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It’s Just A Job and Other Happenings In the Huntress’ World This Week

Since the beginning of June, the reporting structure has changed.  I no longer report to my vice president “directly” I report to Fake Supervisor now.  All of us do, and while that might sound all good and whatnot it’s caused strife among some of us in the office.  When Fake Supervisor sent us the email about no longer working “COVID” schedules (technically she was the only one, everyone else worked 40 hrs a week in person because her lazy ass worked from home three days a week) she also mentioned that the reporting structure had changed.  We would report directly to her and a dotted line report to our VPs.  I forwarded the email to my VP and asked her if she was okay with this, and of course she didn’t respond.  But told me in person that Fake Supervisor told her that she needed control of all of us because we weren’t telling her first when we would be taking vacation time or time off in general.  She wanted to have “a more accurate administrative oversight” over people in the President’s office.  To me it just sounded like she wants to be in control of everyone because her fat ass is insecure.

I was shocked, but then something happened, my VP changed.  And not for the better either, I’m talking bipolar, ass-kissing, spineless bitch kind of change.  She use to bash Fake Supervisor for EVERYTHING, the way she dressed, her lack of communication, her manner, she even said once she was “unbecoming of an assistant to the president.”  Now that’s harsh, but now?  Holy two faced bitch Batman!  It’s like she’s her best buddy in the entire world.  She use to bash her continuously and now, they are in each other’s offices, whispering to each other like they’re trying to hide something.  The hypocrisy here could choke a Clydesdale!  And I am not liking what I’m seeing or hearing, but what the fuck can I do, I just bought a house and I’m stuck here.   So after seeing this entirely different person in my VP, I decided I’m not going to confide anything to my boss anymore.  Not that I use to tell her a lot of my personal life, but she used to LOVE to gossip about everyone, especially Fake Supervisor, Fake Carol and Impostor.  Trashing them for the way they dressed, which let’s face it could use some improvement.  Fake Supervisor with her moo-moo type dresses, short tops and leggings (which isn’t flattering at all on an obese person, leggings come on people) yes she’s obese and I’m not shaming her either.  She says it’s hard to find clothes that fit her, but that’s bullshit too, because I use to work with a “big girl” at the other university and she dressed in business suits and looked professional.

And Impostor? She shops at second hand stores and it shows, now I’m not bashing that fact either because I shop there too but I look for stuff that’s nice, almost new or even new.  Hell I found one of my Calvin Klein dresses there.  But Impostor wears faded “colored jeans” which supposedly we’re not supposed to wear during the week.  She has clothes that you can see the fuzz balls attached, they are faded, dirty or so thin because it’s that used you can see skin, yes skin! She has a pair of boots that’s about to fall apart, their torn and have pieces of leather just hanging there.  She dresses like shit, plain and simple and so does Fake Supervisor, but what the hell can I do?  I’m now afraid that my VP is bashing me behind my back, I can’t trust her anymore and she was so cool the first six months when I started. 

Now? It’s all the backstabbing and hypocrisy that is making me dread coming to work.  Impostor use to talk to me but she stopped and I can’t tell you why because I came back from moving into my new house to find her that way.  So, I deduce that my stupid bipolar boss said something she shouldn’t have because that’s the only thing I can think of.  Or maybe, Impostor is kissing Fake Supervisor’s ass because I found out she’s getting a $15K raise and does next to NOTHING to deserve it.  Okay I know how that sounds but its true, Impostor #2 and I actually DO work.  I’m helping out two other departments, taking on three different roles.  I hardly have any time to just sit and talk or bullshit with anyone because I’m doing something for the other two people I was asked to help.  Impostor #2 is getting to learn the ropes of being an EA to her VP and working with everyone under her boos.  And Impostor? She spends her time in Fake Supervisor’s office for hours at a time, she watches YouTube videos for hours on end.  She takes personal phone calls (for more than 45 mins at a time) from her mom, sister and ungrateful daughter.  How do I know she has an ungrateful daughter? 

