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Will This Nightmare Ever End….or Will I Kill My Son Before He Moves Into His House?

Lunch with Freddy Kruger would be more pleasant than having to move crap, junk and trash from the rental house to mine and my son’s home.  Seriously the arguments of whose crap it belongs to, began to get on my fucking nerves because clearly, it’s mostly his shit.  You want to know the difference between crap, junk and trash, let me enlighten you, here I go.

That’s what he kept saying over and over as I threw my five-thousand bag of crap at him…

Junk – these are things that belong to someone else (my son) that aren’t really good for anything but he decides to keep it anyway,  For example, in the garage cabinets that are over the washer dryer area, I found eight, count them, eight sets of FUCKING SPARK PLUGS!!  Yes, used spark plugs for his car and truck, why he choose to keep them, I don’t know but its crap.  Also, I found four oil filter wrenches, because apparently he was never able to find the one’s he previously had, you know, because they were swallowed up by all that crap he had in MY GARAGE!  Not to mention countless computer cables, remote controls, six bags of zip ties (because he kept losing them) and nine pairs of mechanics gloves.  Apparently my son has a serious problem, when he can’t find something he just goes out to buy another one of what he’s “lost.”

No seriously…..I’m about to snap his neck!

Crap – this is stuff that belongs to my son as well, but this are things that he uses but not on a daily basis, for example, he has three electric toothbrushes, why?  I couldn’t tell you, but it seems that my son’s Junk/Crap/Trash monster keeps taking shit from him and hiding it in weird places like the garage or in the spare bedroom closet or the bottom of his laundry hamper.  Or, hey how about the fact that I found three pairs of old work boots that he “saved” to use when he was supposed to work on the yard or his car or whatever.  The mofo wouldn’t let me donate them to Goodwill because “they were still in good condition and usable.”  And did he use them?  No, no he motherfucking didn’t!  Or how about the dozens of quarts of motor oil containers (some empty and some new) that I found throughout the garage, swallowed by his Junk/Crap/Trash monster?  Other crap I found that belongs to my son, clothes that he doesn’t use but swears (not as much as I have though honestly) he’ll fit into as soon as “His fluffy ass loses weight which will be soon now that he has his own house to workout in” his exact words not mine.  Old light fixtures, broken lamps, one broken lawn chair, two custom made wooden chairs that have never been used and an electric skillet that according to him is still good despite the non-stick surface being almost all gone.

Trash – Now I’m going to say that there is definitely a fine line between junk and trash, according to my son anyway, to me trash is fucking trash.  For example, boxes….so many fucking empty Amazon boxes all over the garage.  Some flattened as I had requested he do because they were swallowing up every fucking thing, and some just thrown on top of each other.  Some of those boxes came in handy for the move but believe it or not, some were too small to use for us to move.  Why he saves the boxes from shit he orders from Amazon? He said “Well, you never know when I might have to send anything back in case it doesn’t work.”  I thought to myself, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!

What can I say? It’s the motherfucking truth

In addition to thousands upon thousands of cardboard boxes there were tons of plastic bags that belonged to shit that were, at one point, in the cardboard boxes.  I packed up two large trash bags with countless plastic bags of all shapes and sizes. 

It’s been almost a month and I’m still not done!!! Yes ladies and gents, my son is a fucking hoarder and I didn’t know how bad his condition was until this week when we were STILL FUCKING PACKING, CLEANING AND MOVING shit from the rental house to each of our respective homes!!!  Even trash because we’re going to have to get rid of that shit little by little since there is no trash pickup at the rental home address because I transferred service to my new house.  I want to finally get the hell out of there, go turn in the keys and just LEAVE…, as of today I’m still going every day after work to pack up crap, junk and trash so I can surrender the property and be done with any ties with the horrific landlord and the mediocre property management company she uses.  I’ll keep you posted, this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

31 thoughts on “Will This Nightmare Ever End….or Will I Kill My Son Before He Moves Into His House?

    1. Lol, okay thats virtually impossible because, one) I’ve never been to Maine and I doubt he’s been to El Paso and two) all my boys look like their dad, but they have their moms charm, sophistication and her potty mouth as well, lol. Im exhausted, I threw away 16 large garbage bags of trash and crap, some I didn’t tell him I threw away and I doubt he’ll remember, lol.

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      1. That’s because he has tons of crap, you know where the Barn Mahal is now that use to be for storing “things?” And I doubt that they notice when we throw stuff out, I’m just glad we’re done finally.

