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Well Fuck My Entire Life………..

Somehow I felt this coming, I had a sense that because I’m not in any way an ass kissing employee that I’d either be written up for something stupid or taken to HR because of how I verbalize my dissatisfaction with some situations.  But today I was told by both my no-good, rotten, ass-kissing, motherfucking, hypocritical bitch bosses that I was being let go due to a “reorganizational structure” in the Office of the President.  Yes, you heard that right, I’m being let go or “RIF’d” (reduction in force) because my boney assed bitch boss and the fat ass, jello mold from Hotel Transylvania

(because that’s how morbidly obese the bitch is and how many rolls she has) earth quake shaking walking bitch Fake Supervisor that they don’t have enough work for me so therefore they are eliminating my position!

And what’s worse is, there isn’t a fucking thing I can do about it, they work in tandem to get shit done, and their reasoning is that when I got hired, I got hired to support two people.  My VP and the Chief of Staff, but the COS quit in August of last year.  And in spite of this, Impostor #1 is going to be helping my boss with what she needs from now on.  I suspect that she might have something to do with this because she’d been avoiding me the last three weeks.  So that backstabbing, ignorant bitch (because she’s abliss) can fuck herself alone with the other two!

So in this “meeting” they had with me to let me know I was being let go, they told me that I was hired to support two people and then my skeletonized, leathery hag of a boss said “And I just don’t think I have enough work to keep you busy, Huntress.”  This is her justification even though I’ve been working to help Bad Cop and MD in my capacity and this bitch can’t find enough work for me?!?!  How does this make sense? I’m working like hell just to keep up with Bad Cops demands on me and his admin support already started!!

They Said That I Should Be Supporting Two People

My response?  I told them that they should have thought about that when the COS quit, and let me go then so that I would have been able to find something suitable as far a job.  I also added that if neither of them can’t find enough work for me that means that they don’t have enough work, correct?   They sat there looking at me in silence and then fat all Fake Supervisor told me that “this isn’t the way this works Huntress.”  I said that I know that, because I don’t kiss ass and aren’t a “favorite” in this suite they target those people first.  My boney assed-leather faced white lady boss said to me “I’m really sorry Veronica” and I responded with “Are you really? Because I highly doubt it.”  I grabbed my “RIF” letter folded it and walked back to my office to do…….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! It’s not like me to be a slacker in any shape or form, but you know what? I’ve given my boney assed leather faced, Shirley Temple, brillo pad haired boss 100% in my job, and I’m not giving her anymore of my time or effort.  I have this stupid job until October 22nd so as far as I’m concerned, I’m not doing a fucking thing until I have to officially leave this godforsaken place, of course I’ll be applying to other jobs but that’s an afterthought at the moment.  I’m so GODDAMNED ANGRY right now, and there isn’t anything anyone can say or do that is going to change how I feel at this very moment!!!!

So until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

25 thoughts on “Well Fuck My Entire Life………..

  1. This is IMPORTANT! Before doing anything else (or nothing else) MAKE them write you a Letter of Recommendation NOW. Not a month from now when they’ll be even bitchier. If you don’t get a letter now when they’re maybe feeling guilty, you may not get a letter at all or they’ll tell future employers that you ‘don’t play well with others’. If they give you any crap about not giving you a positive recommendation NOW, see if there’s an outside party (newspaper – Help Me Howard – type person) who will intervene for you. Otherwise you’ll get a letter that reads, “Yes, she worked here for X years” and that will be it. You have to know that any interviewer who calls them, they’re going to tear you down. This way, if you have a letter in advance, you can show that they’re two-faced liars. I am SO sorry. Maybe don’t do a thing outside of your exact job description – let them know now how hard it is going to be to replace you, or do your work themselves. If helping MD was not originally what you were hired for – stop doing it. I did this years ago when I was refused a raise and told everything I was doing was not in my job description. I started working for my father shortly thereafter, but in the month or so that I remained at my job, suddenly people were coming out of the woodwork sticking up for me because they now had to do their own damn work. Too damn little, and too damn late.

    I hope you have a long list of dream jobs available to choose from. Maybe try on unemployment insurance for a few weeks to see what it’s like (since essentially you’ve been fired, no matter what term it is they use).

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    1. Thanks Barb, and I’ve already my VP for the letter of recommendation. She said she would, I haven’t asked Fake Supervisor though. I’ve also decided I’m going to contact the main campus the Vice Chancellor in charge of Employee relations. He visited our campus this Monday and Tuesday and I decided to let him know what Fake Supervisor does to get her way. I’m so tired of stupid and not to mention lazy people getting away with this kind of shit. And they can’t say anything bad about me to another employer, it’s a Workforce Commission regulation here. Its against the law here to do so. I’ve applied for several positions within the university and my former university. I’m hoping I get interviews at least.