Because SHE FUCKING YELLS IT OUT LOUD AND WE CAN ALL HEAR HER!!  It’s embarrassing, not to mention unprofessional.  She takes off with Fake Supervisor for two to three hour lunches, while everyone else is told to keep it to an hour or hour and a half.  So I suppose it pays to kiss Fake Supervisor’s BIG FAT ASS if she’s gotten a raise out it.  And not a small one either, in the meantime I’m here doing my job (and other peoples jobs as well) and I’m wondering if my VP even thought of putting me in for a raise?  I’m not holding my breath that’s for damned sure and I wanted so much for my VP to mentor me as she said she was going to do.  But I’m not sure I want her as a mentor if she flip-flops on who she thinks is worthy of the bashing she does.  I use to love my job and my VP, but now not so much, because she told me that I needed to be nice to people under her.  In the beginning she told President Cutie Pie I took real good care of her, and that I was her first line of defense for her with everyone that reports to her.  Now, I’m at a complete loss as the change in her attitude, because we worked very well together.  But being told to be nice to Fake Buzz McCallister and Fake Bob Pinciotti is pushing beyond the limits of even what I can take.  Shouldn’t this be reciprocal? And shouldn’t she talk to these assholes and tell them to be nice too?

I came back from my time off and found Impostor stopped talking to me, the change was palpable, not to mention disturbing and when I approached my VP about it, her response?  “Well, what did YOU DO to make her change her attitude towards you?” I sat there biting my tongue almost drawing blood thinking to myself, you skinny, bipolar, fucking bitch, are you serious right now?  Yes I was really thinking that, and it was EXTREMELY hard not to forge ahead with my response of “Why would you assume it was something I did?”  I sat there in her office, me screaming inside, keeping it together instead of lunging at her and snapping her neck like a goddamned chicken bone, and pulling every single annoying curl out of the top of her flip-flopping, bipolar, trash-bashing little head!   But keep it together I did, and managed to keep my facial expressions as normal as possible.  I thanked her boney ass and got up and left her office.  That afternoon I thought to myself I should stop and talk to Impostor, as she passes by my office all damned day long to go and sit and talk to Fake Supervisor.  She also has to pass by my office when she has to use the ladies room because it’s on the other end of the hall.  So I tried to stop her and asked if she had a minute to talk, so that I could address whatever seems to be going on.  I said “Hey Impostor do you have a minute?” and she said “Um…no” and walked off towards her office. 

I was furious and I’m definitely thinking my stupid bird brained boss might have said something to her, either something I never actually said or if I did she must have said it out of context.  Either way the office is now one huge emotional tropical storm.  Impostor is avoiding me, my boss is being a fucking bipolar, hypocritical, gossiping bitch from hell  Now my VP and Fake Supervisor are BFF’s all of a sudden and Impostor #2 and I are on the outside looking in. 

I HATE this kind of work environment but, I left that when I left my previous department behind, or so I thought.  I never in my wildest dreams believe that the best job I’ve ever had was a short term situation and that office politics would play into how I work in my job now.  It was as I suspected, too good to be true and a boss whom I thought was a total badass turned out to be a wishy-washy, ass kissing bitch.  So, I do what I’m told, help who I need to and come to work and don’t engage with anyone one other than Impostor #2, and even then we don’t allow anyone to know we’re talking to each other.  I hate ass-kissing in any form, and I’ve never engaged in it because it’s still hypocritical and that isn’t something I tolerate well. We get told to do something and that these are the rules, then Fake Supervisor and Impostor do the exact opposite.  I’m too old to be going through this shit, and it pisses me of to no end that I have to endure it, especially since I just bought my house.

Did I mention that both of my so-called bosses will be on vacation for the next two weeks? Now, that’s what I call a vacation for emotional and mental health, on my part not theirs. I could hope that one gets stranded in Iceland for the couple of months and the other sinks the boat she’ll be on in New Orleans. Yes, yes I know that’s mean but, don’t y’all know me by now?


My son closed on his house on Tuesday of last week, and he got the keys the next afternoon.  He’s taken vacation time in order to move his stuff out of the rental house to his.  Believe it or not, I still haven’t finished moving, the garage is almost cleaned out (mostly crap that my son has) and I only have the bottom of my closet, the closet in the spare bedroom and the closet in the foyer.  Oh and what’s in the storage shed in the back yard.  I’m so very proud of him and that he took my advice and bought a house when he had the chance and the means to do so. 

My Baby Got Into the Fire Academy!!!

My youngest finally finished all the classes he needed to and got into the fire academy.  Which is a fast track into the Fire Department, my baby is going to be a FIREFIGHTER Y’ALL!!!

My Middle Son Started College….FINALLY!