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  1. Huntress,
    Consider putting your son out of his misery NOW before he gets worse. You will be doing you both a favor in the long run! LOL. Seriously, I totally get what a pain in the ass dealing with hoards can be. As you know, my Dad’s a major hoarder as well. He likes big, heavy pieces of furniture and so much shit that is just pure shit…OMG! Anyway, don’t put your son out of his misery because he sounds like a wonderful young hoarder…er…I mean young man. Good luck with all of…that! Mona

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  2. Sounds like my mother’s old apartment…when she had to be put in a nursing home (2003). There was so much shit, I must have deposited 15 large trash bags into the housing dumpster. When my sister I finished, I went to the housing authority office and apologized to the woman, concerning the full dumpster, and she said it was no problem. So I know what you are dealing with…

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    1. I tried to rent a dumpster but the minimum amount of time was 14 days. And of course my son being the procrastinator that he is, waited until the last minute to do this. Yes, a hoarder is hard to live and deal with all the while they insist there isn’t anything wrong with them.

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  3. Yeah, had a hoarder friend, so I strive not to hoard. It’s hard. She hoarded dolls and empty ice cream tubs. Seriously. When she passed and we walked in… OMG.

    Understand about the boxes but I enforce a month limit. If it’s not used then, it’s gone. Have taken tons of computer cables and pieces to the Goodwill. Swear that stuff humps like rabbits when the lights go out.

    I’m bad about shoes. Wear them until they’re split and flapping, torn and holey. Then trash them/donate. Takes a looonnnggg time to get rid of ’em, though. But it’s done.

    Good luck. Cheers

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    1. Yeah I’m bad about shoes too, although I’m hard pressed to part with mine, lol. It’s 8:17pm and I’ve been home for about half an hour, we finally finished and there are no remnants of us in the rental house. Okay a couple, but dust bunnies with teeth and a family of spiders doesn’t.
      But I’m officially done, I turn in the keys tomorrow, thank God🙏😃😎

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    1. I’m sure his weren’t the same size either, I mean he has three cars….holy shit! I think he’s hoarding cars too!

      And of course not every oil filter is the same size….but three out of the four were. So, don’t feel bad Jason I’m pretty sure your not a hoarder. 😉


  4. When you start packing bags into other bags that’s when the trash has reached a meta-level that threatens everything around it. Although I do at least understand all the remote controls and computer cables. Most of your son’s junk/trash/crap is stuff he’s collected, but I’m not the only one who’s noticed that remote controls and computer cables are self-replicating.
    Not that I’m trying to cut him some slack or anything. Seriously, three electric toothbrushes? No one has that many teeth.

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    1. Tell me about it. When he can’t find something in the hoard, he’ll just go out and buy another one of whatever he’s lost. Hence the 5 oil filter wrenches. And I do know that computer/electrical cables tend to just multiply out of nowhere. I think its happening in my house as we speak, lol.


  5. I’ve seen the show Hoarders and I have to say, If the shoe fits…Ken is a little bit like this especially when it comes to boxes: “ooh that’s a really nice box, it might come in handy some day”–NO IT WON’T and if we need one, I can easily get one rather than storing THIS ONE for 7 years!!

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  6. I honestly have no idea what the deal is with men and saving empty boxes, but it’s definitely a thing with them–I’ve known several, and my current husband is the worst one of them all. He sells things on Poshmark, eBay, etc. and insists he can fetch higher prices for his shit because he has all the original boxes. Ugh. It will take me DECADES to deal with all that nonsense when he eventually dies…

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  7. Thanks for the primer. I need to keep this in mind as I sort through our Stuff which has yet to be sorted into such precise categories. You inspire. [Glad I found you again via Bill.]

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  8. I’ve been slowly going through shit in my house for months…and I mean slowly because well, chronic pain and mobility issues…but I have found shit that I’ve saved for no apparent reason. In my defense, I’m sure I had a reason at the time, I just can’t remember what it was.

    I do save a few Amazon boxes that are a certain size because they come in handy for shipping crocheted afghans and throws. The other boxes get broken down immediately and placed in a spot that is ready for garbage day. Exception: electronics boxes and I keep them for a few weeks just in case I have to send a company their junk back to them!

    I found a box of tv and game cables and such, that ARE still good but instead of donating them…well, you just never know when you might need one! Lmao!

    I’m not a hoarder but there are things that just get set aside, thinking I might use or need, but never do. These days we all have so much “stuff” and we need to downsize and simplify our lives. Makes life happier…and definitely easier when it comes time to move! 😉

    I’m sure you this, my friend! You seem mighty efficient and strong. I have no doubt you’ll get it all cleaned up and your new home organized exactly how you want it without junk, crap, or trash! 🙂

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    1. Ha! So because of all the crap, junk and trash we packed into all kinds of boxes and contractor size trash bags, I can’t find what I need now, lol.

      Like most of my pots and pans, or half of my shoes, or towels….ugh. My once new, totally clean garage is full of shit I have to sort out and put away. Not to mention my car is once again outside. But that’s just until I can get my stuff out away though.


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