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Things That Happened While I Was On Vacation

I haven’t posted anything in over two weeks because of work and the continuing effort to finalize the unpacking process from the move into my new house.  Which is kind of odd saying that because it’s not really my new house anymore, it’s just my house.  I’ve adjusted to the fact that this house is way bigger than the rental home I lived in for 15 years.  But the fact that I’m still unpacking comes as a complete surprise to me because of the fact that, HOW IN THE FUCK DID I ACCUMULATE SO MUCH CRAP?!?!  And here I thought that most of it was my son’s, which is accurate he had a lot of crap he’s taking to his new house.  And I still have some of his crap/stuff/junk at mine, waiting patiently for him to take it home.  Anyway, I took vacation to be able to stay home and finish unpacking and organize everything where it needs to go.  All the while trying to keep the jungle that was my front and back yards in check.  Because with all the rain, they grow like…..well like fucking weeds and my role as new home owner now includes being a landscaper/gardener to make sure my house has a tame yard.  Because will all the rain, the grass (actually it’s more the weeds) grow unruly and it’s a pain in the fucking ass. 

Also since I don’t have a lawnmower I use the weed whacker to do what I can to keep everything in check. 

The Only Person I Knew On My Side Of Town Left

Working here I had to start working with Good Cop/Bad Cop and under his department I became friends with one of the assistant directors and the head RN who runs infection control.  We didn’t like each other at first because he’s such a diva.  Apparently that’s exactly what he thought about me too, and then we got along fabulously.  Come to find out he lived on the same side of town I moved to, only four blocks from where I bought my house.  So we became kind of close in the short amount of time that we worked together, I’m going to call him Jack (Will and Grace) because he’s the Jack to my Karen.

I’m going to really miss Jack

Just as I began to form a new work family, Jack up and tells me he found a job in Phoenix and is going to start on Sept 8th.  I and Cupcake (the RN in Infection Control, I’ll explain later and yes it’s a he) will just have to get along without Jack.  Jack put his house up for sale and it sold in less than two weeks, he’s coming back into town to sign off on paper work in three weeks to finalize the sale of his house.  So because of this, Jack was selling off a lot of his stuff, you know furniture, accessories etc.  He had already given me a light fixture for the dining area.  So he called me to go and pick it up from his house and he was also having a yard sale to get rid of some of his things.  Needless to say I came home with not just the free light fixture, but for $35 I came home with a newish tv stand, two blue accent chairs, an industrial style lamp and a “vintage” coffee table that I’m going to refinish to make it look more modern.  I’ve gotten into the DIY phase of my home buying experience.  Anyway Jack called me the following day to tell me that he was selling his Ashley Furniture sofas, and I was ecstatic because they’re beautiful!  But, I told him I was on a budget, and needed to negotiate the price.  He said no need to negotiate, I know you’ll take care of them so I’ll let you have them both for $300. 

I was like FURIOUSLY HAPPY! No I’m not ripping off Jenny Lawson, I was literally furiously happy for him letting me have them for only $300. 

These are the sofas I got from Jack, this picture is from his home’s listing

Because I looked up the sofa set and he paid about $2400 for them.  So, I went to pick up my new-ish sofa set at his house on Friday and with my son’s help got them home and into my new “formal” living room.  Which by the way has an awkward green wall now since I moved the old sofa set into the “sun” room or “den” area.  But, that will change by next week when I can go buy paint for that one wall.  Friday was the last day I saw Jack in person, he was off to Phoenix that weekend to start his new fabulous life over there.  All because Good Cop/Bad Cop didn’t think he had the experience and education to allow him to apply for the director position.  Only because this idiot wants a RN for the director but I digress.  Good Cop/Bad Cop is allowing the good hardworking people in his department to leave, and those who are asshole miscreants to stay.  What the fuck is wrong with this picture, seriously?

My Home Still Doesn’t Quite Feel Like Home…..Yet

Charlie kept mumbling to himself this very phrase while I was on vacation…

Yes, tis true, my beautiful little house (not really it’s kinda big for one person and her snarky, CHONK cat) doesn’t quite feel like home yet.  I’ve been there over two months and I’m still trying to find my place, you know like when you finally slip into bed or a comfy sofa and find just the right spot to just lie in?  Yeah that’s how I feel right now, maybe it’s because I still have tons of shit to unpack and it won’t feel like home until all of this crap is put away in its place and/or donated.  In spite of my wonderful house not quite feeling like home, I do like the view of the mountain every morning when I leave to drive to work.  It’s absolutely breathtaking, of course unless your being eaten alive by mosquitos that is.  In my old house, I didn’t have a mosquito problem, but maybe being so close to the mountain and because its been raining constantly that’s why there are mosquitos out to get me.  Of course it doesn’t help that neighbors (I won’t mentioned which ones) won’t cut their fucking grass that’s also taken over with giant weeds.  See, this is why I got up early on my first day of vacation, yes at 6am to go outside to cut grass, pull weeds, trim my mimosa tree that seemed to be growing out wild and dug up four dried up rose bushes.  I didn’t want the neighbors to start gossiping about “the woman who bought the corner house and how she doesn’t keep her yard tidy.”  Okay, it’s only in my imagination but if I’m already thinking this about neighbors that have already lived there longer than I have, what’s to say they aren’t thinking that about me? I can hear it already…


Grace (fictitious neighbor’s name): Oh gawd, Henry did you see the new neighbor that bought the house on the corner?

Henry (fictitious neighbors husband): Nope, watching the game…

Grace: Her weeds are almost up to the ankles.  Isn’t she going to at least do her yard sometime soon?

Henry: Can’t hear ya Grace, watching the game.