My middle son picked up where he left off back in 2007, when he graduated and began his freshman year that summer.  He didn’t do well and actually flunked out after his first semester, the one child that school came easy for, the one that didn’t struggle with any subject flunked out in his first semester with four F’s and one A.  Fourteen years later he started school again, this time online and at Purdue, but I have no doubt that he’s more motivated now than he was then. 

Plain Evil, Bad Tenant Or AM I?

I’ve been trying to get the hell out of the rental house for about three weeks now, but my new house isn’t near the old house.  It’s actually 19 miles away from where I use to live and the drive is about 20 mins.  So after the movers moved the big stuff (furniture and washer/dryer) I still have boxes of crap to move.  Not to mention my clothes, shoes and everything else (lawnmowers, Christmas tree, gardening tools, boxes of shit I’d decided to save for some odd reason.)  Anyway the property management company sent me a checklist of what I was “supposed” to do when I moved out, which includes professionally cleaning the 39 year old, falling apart (literally) at the seams carpet, washing the walls, cleaning the window sills, washing the windows can cleaning the front and back yards.  Now, I’m thinking that they are REALLY asking a lot, I’m not a pig and the house isn’t in bad condition other than it being dusty.  After we moved the bedrooms there were dust bunnies the size of my actual cat under there.  But, after I got the email from the property management company I thought to myself…..HELL TO THE MOTHERFUCKING NO!!! I thought, I’m going to extend the same curtesy that they and the landlord extend to me while I was living there.

After 14 ½ years of being a very good and patient tenant, and enduring the tight-fisted, money grubbing, penny pinching, nickel shitting bitch that is that Filipina landlord.  I decided I wasn’t going to comply with the “move out checklist.”  I certainly wasn’t going to pay up to $100 dollars for having a carpet, that I tried to have cleaned in years past but the three of the companies I asked for a quote said that they wouldn’t attempt to clean it in fear it would fall apart.  The other said they would but I had to sign a waiver that if the carpet was damaged I wouldn’t hold them responsible.  I couldn’t do that, it wasn’t my fucking house, I forwarded those to the property management company.  I’ve transferred the utilities to my new house, so the rental doesn’t have any electricity, water or gas.  And I’m thinking to myself, after everything I went through and NOT ONCE faltering on the rent, NOT ONCE! 

I decided I’m not going to bother cleaning the house or the yards.  So does this make me a bad person?  I don’t think so, and here’s why.  Back in 2009 El Paso had a hell of an ice storm, yes you heard that right we had a cold front that resulted in three weeks of the worst weather imaginable, well for El Paso anyway.  It rained constantly in the middle of November, and then it snowed, then a week after the temps fell to below -19 degrees, the constant snow turned to ice.  After the hail storm the rental house roof began to leak, to which I reported to the property management company.  Who in turned told the cheap-ass Filipina bitch, and a couple of days later the insurance adjuster arrived.  Then everything went back to normal until the next spring when the rains came again and the roof began to leak.  I know the bitch got a check from the insurance company to replace the roof, but she didn’t.  Instead when I complained to the property management company, the contacted her and then she, her fucking sister and her sister’s husband showed up to fix it themselves.  Did it work? Of course it fucking didn’t, the roof began to leak in other places, after that as well. It had first started in the dining area and soon the house was leaking in the hallway, the hall bathroom, dining area and garage.

The roof was finally replaced in 2014, five fucking years later and only, I suspect, after the property management company pressured her to do so. Then there was the great water heater disaster of 2011.  I woke up to get ready for work and found that when I walked into the hallway the carpet was “squishy.”  And not to mention wet, and that’s when I realized the water heater had busted.  Again I called the property management company, who called the landlord, who in turned sent her cheap ass Filipino plumber.  He changed out the water heater with a used water heater.  Which was all fine and good….until that one broke four months later and again I called the property management company, who finally sent an actual plumber from a plumbing company.  He bought a brand new water heater and installed it.  After that it was one fucking pain in the ass after another, and finally last November when she decided to paint the house while I was on vacation during the holidays and my mom fell over the fucking ladders she left RIGHT BY THE BACK DOOR, I had had enough. That’s when I decided come hell or high water I needed to get the fuck out her house and into my own!

