The Weirdest Thing Happened While I Wasn’t Looking

Why Are High School Friends Suddenly Coming Out of The Woodwork?

As a matter of fact weird things do happen to me, but it takes me a while to notice them.  Since my last post, I’ve still been looking for a house, and that hasn’t been the experience I thought it would turn out to be, but I digress.  In the meantime, during my working and going home to sleep, I’ve not done much but exactly that.  We had our last COVID clinic this past week and I worked until well past 9pm every night.  So needless to say I’m fucking exhausted, and sleep seems to be the only thing I long for at the moment.   Oh…and alcohol, I’m desperately longing for alcohol because since last month I’ve been off the “good stuff” because, even though I’m not one to drink on a daily basis or binge drink on the weekends.  I did enjoy the occasional glass of wine or cocktail.  But, I was told by my doctor to stay off the alcohol for a month, because he wanted to see how I reacted without it.  I work out daily, run, yoga, punching the occasional coworker, you know normal stuff. 

And I’d been hitting a few setbacks, such as in my diet and trying to stay healthy and he wanted me to lay off the booze (sounds so ghetto) for a month until my next visit to see how I’d done.  More on that later, anyway as I mentioned weird things happen and sometimes I don’t catch them right away.  So, I haven’t kept in touch with the people I went to high school with, and why would I?  For the most part they were mean, bullying, self-absorbed jerks.  Not all of them, but most of the people I knew were considered jocks or pretty girls and I was neither.  I played high school basketball, softball and ran track but I wasn’t a star at it, much to the dismay of my overly “jockish” father.  Who excelled in sports while in high school, and that made for some pretty disappointing conversations.  But, as I’ve mention before I got married and left when I was sixteen and went to finish high school where me and my husband lived.  So fast forward thirty some-odd years, and here you find me, not having spoken to anyone from high school in decades, not years but DECADES. 

A couple of weeks ago I was at my bank, yes I still go to the bank physically because I don’t trust computers to take care of my money.  Anyway, I had to go order some more personal checks, and while standing in line, a stranger approached me.  He was wearing a naval uniform, or those camouflage jumper looking things.  As I made my way down the line, I got to the customer service counter, made my request and turned to leave.  Now this stranger was like four people in front of me, all the while he kept turning back over and over.  I thought he was looking past me, but apparently he wasn’t because I as I turned to leave, walking towards the exit, he stopped, took his hat/cap/head thingy off and said “Excuse me ma’am, don’t I know you from somewhere?”

I looked at him and rolled my eyes, and thought to myself, sure buddy I’m sure you think you do.  Now, I’m not saying this in an “I’m so hot, I think I’m all that” kind of way.  I was thinking he was mistaken and then I said “No, I don’t think so sir” smiled and kept walking.  He walked up to me really fast and then as I approached the door, he opened it for me and then said “Huntress? It is you!” and I was what the fuck just happened here?

One of many reasons I don’t have Facebook or any social media whatsoever

So he was another friend from high school whom I hadn’t heard from since I’d left and gotten married.  He was in most of my classes my freshman year.  We both sucked at math and we helped each other out in class, he’d fall asleep and I’d cover for him.  Then, his much older girlfriend threatened to kick my ass during lunch one day because of our “friendship.”  She was a junior and was very jealous, possessive and psycho because she believed every girl in high school wanted to steal Joe from her.  Which wasn’t true, okay maybe a little true but definitely not me.  Joe was another jock, he excelled at everything, sports, academics (except for math) and even being an all-out nice guy.  And it made him all the more attractive because he was good looking to boot.  So this was Joe, from high school, he’s a career navy man and was in town for his parents wedding anniversary.

We talked for a long time out in the lobby of the bank that afternoon.  He got around to asking me if I was still married and I explained I wasn’t and why.  Then I asked him if he married Sonia his jealous overbearing high school girlfriend.  He said he did and they have four kids together, I laughed and said “Oh you have four kids, that’s nice, and my condolences for being married to Sonia.”  He knew why I had said that.  He laughed too and then he asked for my number and I was like, what the fuck? I asked him why he wanted my cell number for if he was married and assuming that his crazy ass, psycho wife wouldn’t like it if he took another woman’s number.  He said “I’m also getting a divorce” and said he’d been stationed in Pensacola and she’d stayed in Nevada.  I was like………………NOPE, not doing it.  I’ve been there done that shit before with Lestat.  They tell you they’re getting a divorce, they charm you and win you over and then right when they have you where they want you………….BAMM!!!!  They kick you right in the ovaries and tell you they are getting back together with their wives.

I hear ya bro

As much as I’d have liked to talk to Joe outside of the bank, I’m not falling for that shit again thank you very much. Then the following week I got an email from a girl/woman I went to high school with, she works here too and she was two years ahead of me in high school.   But I was in the same grade as her brother and she said she recognized me from one of the building walk trough’s I had done with my boss.   It was a pleasant surprise, and we chatted throughout emails here at work.  Then she said her brother asked if she could ask me for my phone number, if I didn’t have a jealous boyfriend or husband.  I found that extremely odd, first Joe and now Jessy?  Or should I say Jessy’s sister, and how would I respond to this?  Then I thought, the same way I responded to Joe’s request.  I asked her if Jessy was married and she told me he was, and I said that I didn’t feel comfortable giving him my phone number if he was married.  She said she understood and we left it at that.