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  2. On your last post when you stated that Imposter #1 would walk into your boss’s office and shut the door and they’d be in there for a long time, take two hour lunches, etc., I used to have a boss that would have women come into his office and they’d shut the door for a long time. I knew exactly what they were doing…something I don’t think he ever wanted his wife to find out about. I stayed out of it because it was none of my business and ew! Could Imposter #1 and your boss be having an affair? It wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened. But then I read this post and I’m like WTF?!!!!!

    So, today, I have nothing to say except that I’m sorry this is happening in your life, may Karma end each of their careers…and now I’m going to sit with you in silence and you can do whatever you have to do…scream, rant…other things. Whatever. Mona

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    1. Well my boss is a she, and she’s married despite her boney assed, leather faced, brillo pad hair, blue finger tiped shell of a body. Yes she does look like that and even she has a husband. But, I’m cool, I don’t know why but I have a sort of calm sense of self, I can’t explain it really. But today I woke up and I felt a sense of peace, there is this sort of serene sense I have deep in my heart/soul. Even though I only have a job for a month or so I’m not as worried as people would think I should be. I don’t know why? Maybe its because I do believe in karma and God and that makes all of this somehow bearable. Thank you my friend for your support, I really appreciate your words of wisdom and reassurance 😉


  3. Shit. And damn their black haggy souls. This sucks in so many ways not the least of which is timing. Covid, new house purchase. I’m so very sorry. I’m sending positive energy your way in the hopes you find a new job where they appreciate what you bring to the table.

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    1. Thank you River for your good vibes and positive energy. I appreciate my blogger friends and their well wishes and good advice for me. And also thank you for the curse you put on them at the beginning of your comment “Damn their black haggy souls” it make me feel so much better…lmao.

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  4. Oh damn! I just read your other post first and I never saw this coming! I’m so sorry–I’m sending you all the positive energy in the universe that you’ll find something even better with people who aren’t such hags.

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    1. Thank you Suzanne, I appreciate it and welcome all good vibes being sent my way. I know I’ll find something where I can use all my education and experience to add positivity to wherever I get hired. And knowing I don’t have to stay in this horror house of professional madness somehow makes feel just a bit better 😎.

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    1. Thanks Pepper, I appreciate the well wishes, I sure need them 😃. And yes, I’m very glad to get the hell out of there, it is most definitely a toxic place. No one needs to work in an environment like that.


  5. Oh hell no. I hate this so much for you because I’ve seen it happen too many times. Hard-working people get fired because they work too hard to spend their time ass-kissing but the ass-kisser who literally sleeps in their cubicle and snores so loudly it can be heard all through the office is kept around.
    I’m glad you stand up for yourself and are honest, and it’s because of that strength that I believe you’ll land on your feet. What sucks is you shouldn’t have been dropped in the first place.

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  6. Oh, holy shit. Okay–first, THIS SUCKS. I’m sorry you are being treated this way, and I know your going through all the feels. Second, this is the universe stepping in to make the decision for you and force you forward–out of this position, out of this university, and away from this toxic environment. It’s TERRIFYING to be be facing unemployment (I was there myself after my boss died and I had to close down that firm, remember?), but it’s a GIFT. You take the time you need to re-evaluate your life, goals, and trajectory. Find a job you LOVE at a place you’re VALUED. The job market couldn’t be better than right now for you to pluck your dream job out of the classifieds, so the timing is ideal, even though it doesn’t seem like it personally. I have the highest hopes that you are going to turn this BS into something amazing. In the meantime, I’m sending you tons of love and support–don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help in any way!

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    1. Thank you Heather, your words ring true about the universe stepping in and getting me out of this office. I’m grateful to all my blogger friends who have sent their well wishes, good vibes and uplifting messages! I am very lucky to have such awesome friends surround me with support and love! Thanks again my friend 🙂

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  7. OMFG! Those fucking bitches! Good Lord I hope you can find another job quickly and a much better one – one where your co-workers are smart and do their work and where your bosses are competent! Damn! That just really bites! So sorry, friend! 😞

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    1. Thank you my dear friend, I sure hope so too. I’ve been hard at work, literally at work applying everywhere I can find a job posting that aligns with my experience. I hate going into the office now, it’s plain hypocritical and fucking hate it there.


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