I’m a Rebel Just For the Fuck Of It

The last two weeks our institution has had COVID vaccine clinics for the remaining students, staff and faculty members that were on the third tier of the vaccination list.  I worked an entire week until 9:30pm every night, to say the least I was dragging by Friday night.  And somehow I got wrangled into being the bilingual translator for President Cutie Pie and the Spanish speaking patients that were coming in for the vaccine.  He kept me there by his side (I’m not complaining about being at his side, he is called President Cutie Pie for a reason you know) the entire five days we had this event going on.  Then when he didn’t have patients he’d ask me how something was said in Spanish.  It was kind of fun watching an older white guy trying to learn how to speak Spanish.    I was very much looking forward to a much needed weekend of rest, peace and quiet.  Did that happen? Of course it fucking didn’t, why you ask?  Hmmm, let me see, where do I start?

Rental House Nightmare Continues

The property management company that is “suppose to” do all the maintenance on the house….hasn’t.  They’ve deferred to the owner/landlord to do whatever repairs that house needed because the cheap ass bitch doesn’t want to pay for anything she can do herself.  And I mean it when she does shit herself, so when the contractor that came last week to turn off the heater and turn on the AC told he wasn’t going to be able to turn it on because the electrical was shot, I was to say the least a bit pissed off.  He also told me that he’d told the property management company the last three years that the AC unit needed to be replaced because it’s apparently rotted on the bottom. 

So, he said he took pictures of the unit, sent them to the property management company and they in turn sent them to the landlord.  I knew that this wasn’t going to get resolved until the cheap ass Filipina bitch could come and see it herself and try to fix it herself or hire someone from her idiot Filipino circle to do it for her on the cheap.  That’s exactly what happened, well it was supposed to happen on Saturday.  She said one of her own contractors was going to stop by the house to take a look at the AC until.  But no one did, so this morning the property management company emailed me to ask if the owner had gone by and I told them no one had. 

I’m so fucking tired of this shit, but I’m still trying to get all my ducks in a row so I can purchase my own house.  Until then, I have to deal with this stupid bitch and her corner cutting, cheap ass, duct tape and staple fix it ways. 

On The Verge of Parricide

On Saturday, my mother fell…..again, this make four times since January.  And I realize that she’s old, getting frail and her memory is fading.  But, my mother has a narcissistic personality and thinks that the ENTIRE world should revolve around her, she make it impossible to try and help her.  Okay, I try and stay away from her because I’d smother her with a goddamned pillow if she so much as pissed me off.  Which she’s actually done on multiple occasions since this year started.  She’s supposed to use a walked because she trips over ants on tile, you think I’m kidding but the woman trips over herself it’s ridiculous.  Now, I know I sound like a complete and total bitch, but one has to have walked a mile in my stilettos to know what it’s like to deal with a mother such as mine.  So, on Saturday night my brother calls me to tell me my mom fell….again, and that she refused for him to pick her up.  He said that she crawled to the living room so she could pick herself up onto the couch and sit down. 

I’m getting angrier because I know she’s a bitch like that, she refuses help only to complain to doctors, emergency responders and anyone else that goes to help her.  My brother told me he was going to pick her up, and she kept yelling at him that she didn’t want him to.  So after our phone call she calls me to tell me what my brother already had.  Then she proceeds to tell me that “your brother just left me there and I had to crawl to the couch so I could sit myself up.”  Now, mind you I had already gotten the low down from my brother, so when she told me she was looking for sympathy and like always telling me her side to a story that I knew wasn’t true. 

I told her that my brother had already called me to tell me and that she refused his help, she stayed quiet.  I also got on her case because she wasn’t using her walker, and according to her, she fell because she slipped on the floor.  When my brother had already told me she was wearing her slippers with the rubber grip on the bottom.  He said he believed she tripped over a towel he found on the floor.  I asked her about it and she told me there was no towel on the floor.  My brother had sent me a picture, and there was CLEARLY A FUCKING TOWEL ON THE FLOOR!!!     I confronted her about it and she kept telling me, yelling at me that there was not towel on the floor.  Then I suppose my brother heard her yelling and he came to the living room where she was calling me from.  I heard him say “what’s that right there? It’s a fucking towel mom!”  He took her phone from her and told me he had shown her the picture he’d taken right after she fell.  And even the she still fucking denied it, which means that she’s losing her mind or she’s lying.  And I can’t tell either way because she’s lied her entire life that I don’t know when she’s being honest about anything.  She asked me if I was going to go over and check on her, I told her I was not, that my brother was there and anything she needed to let him know.  She began telling me how ungrateful and uncaring daughter I was.  I told her “Okay mom, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye” and hung up on her.  Then one of my aunts called me to yell at me that how could I just leave my mom there not even (and I quote) “giving a good goddamned if she lived or died.” 

