the Cramps from 1981. I remember going to a Halloween party in my Freshman year in high school and this song was playing. If you listen to the lyrics its… say the least a dirty song.

Things Happening In My Neck Of The Woods

Not that I usually cared about things like this but when I heard on the local news that this idiot district attorney is being investigated for misconduct and that it might affect the trial of the Walmart shooter it really pissed me off.  She’s being investigated because apparently, she and one of her assistant DA’s are accused of tampering and intimidation one of the Walmart victim’s family members.  You can read about that here, as of today she’s decided to resign, thank God!!  Not that its going to change anything, she will still be paid until she is officially recalled in a special election to do so. She also failed to show up to a hearing about the Walmart Shooting and one of the attorney’s representing a couple of the families of the victims called her a coward, and I couldn’t agree more, read more about this fucking coward here.

I don’t get it, it’s bad enough that she looks fake as fuck (just look at her hair in this picture) it looks like plastic.  But she’s just as incompetent as what every news article and news reports state she is.  For the record I didn’t vote for her.

Now the County attorney is filing a motion to remove the El Paso District Attorney from her position and I’m all for it.  She and her office apparently failed to file petitions for over 200 criminal cases and those cases were dropped.  All because the DA didn’t do her fucking job!! 

Go BLUE!!!

This past weekend my college football team (well not MY college football team I mean, who owns a college football team?) won against its nemeses the Blowhio Fuckeyes at Columbus in the Toilet Bowl. I know I sound like a fanatic who thinks that my team is the best, and that we deserve it blah, blah, blah. I’m not clueless about these teams rivalry okay, but since the University of Michigan hadn’t beaten Blowhio at their home turf since 2000 I’m just a little psyched okay, so sue me. Michigan beat Blowhio last year too but this years game was just a bit more serious since it was in Columbus. I’ll be the very first to admit that Michigan has had a lot of issues in their football program the last couple of years. But in Fuckeye fashion, they got beaten twice by Michigan and their memes are going rabid (as rabid as a hairless nut can get, yes they are the only university that has a fucking nut as a mascot) because even though they’ve prospered in the last ten years they can’t see losing to the Wolverines twice in a row. To this I say………………….MICHIGAN LIVES RENT FREE IN ALL THOSE LITTLE MINDS THAT GO TO AND AT TIMES, GRADUATE FROM BLOWHIO STATE. No matter if Michigan wins or loses there’s a permanent occupancy of Wolverines of the miniscule brains of any and all Blowhio State Fuckeyes. GO BLUE!!

Federal Credentials

This meme speaks the truth, oh how I love our government spending…..NOT!

When I got hired my boss told me that I wasn’t an employee of the actual university, that I worked for NASA.  This was reaffirmed when I met with our NASA contact and said that the university is only a location for our office due to its proximity to the Space Port and research in the department of Engineering.  We do have to go through all to the administrative processes at the university because we are technically housed here.  But now that I’ve been verified as an official NASA employee I’m being subjected to the most in-depth background check of my life.  This process takes about two months and although I know nothing negative will come of it.  It’s still scary knowing that the Federal government will be digging into my history as far back as 21 years.  And having to submit my tax information made me a little uneasy but, the fact that I can advance in this job is really a perk I didn’t even knew existed. 

After the background check is complete I will get official NASA credentials as we will traveling around the country in 2023 to visit different space grant offices and four conferences as well.  I will be in Washington DC at the end of March and I’m kind of excited and scared because let’s face it, this Huntress hasn’t been out of the state of Texas or New Mexico unless you count when I was born in California.

Until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”


Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

23 thoughts on “Thing You Should Try (Pun Intended) And Other Stuff

  1. All in all, it sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving–I’d call it a win!

    That clip, and your review, of Wednesday sealed the deal–I’m putting this show on my list to watch.

    SO MANY DAs fail at their jobs, but then again, they are setup to fail. Not enough DAs, too many cases. I’m glad they recognized her shortcomings enough to shift the Walmart shooter case to someone else though. Sheesh.

    I’m excited for you to travel and crack your world wide open!! Good luck with the background check–will you need a security clearance? My husband has one, and it required some in-depth nonsense (interviews, paperwork) with ME–so insane.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanksgiving was a win, the food was great and we were relaxed and had a great time. I hope yours was as awesome, going out and not doing dishes, lol.

      I’m so glad your going to give Wednesday a try, believe me you won’t regret it! 😉

      I won’t need security clearance just yet, and when I do it will be temporary for when we go to NASA headquarters. Which is only twice a year for now. But I’m excited to travel since hadn’t done much of that, like ever 😵‍💫.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Going out was terrific, except they jacked up the stuffing (my fave T-day side)—it was apple chicken stuffing. Da fuq?

        I already love it!! I’m five episodes in—thank you for the recommendation!!

        Security clearances (unless you’re talking about physical security passkeys—those are not the same thing) are usually good for several years, so if you have to get one, you should be good to go for a long while. Security clearances allow you to work with governmental classified stuff.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Apple chicken stuffing?! Da fun is right, who makes apple chicken stuffing for turkey? Stuffing also one of my fave sides, I added cranberries and walnuts to mine this year, it was delish!

        I’m so glad you love Wednesday! I binge watched it over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I can’t wait for the next season. I think I’ll rewatch it…lol.

        Well I hope the security clearance goes smoothly, it’s been in the process for about six weeks now. Crossing my fingers 🤞

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Everyone keeps saying that Wednesday is great, so as soon as I’m done 1899, I’m going to start it. You’re an astronaut (technically)? So cool! Me, I’m not a banker–I withdrew my application. I just couldn’t do it–I like my current job too much, and have no interest in a grown-up job anymore!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m no astronaut in any sense of the word. I’m an administrative employee of NASA which I’m totally okay with. I have developed a fear of heights so I’d make a horrible astronaut, lol. How is the 1899 series? And believe me your going to love Wednesday, I promise you!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’d been wondering about Wednesday but you’ve won me over. And, damn, Raul Julia was so perfect as Gomez. Anjelica Huston was perfect as Morticia too, but we lost Julia much too soon. He was a great actor and an all around fantastic person.
    Talk about burying the lede, though. You work at NASA now! That is really amazing. I hope you’ll have some time to browse the Smithsonian when you’re in DC. And who knows? There might be some NASA-related thing that’ll cause them to send you to Blowhio. You can tell ’em “Go Blue!” when you’re there. If you think about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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