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The Benefit of The Doubt Bit Me In The Ass….Again

In my last post I said the story with JMR was to be continued.  Why, because I knew that it wasn’t going to end well.  How did I know this?  Because it’s FUCKING JMR that’s why!!  A repeat offender does not a trustworthy person make.  Yes I made that up. 

I’m going to spare you on all the stupid details that I’m sure would anger you as much as they did me.  After dinner at a prominent steak house outside of El Paso and a walk on Scenic Drive holding hands and shit. He promised that he’d be better at being more communicative and call instead of text.  That he’d keep in touch at least once a day if this thing, this whatever it this is/was, was going to work.  After he dropped me off that night and the rocky start to the evening, he promised and promised to do better.

As much as he promised it didn’t turn out that way.  During dinner he had asked me to go with him to his 40th high school reunion.  And lets be honest here I’m not into that kind of stuff because I haven’t been to one of my own at all.  I said no three times and he kept trying to talk me into it and I sat there wondering why?  So I agreed, this way I could maybe find out more about this elusive person sitting across from me at dinner. 

Fast forward to the week of the dreaded reunion, which happened to be the following week.  For the most part he kept in touch over that weekend and then his communications became sporadic and then on Weds they ceased all together.  I attempted to start the dialog again to no avail, then I text him about the reunion and whether or not he would pick me up…..nothing.  I text him again on Friday to ask again if he was going to pick me up……nothing.  So I decided to call the motherfucker about this and he didn’t answer.  So, this is how I concluded that JMR is a fucking flake, commitment phobe and narcist.  Its been a week and a half and I’ve yet to hear from this asshole who tried so hard to convince me to give him a chance.  All the while at dinner explaining that he’s been a lifelong bachelor raising his daughter as a single father.  Never been married BUT was looking for someone to settle down with.   How he planned to stay in the Marines and make it a career but came back to El Paso because his father got sick.

Listening to him explain why he was the way he was, I thought to myself what a load of shit.  I don’t know what experience he’s been through or why he’s afraid of commitment, all I know is he can’t bullshit me.  He did divulge that he became a single dad after a one-night stand with a former coworker, and that I believed.  He said he didn’t even know he had a daughter until she was three years old.  I suppose he thought that would gain him some sympathy or something.  Well it didn’t, and again the entire time we were at dinner not once did he ask me about myself.  Another red flag albeit a red flag I had seen before.

So, after showing up at my house and trying to convince me to go with him to dinner for an hour and 20 minutes that I made him wait outside and only talked to him over my video doorbell.  And the dozen roses he had with him I gave in to his request to go to dinner.  Yes, at this point I know it was a stupid move but he was very convincing about the entire “lets date I promise you won’t regret it” bullshit.

Since then I haven’t heard from him, he stood me up for the date we were suppose to go on to his stupid 40th high school reunion and I feel even dumber for letting him con me again.  But I was relieved to not have to go with him to that stupid thing, I mean honestly why would he want me to go with him unless he had ulterior motives, right? At least that’s what I was thinking. But needless to say I blocked him on my phone and if the asshole wants to show up again at my door, I’m calling my son. Not the cops, my son. My youngest isn’t really happy with what JMR has done to me to this day, and he told me that if he comes over again and tries this shit, I should call him so he can come and “talk” to JMR in person. Which means that my 6’2, 237 lb, bodybuilder of a son will make sure he leaves me alone. And I’m okay with that.

On to something more interesting, an older livestock/agricultural instructor who’s a 6 ft tall cowboy, his truck bumping into my car and chemistry……… be continued.

Until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

29 thoughts on “The Benefit of The Doubt Bit Me In The Ass….Again

  1. I have a ‘funny’ feeling that he was making amends with many lady friends in order to secure a date to the high school reunion. When he was assured dates, he chose the one who he felt would make him look like a stud (or whatever) and went with her. Yeah, I’d cut him loose permanently this time, even if he shows up with an engagement ring because he’d probably miss the wedding. But his new guy – other than being a crappy driver (unless it was your fault) sounds like a good start. If he lives in NM, dating might be an issue, travel time-wise. Good luck with this one!

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    1. My thoughts exactly (about JMR) and I hadn’t thought about that angle of the date for his stupid reunion though. So no, it wasn’t my fault, lol. Our office is right next to an equestrian training center and housing/working dairy facility for goats. He was backing up his truck full of goats and as he did he (very gently) hit the rear bumper of my car. Since my office has a view of the dairy facility I saw the entire thing and was so pissed! I love my car and stormed out of my office to confront him. The saw his baby blues and he apologized for hitting my car. I looked my car over to make sure nothing happened, and nothing did it wasn’t even scratched. He apologized again and later that day he brought me a root beer float from Dairy Queen. Which I thought was sweet to apologize for hitting my car, since then he stops by every day to say good morning. I’m not sure where this is headed but we’ve talked every day this week about what he does. And he’s asked me about me, which is something I NEVER got from JMR. I’ll keep you posted 😉

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      1. LMAO!!! Okay so my oldest son use to own a Dodge Ram, for like eight years. My two youngest use to say he’d make a great Texas State Trooper or Police Officer because he was such an ass. That is too funny!!
        So he got rid of that gas guzzling truck and bout himself a Ford Ranger and his attitude totally changed 😉

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  2. Oh hell. I’m sorry that idiot got your hopes up again just to crash them. I’m all for your son dealing with him the next time. A good boot up the ass sounds like the perfect parting gift.
    Now a cowboy…? That sounds interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My son said the something similar except he said that “said object would have to be removed surgically.” I love that he takes after his momma, he makes me so proud 😉
      Cowboys are always interesting, don’t you think? I sure as hell do and I hadn’t been around any for years until I started work here. Now it’s cowboy heaven!

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  3. Everything barbaramullenix wrote—and I wonder if he is in a committed relationship, but his partner travels out of town…so he fills his time up with other ladies he finds interesting without ever making a real commitment with any of them. WHEN he comes back again, CALL YOUR SON. If worse comes to worst, get a restraining order against him. You don’t need that jackass in your world.

    On the other hand, this cowboy already sounds more promising (and fun to read about)!!

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    1. I know he’s not in a committed relationship because my original realtor is his bff. She told me he’s only had two semi-serious relationships since she’s know him, which is about 30 years now. She tried to set us up for a while but, he wasn’t too interested at first. She said she doesn’t know why he acts like that, but does know when he does supposedly he really likes that person 🙄. I told her that’s a funny way of showing it, but I’m done this time. Like calling my son to put his stupid ass in the hospital done. I know he won’t be coming back, I did something really bad to his truck on Sunday when I saw him at the Albertsons. Let’s just say, he needed a tow truck……😈. I’m sure he knows it was me 😝.

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