Under Contract

After a tedious house search in the area of the city I “wanted” to live in, I took my realtors advice and looked outside the boundaries of where I am currently living and comfort zone too.   I found that there were many houses in the Northeast of El Paso that not only were in my price range, but they were as big and spacious as I was looking for when I began my search.  This was something I couldn’t find on the eastside of town and not to mention, they were tiny little houses with big ass price tags!  I have no connection to the Northeast, but I found that a plus, so after looking at three potential properties, I found my house.  I have a contract on a 1600 sq. foot home on the far Northeast side of town that borders Fort Bliss.  It needs some TLC, but I felt that as soon as I walked into the home, this was my house.  Its four bedrooms, two baths and it needs a bit of fixing up but it’s mostly cosmetic like paint, mini-blinds and a good cleaning. 

This is from my original realtors Instagram page, which was sent to me by a friend of mine who recommended her.

AND my realtor and the selling agent are trying to get the owner to replace the roof as well.  Not that it needs it, but my realtor said he’d try so I can have a refrigerated air/heater combo put in and not worry about the roof.   I’ve given my earnest and option money, and they are ordering the appraisal and termite inspection for this coming week.  The neighborhood is mostly military retirees, so I know it’s quiet and won’t have to worry about late night parties and such, having to yell at kids to get off my lawn and shit.  Yes, yes I would because I’m going to be that crazy cat lady at the corner house yelling at kids, if there are any kids.  Like I said, it’s mostly retirees so I’m thinking everyone’s kids are grown.  Did I mention that I found out that I actually know the owner of the house?  When I worked at a printer/paper supplier he was one of the city sales customers and when I was pregnant with my youngest he’d bring me ice cream and Mexican sweet bread.  I don’t think I’ll ever even get to talk to the guy during this entire home buying process anyway, to be continued.

So until next time……this is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

20 thoughts on “The Weirdest Thing Happened While I Wasn’t Looking

  1. Now this is what I call good news! Congrats on the house…. so glad you found something you like in this crazy market. But hey…. two interested men at the same time? Hubba hubba … you must be doing something right.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah well, they are both married, one “technically” and the other, solid married. As for my house, I’m on pins and needles with this home buying process. I mean, I’ve never been good at the waiting game so lets home this is over soon and I can move in already.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lmao, well to be honest I have a story about another “person of interest” who is not only ex-military but…..A MARINE!!! Which are not really ex-military because as you know, once a Marine always a Marine….Hoorah! lol
        But that story is going to have to wait for a bit, because I’m so busy with my house purchase and all. So be patient, I’ll get a round to it, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. YAY on the house! Fingers crossed this one comes through!

    And you’ve pretty much summed up why I never got on social media to begin with with all those memes! There isn’t anyone from my school years I care to ever have contact with again…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I get it completely. I’ve run into a few people from the old days, and even once went to lunch with someone I sort of knew from college because we were working at the same place, and while we had some nice conversations I never thought to ask for their phone number and would have been extremely uncomfortable if they asked for mine. If we lost touch all those years ago there’s probably a good reason even if I can’t remember what it was.
    Anyway congratulations on the new house, and that’s really the important thing here. I understand you not sharing more personal information because I’m the sort of person who might come by your house just to stick cardboard cutouts of kids in the grass out front so you’d have something to yell at to get off your lawn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😝 Christopher, if you traveled all the way to El Paso from Nashville, I’d let you put cardboard cutouts of kids on my lawn. Just so it would be worth the trip, you know as a blogger friend who doesn’t really have any personal information to share….🤣😂😜😆.

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  4. The people I went to high school with are people I never associated with in the first place, and the last time I had contact with one of the guys, he started DMing me like crazy, which Ken and I both found hilarious. I’m glad the house thing finally worked out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, was the dude just being intentionally funny or unintentionally? Either way, I’m sure you and Ken got a kick out of it. Well, m under contract and as skeptical as I am, I’m hoping it will come through. Because I don’t think I can go through this again. It was hard enough to find something I liked and happy with, so keep your fingers crossed.

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  5. Huntress,
    High school, huh? *shudder* All I can say is that it’s spring and…well, it’s mating season for all the horn dogs out there! You are so wise not to fall for stupid married guys. Lestat taught you well. As to your house? AWESOME!!!! Break a lightbulb… or whatever one breaks for good luck when buying a home. You’ve worked your ass off and put up with so much. You deserve a very cool place you can call your own. One where you don’t have to put up with BS landlords! Can’t wait to hear more! Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao….thank you Mona! I’ve never heard of breaking a lightbulb or, whatever one breaks when you buy a house! I’ll break someone else’s leg, how’s that?? 😆😝
      Anyway, yeah, I’m too old to go through that married guys shit again, I’m so over that crap. Thanks for pointing out that it’s Spring, and those seasonal horn dogs are roaming around…lmao. Stay cool sista!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh boy! You’re on your way!! I am so excited for you!! I can’t wait to hear more and see photos of inside the place when it IS YOURS! Woo hoo!!!

    Good to hear that you’re not falling for that married but getting a divorce crap anymore! Yay YOU!!

    Visualize me clapping my hands for you like a lunatic! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So, somehow your comments were going into my spam folder. Geez, what’s wrong with WP!?! Anyway, thank you my friend I can’t wait. Well actually, I am waiting. This entire process is nail biting, pain in the ass 🙄.
      Especially in this housing market.

      Liked by 1 person

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