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Getting Into The New Swing of Things

It’s been just over a month since the “big move” into my very own home, and believe it or not, I’m still unpacking and putting stuff away.  But now that I’m living alone, okay with my cat so that’s not really alone. 

I’ve struggled somewhat to get back into a normal routine of sorts, like getting back to running, fixing up my house, or just finding energy to do stuff around the house.  I have no idea why I’m struggling so much at the moment.  Could I be that I’m just plain tired or what the hell?

Rain, Rain Go Away……..Seriously Rain BEAT IT!

El Paso doesn’t normally get much rain during the year, it hits mostly around the end of August or early September.  But this year, the monsoon season come early and it’s beginning to be a pain the ass!  Seriously though, the mountain and surrounding areas haven’t been so green in I don’t know how long, but this constant rain shit is getting on my nerves.  Not only because of the humidity but, because of the rate grass and weeds are growing.  I haven’t had a chance to even start doing something to my lawn because when I finally decide to do it, it starts raining again.  Like last night for instance, it was around 2:45am and I could hear the rain coming down, and I’m thinking to myself well this fucking sucks.  One) because trying to dry my hair as I get ready for work will take longer and two) because my hair is a bitch and won’t cooperate when I attempt to style it, three) the weeds and grass in my yard are about two feet tall.  Yes, TWO MOTHERFUCKING FEET TALL!! And what’s the point of doing yard work when it’s just going to fucking rain again and make it all grow back?? 

Someone here in El Paso was kind enough to post a video of what tons rain does to a section of I-10. It floods, A LOT and it does so where cars stall out, and 18-wheelers can blind a driver by passing them and spraying what is a kin to a fucking tidal wave over your car.

I’m Learning To Be A “Outdoorsy” Person

In spite of all the rain and humidity, I’ve decided to try and work on my front yard, because I’m a homeowner now, I have been trying to keep the outdoor part of my house at least somewhat kept.  As mentioned above, the rain has been horrible and made whatever grass I have along with weird weeds grow.  And by weird I mean, as I used the weed whacker/eater/trimmer thingy, I came across some weed that’s low to the ground.  I’d say it’s a creeper type of weed, that has oblong leaves and when I cut the damned thing with the weed eater, it has water inside.  Then there are the stupid “goats-head” thorn weeds/bushes that are low to the ground as well.  And some grow high too as I learned this past Sunday at my son’s new house.  I ran past one and got caught in it and my running shoe, pants and everything below the ankle covered in goats-head thorns! Those motherfuckers are everywhere, and are annoying as hell.  In Spanish we call them “torritos” or little bulls heads, because of the horn like crap that make them stick to everything. 


Anyway, I’ve cut down the long grass and taken some of the weeds out and fought with that stupid annoying “water plant/weed.”   I did manage to find that I have a bearded iris growing along the side of the house and bird of paradise plant as well.  Along with dried up rose bushes that need to be taken out too.  I haven’t even started on my back yard, it’s a jungle out back I’m sure of it, but I can only do so much during the weekends. 

My Snarky Cat Plays Nip Mouse Hockey All Night Long

So, since my son moved to his new house, he left Charlie with me, to keep him from stressing out more than he had been with the move to my new house.  So now that I live alone, I mean with my cat I don’t close the bedroom doors at night anymore.  The main reason for me doing that was because my son snores and loud, he sounds like a damned freight train sitting on the track just idling there.   Now if you don’t know what that sounds like, then you’ve never lived near railroad tracks.  I grew up around them, and when the engine just sits on the track idling, it’s a loud type of constant hum, it’s scary and weird all at the same time.  And my son snores that loud where I kept my bedroom door closed for years and even then it still didn’t help, I had to wear earplugs.

But, I’m getting off subject here, so since he moved out and it’s been me and Charlie, I keep the bedroom doors open so the scary cat won’t think I’m trying to lock him out.  Anyway, he sleeps all damned day long and at around 2:45am every morning to about 5:30am the motherfucker plays nip mouse hockey.  Which means since I don’t have carpet anymore, he slams all four of his nip mice against the walls, doors or whatever furniture he can.  Then I hear him run all around the 1631 square feet of my house, with his little paws and claws trying to grab onto the corners.  I’ve had to retrieve two of the four mice from under my bed before I go to sleep, and then he starts up again the next morning.  So, I’ve started to use earplugs again, but this time to keep Charles “Bruiser” O’Houlihan the FHL (feline hockey league) goalie from waking me up at night. 

I’ve Moved Within My House

Since I live alone…..correction since I live with a snarky motherfucking cat, I can pretty much do what I want in my own home now.  My master bedroom is small, so small that my queen size bed takes up all the room in my…..well, room.  And on top of the child size sink I have to deal with daily, it’s pretty much a struggle to feel comfortable in my own house with a tiny room and even smaller master sink.  My solution?  I’ve move out of my master suite and into the larger front bedroom, and I did all of this all by myself on Saturday.  I took apart my bed, moved the mattresses and dresser and moved the full size bed that was in the front bedroom and into the adjoining bedroom and now I feel a bit more comfortable even though I don’t have an en suite bath.  But like I said I live alone and I use the much bigger hall bathroom for everything else but drying and styling my hair because as previously noted, there are no electrical outlets in the hall bath.  So, I’m okay with it for now, until I can actually remodel the master and fourth bedroom into one huge master suite. 