Grace: And why doesn’t she put her car in her garage?  She’s probably one of those hoarders, oh GAWD Henry we have a hoarder living across the street!!

Henry: Oh for the love of Pete, Grace, stop looking through the window like a fucking Kravitz!

Grace: I’m not a Kravitz, Henry I’m merely making a comment about how our new neighbor isn’t cleaning her yard!  She’s been there close to two months and you can see the weeds in her back yard are as tall as the fence!

Henry:…..raises the volume on the television.

Meanwhile across the street from the Kravitz’…..

Norma (other fictitious neighbor): Well fuck my life James that fucking Henry and his wife have the volume up on their dammed television….again!

James: Can’t hear you Norma I’m watching the game.

Norma: But did you see the woman that bought the house on the corner hasn’t cleaned her yard yet? Well, that’s just an abomination.  At least the last neighbors kept their yard clean.

James: But they had house parties and drank out front Norma.  You called the cops on then several times, remember?

Norma: Well, if they were going to drink at least do it in the back yard where no one can see you.

James: *sighs loudly*

Norma: At least the new neighbor seems quiet, but she really does need to cut the weeds in her yard.

James: I’m going over to Henry’s to watch the game….

I have four sets of neighbors because I have a corner house, one to the right, to the left, one caddy corner to me and the house right in front of mine.  Whose yard hasn’t been kept since I moved in, so if these fucking neighbors are going to gossip, they should maybe start with them.

So until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

32 thoughts on “Things That Happened While I Was On Vacation

  1. Welcome to the joys of home ownership! It’s going to take awhile to feel like home. After we moved from our home of about 40 years into a rental, I hated every square inch of it. It wasn’t until 7 years later when we moved again into another rental, that I realized that I was crying because I was going to miss the old place. Now I’m here and after almost 3 years, still miss the old place(s) and hate this one. I don’t think I have very more moves left in me, so I better start to “love the one your with”!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very well put indeed Barb! I know it’s going to take a while, but some places just feel like home instantly. Like you with the rental of 40 years, I was like that when I moved into my rental 15 years ago. But I supposed because I was a different person then, and now this is MY house. I feel comfortable, I’m just not quite there yet.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m bereft that you’re losing your Jack, but happy he sold you his couches. Sweet deal.
    It sounds like a lawn mower should be your next purchase, then you can loan it to all the other weedy neighbors.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dammit! I’ve been checking your blog for a new post like ten times a day and when I finally give up, you post! That’ll teach me. I love your new sofas. I saw them and thought — Where have a seen a sofa like that? Then I remembered. It’s not exactly like yours, but it reminded me of this
    Anyway, I’m so jealous. That was a helluva deal…you could even call it almost a steal! Also, those neighbors living in your head had me in stitches. Wait until the two imaginary women get together and compare notes! Ha. Is it still raining there? I saw the news a few days ago…not sure exactly when, I’ve never been good with time…but it looked like El Paso was getting more rain and I immediately thought about you. Anyway, as always, it looks like you’ve been staying super busy and I’m sorry to see you lose someone you like from work…that really sucks. Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG Mona!! Those are the exact sofas!! And yes, they are kind of suede-ish, lol. Yeah I’ve been MIA for a while since I was on vacation, and I didn’t have my PC unpacked (yes I know) to be able to writ something since I do my posts from work. I know I shouldn’t but, meh, whatever.

      Those two imaginary neighbors are the ones living caddy corner to me and to my left, I hardly see them so my imagination runs wild. I just met me next door neighbors this afternoon. They’ve lived here for 42 years, military retirees and they both seem to be sweet as hell, Jessy and his wife Johnnie. It’s still been raining here, fml, seriously like it needs to fucking stop already. Two days off and three on with rain, lucky for me my neighborhood doesn’t flood which is great because, you know new house and all. I miss Jack already and he’s only been gone since last Friday, but it’s all in his best interest.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? Only when you have to clean out stuff and find things you didn’t remember you had is when you think, when the hell did all of this pile up on me? Congrats on your new house Jason. Here’s hoping your move is smoother than mine lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I think you’ve pretty much summed up neighbors in your fictitious scenarios… they’re either nosy as hell or couldn’t give a shit less about the hood. I can just imagine what the neighbors say about quiet old me living in the house on the end of the street. Not taking care of my weeds (weeds are indigenous flora and should be LEFT ALONE!) is probably the least of their concerns… I’m probably in serial killer or child predator territory to them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I can only imagine what your neighbors say about you, lol. But for not, the most “normal” looking person is usually the creep/serial killer/stalker. As for the weeds, not the ones around my house, yuck they need to be destroyed!


    1. I hope so my friend, I still feel out of place in my house and I know I shouldn’t because, it’s MY HOUSE. I just feel sad so much lately and I’m not sure why? Maybe it’s the fact that I made a huge change in my life so late in life? Who knows?


      1. I feel sadness much of the time, too. I think many people experience the same feelings these days. Our lives have turned upside down for the last year and a half with Covid and all that comes with it. Hang in there! Your house will feel more like home soon. 💜


  5. As much as I laughed I also wept at Jack leaving because, while I’ve always thought of you as more of a Grace than a Karen, I understand how much you needed a Jack in your life, but he had to go and Jack off, and, yes, I went there.
    I also know what it’s like to feel like all your neighbors are watching you. Sometimes I’m convinced Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window is right across the street from us and I don’t think I’m doing anything that looks suspicious, but who knows?
    Anyway if you’re worried about what the neighbors think that’s a good sign that you’re settling in.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. LOL I love that you have entire paranoid scenarios play in your head…and you share them with us!

    Also, I’m sorry to hear about your friend moving away, even though you made out like a bandit on that deal! I hope you get settled soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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