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Office Discord…..And I Had Nothing To Do With It

My boss, the director of our program is a great guy.  He’s got an awesome sense of humor, loves old films and sweets even more.  He goes swimming during lunch almost every day and as far as I know he has a wife and two sons.  We talk everyday about pending projects, funds for these projects and the regular federal grant/monies stuff.  Then there is…..HER, she is the former director who supposedly retired three years ago and drives my boss insane.  I’m going to call her Karen because that’s what she acts like, not with me but with my boss.  The fact that this woman is still coming around AND still has an actual office in our building despite being “retired” is a mystery to me.

She doesn’t show up often and since I’ve been here I’ve only seen her three times.  But every time she is here (which isn’t long, an hour at the most) she makes it a point to make my boss just loss his cool.  When I first started my boss showed me my office and as my jaw hit the ground because of its size, he walked me over to the other side of the building and showed me Karen’s office and said “when all of this is gone, I want you to move in here.”  Her office is bigger than my current office and I was like “okay, sure” and continued the tour of our building.  Karen, I thought was an engineer because she started this office of the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium back in 1998.  But she’s not an engineer she can just talk a good game and people tend to listen to her.  I’m not saying she’s a bad person she just rubs my boss the person that I report to, the wrong way.  And that makes me uneasy because I don’t have any loyalty to her, she is “retired” and comes into the office when she’s bored or has a project brewing of some sort.  Her PhD is in business administration but she found herself working with NASA the DoJ and the DoD for years. 

So, my boss introduced me to her the first time she came around and she seemed like a nice lady.  Obviously, she and my boss had spoken because she knew I came to this university with a Masters degree and she asked me if I had considered going back to school to get my PhD?   I said I hadn’t because frankly I’m tired of going to school, I already owe millions in student load debt that I’ve been paying off for about six years now.  Anyway, there is a lot of tension around here when Karen comes by and my boss is all too vocal when she leaves about her just honoring her retirement and staying away.

Not Everyone In NM is Nice

That’s right, I’ve been here a little over a month and getting use to the routine of actually coming into the office to work.  And for the most part everyone I’ve met on campus has been nice, accommodating and courteous.  But as for people outside of campus, well lets just say their manners leave a lot to be desired.  For instance, take this idiot below.

Seriously this monstrosity was polluting the air all around!

I was at a stop light one day as I went off campus to go get lunch and this asshole motherfucker with his ginormous truck (which is diesel by the way) was driving along two cars in front of me.  But every time the asshole took off black smoke came out of his tailpipe.  And said smoke would be sucked into all the cars behind him.  So, one of the drivers wanted to pass him and she did but then this idiot hammered down on the gas pedal and tried to out run her.  Letting loose a huge cloud of black smoke behind him and all letting the rest of us chocking on his oversized truck fumes.  Then he pulled into the same restaurant I had ordered lunch from and the guy definitely is making up for his lot in life being all of 4’11 feet tall.  I mean I couldn’t stop laughing all the way into the restaurant.  He noticed and after I ordered passed by me to ask what was so funny.  I laughed even louder and walked away after getting my order.  Well this didn’t sit too well with this miniature size man.  As I got into my car he gave me the bird and I laughed even harder.  Seriously my side was hurting through all the laughter.  He stomped his little feet towards my car and then yelled at me.  Now, normally I wouldn’t do anything like this but I got out of my car, and with my heels on, this dude was at my shoulders.  He was still trying to be intimidating but I finally said to him if he had a problem to do something about it.  He looked furious, I mean a furious as an ant can get right?  He just looked at me and stomped away, he looked so cute wearing his toddler sized jeans and boots….okay, okay I know.  It’s wrong for me to make fun of people but come the fuck on, if your going to have a truck that’s as obnoxious as your attitude you need to back it up physically.  And even then, guys like that get taken down by normal people because bullies rarely get away with picking on someone their own size.  But this wasn’t the case with Charlie the Ant (Ant and Aardvark) and his huge, reprehensible truck.

Now y’all know what I say about guys in trucks like that, if they have to augment their trucks to that extreme, they are definitely over compensating for something, right Tiny?

Professor Fantastic

Not his real name but what I’m choosing to call him for now has been visible for the last two weeks.  He’s come by to “talk” every morning for about 15 mins.  This is his truck, the one that bumped into my car the day I met him.

This is his truck and my car was where the empty parking space you see right in front of the green bush

He’s tall, dark and handsome and wears faded Wranglers and button-down shirts to work every day.  He changes his hats daily too (yes I do notice those things) and when he’s in the classroom he wears felt Stetsons.  When he’s out here in the labs dealing with livestock he wears straw Stetsons.  I managed to ask him about his relationship status and he said he’s divorced for about eleven years now, had four adult children all girls in various stages of professional careers.  And that he’s been at the university for close to a year.  He’s from originally from NM but from a town up north called Dulce.  Which in Spanish means….CANDY!!! Come on y’all tell me that’s not hilarious and ironic because this guy is the sweetest man I’ve met in years.  He’s eight years older than I am but then again, I’ve never been attracted to younger men and vice versa.  I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”


Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

19 thoughts on “Office Discord…..And I Had Nothing To Do With It

  1. When I clicked on your blog this morning, your ‘byline’ “It’s my blog and I can cry if I want to” caught my attention because my post yesterday included a clip of Leslie Gore’s “It’s My Party and I Can Cry If I Want To.” Recalling the truism that GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE, i was immediately disposed to want to like this post, but instead, I loved it. Nonetheless, I clicked “Like” because there’s no place to click “Love.” Besides, I’m a happily married man, and I wouldn’t want you (being a huntress and all) to get any ideas.

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