My oldest came over on Saturday after work to pick up some of his things, and asked who helped me move?  I told him no one, that I did it all myself, and he was actually surprised and then I was surprised that he was surprised.  I’m nothing if self-sufficient, and of course I’ll do what I need to if I can do it on my own.  It made up for the lack of physical exercise that I haven’t been doing since I moved.  Or maybe moving itself was the exercise I did get but didn’t know it.  Either way, I’m moving around instead of just sitting on the couch watching a Godfather trilogy marathon and that’s important and would explain why I’m so fucking tired. 

So until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

22 thoughts on “Getting Into The New Swing of Things

  1. No worries. We’ve been in our house fur almost 20 years and there are still boxes I haven’t unpacked.
    No outlets in a bathroom! Who built this place? As for the 3:00am hockey I can relate. His Lordship runs a marathon every morning at that hour… and across my chest is the finish line.

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  2. Read your post while on a work break. I reflected on it while I was unclogging the turlet. Had to snake it, if you will. Yeah, houses. Always something going on. Have a friend, lives in San Antonio, has a nice home, her first. Also has a dog. She has all manner of improvements planned. But every time she is ready to launch one, the dog needs to go to the vet for something and sucks away the house improvement monies. Windows, new outlets (yeah, it’s an older house), new carpeting, new kitchen appliances…

    My cats don’t have the zoomies. They just like to socialize. My bed is their preferred meeting spot to say hello to one another and shoot the breeze. They argue about who gets to sleep where beside me. Woof.

    Have fun, kiddo. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thank goodness your cats don’t have the zoomies, that shit gets old after a while. As for the house, I don’t regret buying it, I knew I had to make some improvement over time. But the master bedroom thing is a short term fix. The sink however, that needs to go and soon. But I’m okay for now, as long as my roof doesn’t leak I’m good (crossing my fingers.)

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  3. Up until last year, I had two cats, and I always kept the bedroom door closed when I was sleeping since they could buddy up with each other to keep occupied and leave me alone. Since it’s been just me and Ody, I’ve found that he tends to disturb me much more on my weekends when I sleep at night than when I sleep during the day. I can lay there for hours in the afternoon and he’ll never even come in my room…. but at night, it’s constantly on and off the bed and trying to claw the hell out of my arm while he lays there and looks CUTE. They’re definitely nocturnal little beasts…

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    1. Yes Evil, I’ve found that out too. Charlie sleeps all damned day and way into the evening but once the early morning hours roll around, there he is. Playing nip mouse hockey all over the house. I can’t close the door because he’ll scratch at it and meow like hell.


  4. Girl, I’ve been exhausted for months too. I think it’s a side effect from all the pandemic BS. Everything has been so weird for the past year and a half, I’ve been operating in a constant state of crisis/stress, and now I’m paying for it. I think I’ve used up my body’s lifetime supply of adrenaline. :/

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    1. Yes!! I think that could be it, at least since you mentioned it, lol. But I think it could be all that fight or flight reaction we do to stay sane. Ugh, I could sleep for days. I hope you feel better Heather, stay safe my friend.

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  5. No wonder you’re tired, being woken up every night by Charlie! Ken snores, but I can’t wear earplugs, so I just punch him and say roll over! But it sounds like you’re really thriving, having your own place, and that’s wonderful 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Suzanne, if this stupid rain would stop I’d be able to work on my back and front yards. It’s infuriating, it’s been raining since mid-June ever other day. I’m sure Ken doesn’t snore as loud as my son does, I could hear him from my room all the way down the hall. Stay safe Suzanne 😷

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  6. Wow! The water on the highway is so deep you wouldn’t dare stop for fear of drowning your engine! That would suck! It’s been raining a LOT here, too, although this past week has been rainless but humid. Our lawn is suffering, as well. Dad can’t mow and he doesn’t need to be out in the heat anyway, and I can’t mow. Hell, the vibration on the sitting mower would kill my body! My son had been doing the lawn but hasn’t been able to get away in the last week. Maybe you could pay someone to do the yard, front and back, and get it in tip-top shape? It would be easier to stay on top of
    it yourself. Just a thought.

    Doesn’t your son know you well enough to know that you will do whatever needs to be done? Lol. I know you enough to know that. 😉 I’m glad you got your space worked out for the time being. A bathroom with no electrical outlets at all? That’s worse than our bathroom, with a whopping one double outlet. 😮 The outlet situation in our entire house leaves a lot to be desired. Anyway, I’m looking forward to photos so I can visualize better when you’re explaining things!

    PS Earplugs are a Godsend. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m at the end of my ever fraying rope with all of this rain my friend! I woke up this morning and it was raining. I fell asleep on Friday and it was raining, all of this rain is a pain in my behind! Ugh…but oh well.

      My boys just “think” that I’ll ask them to help with moving stuff around. But if I can do it I will, and then they get mad at me for it. But when I ask the mofos get mad at me anyway so what the hell?? My yard is going to have to wait, with all this rain no one can do anything seriously. I’m starting to figure out that my house has a lot of small things wrong with it, but all fixable (I think) and I’ll do it little by little. Say hi to dad for me and give the pack some belly rubs from me and Snarky Mouse Hockey Playing Charlie!

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  7. Non stop rain and overcast skies can take a real toll on your mood and energy. You’ve got so much going on already. If you can, try to find something to laugh about on a daily basis, it helps combat stress. Check into telomeres. When you’re stressed, they tend to unravel, which causes you to age faster, disease becomes q thing, etc. Protect your telomeres! I’m glad you’ve figured out a way to get sleep despite the night-time hockey. Stay well! Mona


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