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Karma…….It’s A Bitch

I want to talk about karma people and only because until I had this conversation with Fake Dolly did I realize that karma has begun working “it’s gonna bit you in the ass” magic for being bitch assholes.  On whom are you asking that karma is working its voodoo? Well let’s start off with Impostor #1.

Imposter #1– She is a backstabbing, uneducated, word misusing bitch.  And although she was the one who actually showed me some of the things I needed to learn when I got this job.  Nothing prepared me for having to deal with her conniving, backstabbing ways.  I heard her on the phone talking with the nurse for the COVID response team and she said this…..

“By her own submission she said she didn’t know she was supposed to pick up the supplies.”  I couldn’t help but laugh because I knew what she was attempting to say.  And yet I thought to myself, and this is the bitch they’re going to keep? What she was trying to say that the nurse from another department had forgotten to pick up supplies for a COVID vaccine clinic that day.  Instead of saying “By her own admission” she said submission.  I question how this dumb broad got through grad school….probably by her own submission I think.

Her karma – Well I found out that her low life, can’t hold down a regular job, three bar tending jobs a week daughter stole her credit card about a month back and tapped it out of its $8K limit.  Yeah, this is her very own daughter and that’s not the end of it, her selfish, self-centered mother lives with her and HELPED her daughter take her credit card.  Now, I stop to think that for two days straight she was on the phone with Discover Card customer services trying to get them to reverse the charges because she fought tooth and nail over her not being the one who spend the money.  So after the second day, one of the stores at the mall forwarded video to the card company of her daughter and mother having a hell of a time on a shopping spree all at her expense.  She was in my office crying telling me “You’re so lucky your kids would never do something so evil to you.  I have no idea why my daughter treats me like that and why my mom enables her.”  Well yeah ya dumb bitch, I raised my boys better. Now she’s in debt for eight thousand dollars on her credit card and she deserves all the karma that comes her way.

Fake Supervisor – This wannabe “boss” but has no ethics, integrity or accountability and is less than a leader but, somehow gets away with doing whatever the fat bitch wants because President Oblivious (yes I changed his name because what else could he be but oblivious or abliss according to Impostor) to how Fake Supervisor takes care of things in his office.

Her Karma – I come to find that her husband suffers from a very debilitating anxiety, so much so that he can’t hold down a “regular” job.  He is a chef/caterer but, his food isn’t all that great either.  Because it’s a conflict of interest for her to hire her husband to cater any of the events at work.  She is bankrolling his business.  Not that that’s stopped her from hiring him, no the bitch asks others to order his crappy food like MD, she hired him for one of the COVID clinics we had and got mediocre sandwiches and chips from Sam’s. I filed an anonymous complaint to the compliance office because that’s just pure bullshit if you ask me.  But then I also found out that she’d been trying to buy a house for a while now but, she has (are you ready for this?) $428,000 in student loans!!  How does anyone accumulate that much in student loans? Oh, that’s right a narcist bitch who thinks she could be a Ph.D but has absolutely no follow through that’s who.  So, every realtor has told her debt to income ratio is too high and because the bitch is the sole bread winner because of her useless husband she’s been struggling to stay afloat.  The bitch makes six figures and she’s struggling financially, oh sweet, sweet karma!  AND the rental house she’s been living for the last ten years in is being sold and has to be out of there by the end of October. 

This is what you can do with your letter of recommendation bitch

Leathery Hag VP – She started out as the boss I thought I’d always wanted to be like.  Then when the change in reporting structure happened she turned into an ass-kissing, spineless, insensitive bitch.  She says she doesn’t have enough work for me but, she’s giving Impostor #1 what work I do have.  I’ve been going into the office because I have to.  Except for this week, I had planned vacation this week a couple of months ago, but only for three days but then decided why not take the entire week.  She offered to write me a letter of recommendation and I reluctantly accepted.  Then after asking her for it for four days because I had an appointment at HR to go over my application options.  The fucking boney assed bitch said to me “Well Huntress, I’m trying to figure our how to dance around the issue that you have an anger management issue and that your values don’t align with mine.”  I told her if she had to “dance” around the two things that in her warped mind were negative, as opposed to all the positive things I’d accomplished during my time with her then I didn’t need a letter of recommendation from her.  She began to back track and tell me she’d have it in a couple of hours and I told her not to bother, that was pretty sure I could find a job on my own without her fucking letter.  Then she came to me to tell me I had to pick somewhere so she could take me to lunch for my birthday when I came back from vacation.  This was definitely feeble attempt to make right the entire issue of the letter she said she’d write. I looked at her and said “Are you serious?” she thinking I was joking.  And I said “I think that’s completely insensitive you wanting to take me out to lunch AND bringing Fake Supervisor and Impostor #1 along as well all the while I’m being let go by October 22nd.”  She just stood there in the break room blinking the nervous blink she gets when you make her uncomfortable.  I grabbed my cup of coffee and walked to my office.  Seriously, this skeletonized bitch has come fucking balls.

Her Karma – Her husband had some cosmetic surgery to fix a droopy eyelid because it was bothering him.  Well, the surgery didn’t go as planned and he got an infection and now the dude can’t open his left eye.  She’s been taking him to specialist all over the state of Texas to no avail and she even brought him here to see one of the neurologists at the university.  But the surgery damaged the nerves above and below his eye so it seems he’ll either have to stay that way or try for another surgery.  Oh should I also mention that her only son from her first marriage also stole money from her as well? How do I know all this? Because Impostor is a huge gossip and can’t help but tell everyone that will give her the time of day.  Also her new house she just bought with her second husband turns out has some structural issues that’s going to cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

When I explained to Fake Dolly about all the behind the scenes crap going on, I told her that karma is already in the works for these bitch assholes from hell.  And that we don’t normally see karma happen the way we’d like, for example having Fake Supervisor choke on a sandwich like Mama Cass, as mean and vengeful as that would be.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening where it hurts them the most, their families and finances.  Fake Dolly looked at me with this light in her eyes and said “You know what? Your right, I never thought about it like that” and we both stood there laughing. Fake Dolly has a job interview this week with another department, I sure hope she gets it because we need to get the fuck out of there as soon as we’re able.

So until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

14 thoughts on “Karma…….It’s A Bitch

  1. Wow, Karma is harsh! I would have thought that it would land on the person responsible, and not the people around them. That doesn’t seem quite fair. I was hoping for more of a business set back – like them finding out that you are (were) the only one who could work a piece of machinery – or that without you, their workload doubled and there is no one else to help with the burden. Something that directly connected them to you being let go. To the point that the day before you leave they’re on their knees begging for you to reconsider.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Karma wheel is merrily turning. Let’s hope it leads you to an even better job. Seriously–let’s you go, rescinds the recommendation letter offer, tells you that you have anger management issues, then offers to take you out for a birthday lunch, as if you’d want to spend time on your birthday with HER? The nerve of it all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still can’t get over how insensitive and oblivious (not abliss) her dumb ass is. I’m hoping I can find something within the university by November because I really don’t want to have to leave and then come back and start from scratch with HR.

      Also, Fake Dolly brought it to my attention that she shakes when she’s eating, like the beginning of Parkinson’s maybe. I hadn’t noticed that before but I are as hell don’t want to have lunch with her and the other two people I loath in that office for my birthday. Like get a fucking clue leathery hag….🙄😡


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