Out Of My Comfort Zone……I Think.

My boss has been telling me to get out of my comfort zone for a while now and although she’s a good cookie and means well, I hadn’t thought of what I could do to get out of that comfort zone she says I have.   So, what did she do? She bought a paranormal tour of one of the oldest cemeteries in Texas, a PARANORMAL TOUR people! I thought to myself, what the fuck and why would she think this is the kind of thing I’d like to do to get out of my comfort zone? In any case, she had family visit from out of town last month and she planned an entire weekend around touring Old El Paso and the surrounding areas to learn more about the historic places and such.  She took a paranormal tour of Concordia Cemetery during this time and loved it.  She said the history alone was worth the two hour tour and three mile walk around the cemetery.

She loved it so much, she came into my office with the tickets and said “I paid for this paranormal tour of Concordia for you and ten people.  I had to pay for ten because that’s the least amount of people and it includes security for the tour.  They close off the cemetery for the tour so it’s you and nine other people, have fun!”  The thing is, she did her tour during the day and the one she gave me tickets for was for a night tour of this place that is said to be somewhat haunted.  Even the guys from Ghost Adventures were made to shudder while visiting this place.  This cemetery is in the heart of El Paso, where U.S 54 and I-10 intersect, the cemetery lies right underneath the overpasses that cross each other.  The tour was going to start at 8:30pm just as the sun was to set.  I seriously thought that my boss was testing me as I’ve watched ghost type reality shows but I’ve never expressed the desire to actually go and do this myself.

I had no trouble convincing Imposter to go, she had her twin sister, cousin, her sister’s bff and her daughter join.  My oldest planned to go with me but was called into work that afternoon and he had to work from 3-11pm that day.  My friend Virginia was supposed to go too but, she said it was her son’s birthday and she couldn’t make it.  So out of the ten tickets we had, seven people showed up to the paranormal tour of this very old and historic cemetery.   I was having second thoughts that day because I was still tired from the COVID vaccine clinics we had a week and a half before.  I feel as though I can’t get enough sleep, I need to let my doctor know because I’ve never felt like this. 

In any case, Friday night rolled around and I met the group on the side gates of the cemetery, the lady from Ghosts915 paranormal tours met us there to go over some rules and advice that we should adhere to since she’s experienced actual paranormal activity at the cemetery and other places around El Paso.  I was skeptical that I’d see or hear anything that night but Impostor was elated to say the least.  She loves this stuff, as does my son but mostly I watch from the sidelines interested in the fact that this stuff actually happens sometimes. 

As we walked the cemetery in the dusk of a windy Friday night, the mood got a bit more surreal and the group began experiencing some weird occurrences.  The paranormal guides encouraged us to take pictures with our cell phones, but not to take anything we saw on the ground, headstones or the fence that surrounds this 165 year old patch of hallowed ground.  They introduced us to a variety of paranormal equipment that they use on a regular basis on different tours.  Peter one of the guides handed me what’s called a paranormal puck, it’s a device that works by picking up temperature and/or humidity.  And the lights go off on it if the temperature around it goes cold.  Let’s just say the entire time I held the damned thing, it kept going off.  But that’s probably because my heart is a cold, cold place and my soul is dark as pitch.  No? Not buying it? Oh well you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Impostor also was handed another version of the paranormal puck as well, we were told by all three of the guides not to stand next to each other (Impostor and I) to avoid any misreading of the pucks.  Hmmm, I was skeptical of this because then the pucks might give off false readings?  Okay I went with it, still having doubts about all of this.  So our tour began, and the history of this place is just amazing, the first African-American business woman in El Paso, her name is Ms. Flo, ran two restaurants and owned the biggest department store downtown for a time.  She fell in love with a white man and they couldn’t live or work together, they didn’t have children but they considered themselves married.  When he died he left her $15K and his family found out and sued her to get all of the money he’d left her.   A local judge sided with her and said not only did she deserve the $15K, but he gave her another $5K to boot, you go Lady Flo!!! Here is a picture of her grave marker.

Ms. Flo’s Grave

She’s buried next to the section where the Buffalo Soldiers were said to be buried, and during our walk through, we were encouraged to take pictures as I mentioned before.  I took a lot of pictures but I didn’t review them until Saturday morning.  This is one I took right at the foot of the plot where the Buffalo Soldiers were said to be interred.

Light anomaly or wtf?

Whatever that is or who that is I have no idea, all I know is that when I saw this through my phone as I was taking the picture, there was nothing there.  Then I see these misty question mark shapes right at the marker of the burial plot.  This might very well be residual light or some kind of electronic anomaly.  But, I can’t explain it, so I thought I’d share. This is also a place in the cemetery that, even though the wind was at about 15 to 20 MPH, it was perfectly still. It wasn’t until we moved to another part of the cemetery that I told Impostor and we both were at a loss. Why was the wind perfectly still at this certain place, and blowing normal when we moved?