I let her finish and then I said to her that she didn’t live with her sister and didn’t know all the petty bullshit she’s put me and my brother through.  And that if she was willing to quit her job to take care of my mom full time to go right ahead.  I also added that I’d give her a month before she quit because my mom would take advantage of her and want to control her about how she should be taken care of.  Then I hung up on her too.  Then my cousin called, she told me my aunt called all of my aunts and complained how I’m such a bad daughter.  I told her I don’t care what my aunts though of me, then she told me one of them said I’m just a fucking rebel without a care.  Can you believe that shit?

I LOVE how people assume I’m the worst daughter in the world because they only know what my idiot, inconsiderate, self-centered, self-absorbed, narcissistic mother tells them.  They have no idea what I or my brother have been through with her.  And my dad only adds to the frustration by siding with her, but that’s because I think he’s afraid of her dumb ass.  I’m trying really hard not to lose it completely with my mother and the cheap ass bitch landlord because of what my doctor said about my stress levels.  But it’s hard not too, and those kickboxing classes or time at the shooting range would have really come in handy this past week that’s for damned sure. 

I really could have used some alcohol this past week, but I’m a week and a half away from my month of abstaining from liquor, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I make it without having to be bailed out of jail.   The shit I have to put up with because of a careless cheap ass landlord and a self-centered, self-entitled mother….FML!

This is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

19 thoughts on “I’m a Rebel Just For the Fuck Of It

      1. I think a lot of step parents are like that, lol. I’ve heard that from coworkers, friends and even some family. Not all mind you, I know of two step parents who took on a huge responsibility of their spouses children and did a great job.

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  1. Two suggested phrases. ‘Thanks that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day.’ Quickly followed by ‘ Oh look the little blue bird of happiness just landed outside my window. Gotta go !’

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  2. I hope you don’t wear a smartwatch that yells at you when you are stressed out, because you’d be charging that damn thing constantly! I finally had to stop talking to my alcoholic mother between the hours of 11 AM and passed out o’clock.

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  3. Sometimes you’ve gotta be a rebel just to take care of yourself. It sounds like your mother depends a lot on you–a lot more than she’d ever admit–and without you she’d be in real trouble. So by standing up for yourself and even stepping back some you’re really doing her a favor. Okay, somehow that sounds worse, but still you’ve gotta take care of yourself.
    And speaking of that here’s hoping you can get into a home of your own soon.

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    1. Actually she’s been tested for dementia and no, she doesn’t have it. Neither does my dad, but she seems to think she does even though several doctors have told her she doesn’t. She’s also a hypochondriac and thinks she gets sick when she’s not. I agree, venting is a way to stop from allowing myself to get emotionally and physically sick.

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  4. Well, holy crap! I hope you get your cheap-ass landlady to do what’s necessary. Pfftt…. I hope you don’t end up in jail because of her, or your mom for that matter. Lol. No alcohol? Shit. I’ve been abstaining as well, because of a medication I just started taking. Ugh. Talk about boring. I need a freakin’ mudslide! I’m sorry to hear your mom is having issues but I do wish she’d count her blessings and become the “good mom” that she should have been all along. :/

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    1. Ugh, abstinence is for quitters, lol. But I understand and also feel your pain, I don’t drink daily but maybe a cocktail on the weekends. Since I got to exercising/running I’ve rarely had alcohol but this new job, whoa….that’s an entirely different story. I wish my mom would become a good mom too, finally. But she’s a narcist and if it isn’t about her, she doesn’t care. I actively try NOT to be like her and be the mom she never was to my boys.

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