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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Eve y’all and yes that’s a thing. I hope you are doing well and staying safe and most importantly I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday. As I sit here in the cool 60 degree Weds morning (okay I’m not outside, I’m just stating that this is the weather today) with clouds sauntering by spreading their cheer (which means it’s fucking sprinkling) preparing for tomorrow. I have my composition book/handwritten cookbook open to begin preparations for things I can make a day ahead, like pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate pie, homemade cranberry sauce and sweet-potato casserole. Also doing the pre-chopping of many of the veggies I’m going to need for tomorrow, this way I’m not rushing like I remember my mom doing on Thanksgiving day. This will be my inaugural Thanksgiving holiday in my new house, okay I know it’s not new but y’all get the picture. It’s been cooling down here in my corner of Texas and I’ve yet to have the AC shut down and the heater turned on. Why you ask? Well, the dude that turned on my AC can’t make it to my house until next week which is fine by me because it’s not that cold inside as it is outside.


As I write this I am still waiting to hear anything regarding past interviews I’ve had and it’s been three week since my last interview. I haven’t gotten called for any new ones but several of my friends have assured me that it’s due to the holiday season creeping up on us. I sure hope so because even though I’m not worried, I’m beginning to get a bit anxious about staying home. I need to find a routine because I still haven’t as each day is not the same for me. Sometimes I sleep late and other days I don’t, I manage to do stuff around that house but other times I just lay about watching hours of television. I told myself I was going to start running again but this time outdoors as I have a park three blocks away from my house and it has a running track. But alas, I still drive by only telling myself I’m going to do it. Speaking of blocks, I found out to my dismay that my former idiot, cheap ass Filipina bitch landlord lives only five blocks from me! Fucking bitch, I had no idea my house was so close to hers or else I might have passed on buying it. Okay that’s not true, I loved this house when I saw it so I would have bought it either way, I am being dramatic (like I’ve never done that before.)

Unemployment Hiccup Resolved

Seriously I was on hold for an hour and ten minutes just to talk to someone

When I applied for unemployment I was told that they would be taking out the amount I “owed” them for an overpayment back form 2001 from the current benefits. Because of this my first week was short by about $280. But that’s okay because that means I no longer have a state hold in case I win the lottery (yeah like that will ever happen) or have to submit a travel reimbursement if I ever work for the state again. Cheesus crust the State of Texas is a pain in the ass to deal with. The bureaucracy works in their favor for anything, I’d been fighting that stupid overpayment for six years now. Appeal after motherfucking appeal, submitting proof that I didn’t turn down a job, trying to prove that I was offered two jobs and naturally took the higher paying one. But try to tell the TWC that, in their eyes I turned down a job PERIOD! Asshat motherfucking pricks.

Job Opportunities

I don’t think so

Dealing with the third party employment agency that one is forced to register with because the “commission” tells you that in order to receive unemployment benefits its mandatory. So register I did, I created my profile so they could “help” me find a job that’s best suited to my education and experience. After almost a month I haven’t found anything that I’m even remotely interested in that they’ve sent my way. And then getting an email from one of the placement counselors telling me that maybe I need to settle for something less. So, this is what she thinks is less, s he thinks I should take a data entry position for a company called ADP. Or take a position as an admin assistant so that I can get my “foot in the door” to which I responded, I don’t fucking think so. Okay I didn’t quite put it like that, I was polite in telling her that I’ve worked really hard for my education and experience to start at the bottom once again. And at my age, I can’t afford to take a job that would literally pay me half of what I was making before. She then very nicely said that by week 12 if I still don’t have a job I need to reduce my salary expectations by 25%. I’m hoping I won’t have to but this is what I’m facing right now and well, lets face it I may have to “settle” if things don’t improve for me by January.

On that note, I’m going to leave you with this.

I think of myself as the bird that flies upside-down, but thats me, this is who I am.

Until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

18 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Hope you can put the worry out of your thoughts for tomorrow so that you can have a happy day with loved ones. The seasonal jobs may be faster to reply if you’re looking for a temporary income boost. Please have a terrific Thanksgiving and save me some of that chocolate pie and sweet potato casserole!

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    1. You got it Barb! And thank you, I was contacted by the manager from Ross because I applied for a merchandise stocker position. She was nice and asked me if I had applied by “accident” because she said I was overqualified for the position. Then I had to explain why and then she said she’d put my application on the “pile” for review 🙄. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


      1. Maybe try for a management position there? A change of direction in your career might be a ‘breath of fresh air’. Some times seasonal help is kept on afterward – she may have figured you had bigger fish to fry so wouldn’t be staying on even if asked. If it happens again, just say that you need a job. No further explanations. Although I realize it’s easier to say than do. The news keeps saying how there are so many jobs that have no one applying for them – what are they and where!!!

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    1. Yes Jason, pumpkin cheesecake. My boys aren’t really big fans of pumpkin pie, so about ten years ago I found a recipe for the easiest pumpkin cheesecake ever. It’s bros Betty Crocker and it’s called Impossibly Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake. It’s really easy to make and it tastes really good. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🦃🍷

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  2. I’m seriously in disbelief that they’re asking t you to justify jobs and an over payment from 20 years ago… mean like wtf?!?

    As for you being dramatic… I’ve never seen that before 😉

    I hope you have a great thanksgiving 🙂

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  3. Sounds like a wonderful feast! I can’t believe you’re not hearing back from your interviews, but then again, the agency I used to work for would interview and then not contact people for months. I’m keeping mu fingers crossed that you find something you love:-)

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  4. Happy late Thanksgiving! I hope it was lovely!

    I’m sorry to hear that the job search is going slow, but I’m not surprised–your friends are right: it always slows down during the holidays, and jump starts again after the first of the year. Don’t let the bureaucratic lady get to you–they are always predicting doom and gloom, and are motivated to get you to take ANYTHING so you won’t be on unemployment any more. I’m sure the right thing will come along after the holidays. Keep the faith–and keep your eyes peeled.

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    1. Yeah, some of the unemployment staff suck. Not all of them, I’ve talked to two that we’re very helpful in getting my benefits released. But now I have a stupid “orientation” I need to go through and it’s two hours long 🙄. But, I’m keeping my fingers crossed something great will come along soon, or by the new year anyway 🤞🍀.

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  5. Huntress,
    Your feast sounded yummy! Also I loved when you wrote, “with clouds sauntering by spreading their cheer (which means it’s fucking sprinkling)” LOL. Why yes, yes that does mean that. How very poetic! I don’t know about El Paso, but in the DFW area, we’ve been in the 70’s for the last couple of weeks. The lowest high for the upcoming week is going to be 57 degrees. Don’t you love Texas in December? I hate that work stuff isn’t working out right now for you. Ugh! I hope you get a new job you love for Christmas, my friend! I also hope you get to enjoy this time off while you have the opportunity! Mona

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    1. Hey my friend! Yes I do love Texas in December, the low here has gotten to about 39. Not bad, it’s bearable, what can I say, it’s Texas in December. I’m going to use your cobble recipe for my Christmas dinner! Thank you for that. I hope for a job for Christmas as well, maybe in my New Years post I’ll have some good news. 😎👍🤞🍀


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