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Silently Wishing Their Demise

I haven’t really posted anything in regards to my job in a while because, well I’ve been kinda busy with my house and stuff.  But I’ve realized that even though things here aren’t as bad as they are in my mind, and that I over think the professional injustice that goes on in this office constantly.  I just need to do what a former coworker of mine told me once.  He said “que te valga madre” and I’ll translate that as “just don’t give a shit” and do your job without conscience of what others do or say.  He’s right you know, but for someone who’s always had pride in her work, that mind set is hard to do, because I’ve always been a hard worker no matter what I did.  When I worked as a janitor, I did the best job I could because my dad always told me “It doesn’t matter what your job is, always do it the best you can.”  So I grew up with that mentality, so as a janitor, I did.  When I was a warehouse worker, I did, when I worked at the other university I did.  But with the lack of leadership, guidance and communication that goes on here, I may have to just say “me vale madre” for my own sanity and wellbeing. 

My VP Is Either BiPolar Or Just A Wishy Washy Bitch

Because of the change in reporting structure my VP is no longer my direct line boss.  So I asked her a couple of weeks ago that if she knew if everyone was going to get the 2% merit increase.  Her response?

“I don’t know anything about that, if you don’t get it could it be because of your coaching with Fake Supervisor?”  Those words lit a fire of rage inside me, a fire that was apparently obvious to her because her facial expression changed when she saw how I reacted by not really reacting.  My response?

“I believe that if anyone gets more than a 4.0 on their annual evaluation it’s a 2% merit across the board.  You being the associate dean of finance should know this, and how do you not know this?”  And I walked out of her office.  I received a “coaching” after I had asked Impostor #2 to take meeting minutes for me the day I was to go and close on my house.  I didn’t ask Fake Supervisor though, and because she’s our direct line boss she got upset, hence my so-called coaching. 

The Ineptitude and Idiocy Here Is Overwhelming

After the incident with my VP, nothings been the same.  I chose to say what I did because I’m not stupid, and I hate that she’s turned into some wishy-washy, ass kissing, bipolar old hag.  Yes this is the person who was overwhelming generous when I was first hired.  This is the woman that gifted me the Amazon gift card and Yoga classes for a year.  So what happened?  I couldn’t say, but it all began when Fake Supervisor changed the reporting structure.  The thing is, President Cutie Pie has no clue about what his so called “assistant” does behind his back.  Yes he has a lot of responsibility, the entire weight of the university is on his shoulders, but he really should pay attention to what Fake Supervisor does in the suite because it causes a lot of internal strife.

When my VP voluntold me to help out Bad Cop in his department she didn’t ask me.  At the time I didn’t mind because I didn’t know Bad Cop all that well.  But since, I’ve gotten to know the ineptitude of his direction and how he runs his department causing six good, hard working people under him to quit.  That shit is just plain wrong if you ask me?  He may be a great physician but as a director, he sucks monkey balls as he doesn’t know how to do anything technological.  He doesn’t know how much money he has in his budget, what he can or should pay the people under him and he scrutinized every single office supply purchase asking if one of the administrators needs an entire box of pencils?  But, he has no idea how to read his financial reports, and asks the stupidest questions about why he has so much money in the M&O account at the beginning of the fiscal year.  It’s enough to make me want to bang my head against the wall every single time I meet with the dude!

The worst part of all is that he’s a sneaky little weasel, and since my boss is his boss he goes directly to her when I let him know about stuff he can or can’t do with the budget.  Then the boney assed bitch contradicts me because it seems she likes to make me look stupid.  My feelings about this? I didn’t ask to help this guy out, she put me here to help and then she tells me I’m not to guide him financially.  HOW IN THE FUCK DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?!?!

I’m Playing The Game While I Quietly Look For Something Else

I need my job, that’s a fact because I just bought a house and I need to pay for my mortgage.  But having to deal with all the emotional bullshit that goes on here is enough to make one go crazy.  At the moment I don’t have another option, there isn’t anything I can apply for within this institution.  I have to bite my tongue and grind my teeth so that I don’t snap my VPs neck like a dried up chicken bone!  She’s quick to tell me everything I do wrong, which is complete nonsense because I do what she tells me to do so where does this shit make sense?  Then it’s like high school, Impostor #1 walks into my boss’s office, they close the door and stay in there for the longest time.  Or she walks in there and they are whispering about God knows what.  I don’t care what they talk about, I just do my job and keep on stepping.  