So, after 14 ½ year of paying rent on time (even when I didn’t have a job) and not getting the appropriate maintenance in return, I figured that not cleaning the carpet (which would fall apart mind you) the windows (which are falling out of their panes) or the entire house (which is just dust really) and yards (due to the recent rains they look like jungles) isn’t such a bad thing.  They can keep the fucking deposit and pay someone to do all that shit for the next tenant, I’m officially done with that property.  Now, the house itself has been a great little home for me and my boys and I will always remember the good and bad times we had there.  But, I have my own house now, and I need to concentrate on making it my HOME. 

So until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

14 thoughts on “It’s Just A Job and Other Happenings In the Huntress’ World This Week

  1. I don’t blame you a bit for not sprucing up the old place when you leave. If the landlord didn’t care, why should you? Deposit well spent I say. As for the office bullshit, has there ever been an office without nasty politics? If it’s populated by humans… I doubt it. My husband won’t kiss ass either and went through a hard time because of it. He was on the verge of leaving when they switched head honchos. Now it’s smooth sailing. Or as smooth as gov’t work ever is. Keep your business to yourself, forget making friends since they aren’t worth it and relish in the fact you can rant about them freely here.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Absolutely, I remember I started this blog at the recommendation of my therapist to rant about Lestat and all of his bullshit. It’s turned from that to everyday rants and bullshit from work, so RANT I WILL…lol.

      I actually felt a tiny bit guilty when I got the checklist and that I had to “clean” the house. But I had a dream the other night and I’m not sure who it was in some sort of mist that said “So, what’s going to happen if you don’t do what’s on the list? Your deposit is just money paid to cut the ties to that rental and the landlord.”

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I would have totally called her on that – “Why do you think it’s something I did?” Sucks that you’re in such a work environment. Try not to grind your teeth down while gritting them.

    Well, the boys are making progress, and that’s great news. No wonder you’re proud of them.

    Totally agree with Rivergirl on how you leave the house, and your rationale. Screw that. He’s someone else’s problem now. You are free of him. Move on to your own place and put your energy there.

    Too bad that our lives are so often tied up in our work, isn’t it? Man, your descriptions of Imposter’s clothing put my teeth on edge. Jesus wept. Here’s hoping that work will improve once Imposter and your VP return from their vacation. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Believe me I really wanted to, but I didn’t because if I had, it might have gone totally in the wrong direction. But, I’m good right now since Fake Supervisor and my VP are both on vacation.

      As for my landlord, I’m sooooo fucking done with her and her cheap ass ways. I loved your comment on Impostors clothes…”Jesus wept”….🤣😝

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Huntress,
    Kudos to you for keeping it professional at work despite having to deal with awful humans. UGH!!!! River has great advice! So glad you’re about to be done with your old landlord. I think letting go of the deposit sounds like money well spent so you don’t have to deal with unreasonable people. I’m excited for your sons! I’m proud of all of you! Life can be so damned hard! Sending you all the good I can to help combat all the bad! Hang in there! Also know, those bitches will eventually get theirs because Karma. And Karma is the biggest, baddest bitch of all! Now go do something nice for yourself! You more than deserve it! Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mona, I appreciate the great advice, all of the advice I receive here. You and River are always good at making me see things in a different way. Thank you as well for the good vibes in a bad situation, it can get a bit hard to deal with at times. But, I’m good and I will definitely do something for myself! Thank you my friend, love and hugs right back at ya!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m sure the work shit will all blow over at some point, and you’ll understand it all better in hindsight. It’s probably NOT about you.

    All of your boys are out there kicking ass and taking names–good job raising them, mama!!

    I’ve always opted to pay to have the properties I’ve rented cleaned to my landlords’ standards after I moved out. Most offered approved vendor lists with predetermined rates. It’s the best use of my time in the end, and I’ve always received my entire deposit back after paying for pros to deal with the cleaning. Assuming your deposit wasn’t much in terms of today’s dollar, letting it go is probably what I’d do too. Not worth the effort to fight over pennies when you can just make a clean break and start fresh in your own home.

    Your memes were AWESOME this time around! My fave: “There’s no better vacation than my boss being on vacation.” LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Heather! Ugh, we’re finally done moving and out of the rental. I’m not worried anymore about the rental, my deposit or what the landlord or management company think. I’m done, oh….btw I got my Avon “swag”…. I just haven’t had a chance to thank you, I’m still not done unpacking. But thank you so much, I love ALL OF IT!

      Liked by 1 person

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