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A Ray Of Sunshine Among All the Bullshit

I’m going in a different direction with this post.  I’ve posted recently how I’m being “RIF’d” from my position with the leathery hag VP I currently work for.  And yet, I’m also hoping that I can find it in my inner good person and walk away from this experience with a renewed sense of purpose as well as a genuine reflection of how this all started out in a positive direction and then turned into something I can’t believe happened. 

Dave The Miracle Mobile Mechanic

In addition to everything bad that’s happened I had an experience of “when it rains, it fucking pours” on Tuesday.  I ran some errands on Tuesday morning and when I came back home, as I was backing into my garage my car stalled.  It went dead, okay maybe dead isn’t how I’d describe it, it just stopped because I knew I had power in my car but it wouldn’t start.   It didn’t let me take it out of gear and I tried what I could to try and get it to turn back on.  But I couldn’t find what was going on with it and in my head I’m thinking well this is just fucking perfect.  I’m losing my job and now my car whom I take such great care of with all the maintenance when it needs, you know oil changes, tire rotations, filter replacements.  I wash it at least once a week, I make sure the inside is immaculate and take pride in the fact that for a 2010 Ford Fusion it looks good AND has low mileage.  Not to mention that I don’t have a car payment at the moment, that’s a huge plus.  But despite all the love and care, it took a giant mechanical crap in my garage Tuesday morning.  At least it didn’t happen in the parking lot of the Albertson’s or Dollar Store where I had been previously.

My son came over that afternoon and tried his best to figure it out, he took off the batter and we went to AutoZone to get it tested and they said it was good. 

We came back and he said he’d try and get to it during this weekend.  I was left without transportation and Weds morning I told myself I was going to look for a mobile mechanic to see if I could get them to come and look at my car.  I found Dave, no it’s not Dave the critical, overbearing grammar Nazi who use to troll my blog only to give me unsolicited tips on how to write.  Anyway, Dave came by and he was a Godsend because he eliminated everything else that it could be causing it to stop working and then before I knew it, he found the problem.  He figured out it was the shifter cable that runs from the shifter inside the car out towards the engine and into the transmission.  He also checked the transmission and found there was nothing wrong with it either.  Which was a huge relief because I don’t have money to fix the transmission.  For four hours Dave the mechanic was in my garage diagnosing my poor baby Precious.  Yes, I named my car don’t you? 

After about an hour he called me out to tell me and show me what he’d found.  I almost cried as sat in my car with the shifter box console taken out and all the guts of it spilling out into the inside of my car.  Not to mention under the hood he took off the battery and everything that was in the way of the cable that was causing the problem.  He told me that my car was stuck in reverse and it wasn’t starting because the safety mechanism sensed it was in gear therefore not allowing to start.  He showed me a small plastic piece that was supposed to hold the shifter cable in place was broken.  I’m talking a small piece of plastic that if he hasn’t pointed it out to me I would have never seen it.  He called around to several auto parts store and he had them on speaker while they gave him prices.  The part was running anywhere from $42 to $47 dollars.  But he said he could fix it without ordering the entire cable to save me money.  Dave is a miracle worker in spite of him working on my car for four hours, when he was done he called me out to ask me to start my car and it started up. 

Dave the Miracle Mechanic fixed my car and only charged me for labor, which was about $190 because he did spend four hours figuring out the issue with my Precious.  I am forever grateful because had I taken it to a repair shop or the dealership and they would have taken days to figure out what was wrong all the while racking up hundreds of dollars in labor.  Dave is going to be my mechanic for life and not only is he a great mechanic he’s a great looking conversationalist and has an awesome personality.  He’s a retired mechanic from the City and he’s very handsome……He’s married of course, just my luck.

Dave was that much needed ray of sunshine to restore my faith in humanity.  He is the silver lining in a downpour of professional problems, because let face it the issues with my car could have been worse than what it was.  And, it definitely would have taken a lot longer than one day for someone else to figure out the problem.

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

13 thoughts on “A Ray Of Sunshine Among All the Bullshit

  1. That’s wonderful for you! Sadly, my experiences with my own ” Mobile Dave” were not so happily-ever-after-ish. I guess it’s hit or miss with this sort of thing, but anything car related and my eyes turn into cartoon cash registers with dollar signs flying away. I’m so glad that it didn’t go that way for you!

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    1. I know Barb, I too find myself with the same reaction when it comes to stuff that goes wrong with my car. I’m sorry your experience wasn’t a positive one and your right of course, it’s a hit or miss with people in general. Let alone a mechanic.

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  2. Happy for you that a bit of sunshine brightened what was otherwise a situation that sucked. Kudos to Dave for saving Precious. I figured that the problem was something like he found but that takes a lot of dedication and patience to find. Glad it worked out. Cheers

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    1. Yes, I’m very grateful that he did a good job. Because had I had my car towed to a repair shop or dealership. It would have cost me so much more not to mention not having a car for however long it would have taken to asses the problem. I’m so glad I found Dave 😃

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  3. Because it’s that time of year and I just watched Young Frankenstein for the umpteenth time I was thinking of the scene where Dr. Frankenstein and Igor are digging up the grave and Igor says, “Could be worse. Could be raining!” At least it seems like life sometimes gives us a Dave right when we most need one, and I’m glad Dave was there for you and Precious.
    That’s also a great name for a car. A friend of mine named her car Fritz because it was always on the fritz. I think a name like that is just asking for trouble.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well almost….but not al la Sméagol though. More like a soap opera yell….lol. I mean Precious gets me from one place to another without her I’d literally be stuck. Dave was a lifesaver indeed, it took him four hours of working on my car but he found the problem.

      Liked by 1 person

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