As Stupid As They Come

They just hired a new boss to replace Fake Carol, and I hope that she sees that Impostor does next to nothing all fucking day long.  Impostor #2 says she has to close her office door because Impostor #1 is on personal calls all day, with her mother, daughter or sister.  And yells so loud that Impostor #2’s boss closes the door to his office and so does Impostor #2 for that matter.  She watches YouTube videos all day, and then leaves for lunch with Fake Supervisor for more than two hours.  I guess that saying is true, it’s not what you know but who you know, and if you’re good at kissing ass it goes a long way in this suite.  And Impostor #1 can certainly do that.  And she’s doesn’t know how to talk, and I mean seriously she uses words out of context or can’t say the word at all.  Here’s an example….

Impostor #1 – That new guy that Impostor #2 hired doesn’t know anything don’t you think?

Me – Yeah, he’s a new graduate and he seems a bit wet behind the ears if you ask me

Impostor #1 – Yeah I asked him if he set up his work email and he looked at me and seemed abliss about what I was talking about.

Me – Abliss? What is that?

Impostor #1 – You know, abliss……*she sighs in frustration*…..that he doesn’t know anything!

Me – *laughing hysterically*…..oh you mean OBLIVOUS?!…..HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Impostor #1 – What?

Me – Its not “abliss” its oblivious….hahahaha, abliss….seriously?

Impostor #1 – *turns red and walks away*

This is the kind of shit she says all the time, I mean she’s got a master’s degree but she’s completely “ABLISS” to any sort of professionalism whatsoever.  Once my VP asked her why she never wore dresses to work, and Impostor #1 said that she has scars on her legs. She rolled up her pant leg and showed us what looked like stretch marks. And my VP said “you can wear dark hosiery you know?” And Impostor just nodded her head and then my VP asked how she got those “scars” and Impostor said the most ludacris thing in the world, confirming she’s a complete idiot. She said she had an allergic reaction to something and “the histamine in her legs popped” and that’s how she got the scars. I was drinking coffee at that very moment and I swear it almost came out of my nose because of her response. How exactly does one’s histamine pop? Because I’m curious, I want to know this rare medical condition so that I don’t come down with it.

No I shouldn’t have laughed at her when she thought “abliss” was “oblivious” but I’m not a “favorite” in this office, and it was mean to do what I did.  But, I don’t get any favors, or can take two hour lunches, or pretend to “work” when in reality all she does it watch Youtube, fight with her family and then leave early because she’s “had too much to do.”  I have to come in when I am scheduled to do so, I have to actually do my work, plus help Bad Cop with his department and Managing Director with her department too.  And then I’m told I may not be getting a merit increase? Where in the FUCK does this make sense? 

Okay I know, I’m rambling on about something that I can’t change, but I’d rather ramble on here then be arrested for assault in the workplace due to plain stupidity of others.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

15 thoughts on “Silently Wishing Their Demise

  1. I remember one time a worthless department manager was promoted to the front office. But the front office people weren’t new at the game of corporate back-stabbing, and when he would pull one of his crappy stunts, they would simply do everything EXACTLY how they were told to do it. It didn’t take them six weeks to make the petit tyrant go looking elsewhere for a job …

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    1. Hi Barb, unfortunately HR is under the President’s office so, anything that happens here is pretty much treated like we don’t exist and it’s brushed under the rug. Its a sad state of affairs let me tell you. When an employee can’t get an advocate to voice concerns.


  2. Ugh–it’s so hard to be the one person in an office that works hard while everyone else is taking advantage. But don’t let it stress you out–as I always say, I don’t live to work, I work to live:-)

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  3. Excruciating! I am well aware what it’s like to have to shoulder responsibilities/duties that aren’t your own because dead weight is allowed to exist/flourish in the workplace. It’s beyond aggravating, and it’s hard not to get resentful when you aren’t recognized for your efforts. I hope something changes soon to alleviate the stress–it’s certainly not a fun situation to have to work in. ::hugs::

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Heather, it’s been unbearable to say the least. Dealing with stupid people is like banging your head against the wall all day long. I hate the people ego are making my people who are doing this to to me. So much so I contemplate coworkercide every single day….🤬

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 100% understandable. You are also a short-timer now (just read your newest post–ugh). As much as you take pride in your work product and work ethic, it won’t matter much (if at all) for the next few weeks if you start “passing the baton” to others and completely noping out of your workload. Once your duties are passed along to others, it allows you to spend time looking for your new position. They will all rue the day they dropped you from their roster!

        Liked by 1 person

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