Then as we made our way to the part of the cemetery where the rich and wealthy were buried at, I took another picture of the headstones in the distance.  Again, this could be the shadow of a headstone or whatever, but it looks to me to be a head and shoulders looking back at the group.

Shadow of a Headstone or creepy shadow head and shoulders?

Right before we began, one of the security guards was running towards the far west side gate to close and lock it.  I happen to take a picture of him when he was running towards the gate, and you can see his legs very clearly and the glow of his flashlight.  But, there is a black mass covering him from the waist up, ghost glob or just a shadow? Who knows?

The guard running to go lock the west side gate.

I would randomly scan the cemetery and click my phone and I caught this next picture, it definitely looks like the outline of someone standing behind that very skinny tree. 

To me it looks like he’s dressed in a long cowboy overcoat with a hat on his head.  This one I can definitely say that I’m sure there was nothing there when I pointed my phone in that direction.  You can even see the glow of the star on the Franklin Mountains in the background. 

The reason I saw it “looks” like a cowboy is that John Wesley Harden is buried here, and people have said that he roams the cemetery, so who knows? A lot of the graves had solar powered lights, don’t ask me why, but directly to the right of the picture you can see one of them at the foot of the headstone.  Now it was really dark so I had my phone on night mode to be able to see where I was pointing to clearly.  That’s why some of the pictures look like they were taken in the day.  But they weren’t, so I’ll let you be the judge of what’s on those pictures I took.

Yes, this was definitely out of my comfort zone because I would have never thought of doing this on my own. But it was worth it because most of the times I spend Friday nights at home, drinking Kahlua out of the bottle watching Ghost Adventures anyway. So this was a real life ghost adventure for me, thanks to my boss.

This is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

16 thoughts on “Out Of My Comfort Zone……I Think.

  1. I love a good ghost story, but I have to admit that last pic looks like a black cut out of a man. And a cowboy… right near John Wesley Hardin’s grave? That seems a little too convenient. The fact that they encourage you to take cell phone photos makes me wonder if it’s rigged somehow to encourage future visits. Yes…. I’m a skeptic. (until it happens to me as you already know. 😉)

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    1. Well that shadow wasn’t near JWH’s grave it was on the opposite end of the cemetery. So I’m not going to say it is or it isn’t. I just know when I took that picture there was nothing there, I was aiming for the big star on the mountain. And yes, I’m skeptical too so it takes a lot for me to be convinced.

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    1. Not all of them are like that, the ones on the far west and east side of town are beautiful, green lush cemeteries. This one is definitely all dirt, and yet I don’t know why? There’s a Jewish cemetery right in front of Concordia and that place is green all over, go figure?

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  2. I don’t know what was there or not there, but I would point out that your phone is doing a lot of automated post-processing on those images between what the camera saw and what shows up on the screen. I don’t know if it can do weird things in low-light conditions.

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  3. What a cool (and unique) gift from your boss!! I particularly appreciate that because she found it so fascinating, she wanted you to experience it too–it’s such a wonderful compliment to know that your boss wants to share awesome experiences with you, even if you both attend them independently!

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  4. It sounds like you had fun and your boss did a great thing. You’ve got some great pictures there and as always there’s this thing you can see – but kinda can’t too. Makes you think.

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    1. I wish you could have been here to my friend, you would have had a blast!
      I had fun, unexpectedly because I didn’t know what the outcome would be. But, needless to say I would do it again for sure 👻👻.

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  5. This sounds like an amazing way to get out of your comfort zone, although it sounds more like it was you leaning into your comfort zone. It really must have been a lot of fun and I love the fact that you saw a shadowy figure around John Wesley Hardin’s grave. You might remember there was a commercial for a Time/Life series of books about the Old West and they always mentioned Hardin shot a guy “for snorin’ too loud!” If he was that easily disturbed in life it’s not surprising he’d have an unquiet grave. That also reminds me of a joke I heard about Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris, which some people were considering moving because there were always fans creating a disturbance. Morrison’s such a rock legend he’s making too much noise for the other dead people.

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    1. 😝🤣……..I’m sure Jim Morrison does disturb the peace in death like he did in life. JWH grave is actually surrounded by a small rock wall with wrought iron fencing. Which is actually more like a cage because the caretakers would find women’s undergarments (and men’s) on his tombstone on a weekly basis. Not that the cage stopped that from happening, there are still undergarments found that have been thrown through the fence/cage bars. Not to mention playing cards, mostly the King of a clubs and Hearts, and the Ace. As well as lots and lots of quarters and pennies. It was more fun than I anticipated, and I’m glad I Did it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Seriously? Your boss kept HER bonus!? What a creep your boss is! My boss is THE best boss I’ve ever had, she is super awesome and I’ve very grateful for her and my job.


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