Apparently I Have Anger Management Issues…..Or Do I?

I’ve continued my quest to improve myself and get over several issues I’ve been carrying since childhood and one huge one in my adult life (Lestat.)  So I’ve continued to see Terri my super therapist who has had some very valuable insight into who, why and how to deal with all of these issues in my life.  Now, coming from a Hispanic/Latino background, therapy was a four letter word……B-E-E-R.  And if you think I’m joking, I’m not, okay just a little bit.  But that’s how people in my family dealt with emotional, physical, financial and mental issues.  So to say that alcoholism runs rampant in my family is a huge understatement.  My dad’s side of the family alone have had a long string of alcoholics that, combined have served enough time for alcohol related charges that a correctional facility could be named after them.

On my mom side, well let’s just say that every correctional facility from here to the California/Nevada border would have their last name emblazoned on them.  Needless to say that I have always been proud of the fact that I haven’t fallen prey to the type of alcoholism that most of my family suffers from.  I’m not talking about drinking Kahlua straight from the bottle, or the occasional glass of wine or cocktail.  The alcoholics (I call them mom, dad, uncles, aunts, cousins) in my family are daily drinkers, they can’t go one day without popping the top on a can or bottle of beer.  Or in my mom’s side of the family’s case, going though bottles of whiskey, gin or vodka.  ON A DAILY BASIS PEOPLE! They drink every single day of their lives, so I’m surprised that none of them have pickled themselves to death just yet.  Or maybe it works like formaldehyde and is preserving these dinosaurs forever….forever…forever.

Moving on, so in my last session with Terri she was asking me a couple of questions regarding work.  I told her about how generous my boss has been and how I love my job but that health wise, it’s causing me a bit of stress.  In an exercise she asked me to write down some of the people I deal with and give her the list, then after I gave her the list she began to ask me the first though that I came across afterwards.  I thought to myself, well this is weird.  So she started and after the first six names I was in such a bad mood, but I had no idea that this was happening to me.

She got to Fake Supervisor and she noticed how I reacted to her saying her name, and mind you I try very hard not to react to Fake Supervisor in any way, let alone hearing her name.  With this little facial twitch she told me I had anger management issues.  Can you fucking believe that?!?!  Okay I can believe it but I’m not trying to hide the fact that some people at work make me want to carry around the giant pair of scissors over my shoulder sometimes, just to get a reaction from the stupid ones like Fake Mimi.  But, Fake Mimi is leaving this week, so one of the sources of my stress will be vanquished. 

In any case, Terri told me that I had to control my anger, and I told her I was already doing yoga and running but she suggested something even more severe…..kindness.  I’m like what the literal fuck?!?!  She said “Have you ever heard the term, kill them with kindness?”  I shook my head and said “You had me at the word kill, then I lost you completely.”  She responded with “There you see, you are lost in your anger” and so after my hour long session and her suggestion that in spite of the stupidity I deal with daily.  I should focus my energy on being excruciatingly kind to those that piss me the fuck off.  So, for one week I told her I’d try and I also told her that I wasn’t making any promises but I would do so because she asked me to.

I’m Not An Alcoholic, I Only Play One On TV

I’m with you Karen

When Terri moved on to the subject of my families alcoholism she asked me if I was every afraid that I’d head down that path.  I answered honestly and told her I didn’t think I had it in me, and if I was I would already be a high functioning alcoholic.  She cocked her head to one side and said “high functioning?” I told her that almost all of those in my family who are alcoholics are high functioning, they seem normal, they can go to work, socialize and are responsible enough to earn a living.  But they have to have their alcohol after work into the late night because they can’t sleep without it.  Or it helps them relax and all the other types of bullshit alcoholics tell you when they try to justify why they drink.  She then started to write notes on her pad, and she confirmed what I had already suspected.  She told me that I wasn’t an alcoholic because I didn’t depend on it to help me function and also because even though I do drink, it’s not in excess and I don’t do it every day.  She also threw in a warning, which I should try to stay away from stressful situations because that can be a trigger to drink.  So, my take away from this session with Terri? I need to find another job because of my anger management issues that can cause me stress and lead me to drink.  Or, slowly but surely kill off everyone that pisses me off and have a toast of a bubbly beverage as I bury their bodies wrapped in tarps at the landfill that’s approximately 35 miles east of here. 

Call Me Diabloique, I Dare You

I went to go and get a p.o box for reasons that I will disclose later on. After they gave me my key and number, this is the number I got.

Could it be that finally the dark side has come to me?

It didn’t worry me any, I just thought it was hilarious because well, due to the nature of my personality I found it fitting. Then I showed my son, and he said “Well, do they know you down at the post office mom?” What can I say, that’s all the confirmation I needed.

Stupid People EVERYWHERE

One of my friends and former coworkers from the other university I worked at was in hysterics on Friday night because she had a car accident.  I was asking her if she was alright and she said she was, but that some stupid blonde bimbo in a Corvette had crashed into her PARKED Jeep Compass.  Then she said that when the cops showed up the Corvette Bitch was trying to tell the cops that it wasn’t her fault.  Now, look at this picture and tell me, do you think this bitch could possibly get away with, “It wasn’t my fault?”

Does it look like it was my friends fault here? I think not, dumb ass Corvette driving bitch.

Because my friends car was parked in front of her daughters house….I don’t think the cops bought it.  My friend said they didn’t either but now her insurance company is going through fighting Blonde Bitch Corvette’s insurance company because she keeps insisting that it wasn’t her fault.  I think her insurance company might be owned by the Donald.

This is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

26 thoughts on “Apparently I Have Anger Management Issues…..Or Do I?

  1. I hope you told your therapist blogging is a great stress reliever. You can rant at will and there’s a whole group of like minded crazies who offer unconditional support. I mean really, who needs booze when you have us?

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  2. Serious comment, sorry. Did she happen to mention that Children of Alcoholics develop a lot of dysfunctional coping skills? If I recall you have a lot of issues with your mom, too, right? All that anger is, well. I’ll let your therapist handle it. Lol! You’re doing great, my friend. Therapy is hard! But you will love the peace that’s waiting on the other side, so keep going! Praying for you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey PK!!! Yes, I do have tons of issues with my mom, she has contributed to so many things that I should have let go of by now. But, I will, eventually. All in all, I’m glad I found my therapist, she’s helped me so much since I started seeing her. And as for my dysfunctional coping skills, I’ve learned through her, that slowly but surely I will become better at this. Of course I need to stop letting the anger take over my emotional wellbeing. Hope you and yours are doing well and staying safe 🙂

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  3. You know what I have anger issues about? That in your entire city, I can’t find one place to get the COVID vaccine! WTF? Is everyone in El Paso going for a shot at the same time?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG!! Arionis! I wish I had known this yesterday, we were trying to get people in here for the J&J vaccine. And believe it or not, we couldn’t get enough people to accept the damn thing. It was mainly for staff and faculty here but, I could have gotten you in!! AAAHHHGGG!!

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  4. I was once in a car accident in Germany. Stopped at a red light. Fifth car in line. A person creamed the car two cars behind me, pushing the last car into the car directly behind me into me, pushing me into the car in front of me, and pushing it into the car in front of it. The driver tried to blame me because they were all Germans and I was American. The other drivers were having none of it. Talk about anger management needs.

    Well, I feel you with all the issues. When dealing with your co-workers, imagine them all naked and fornicating. That way, nausea will overcome your anger.

    Best of luck with therapy, issues, anger, co-workers, life. Good thing you have your boys. Cheers

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    1. So you were going to be the target of the accident because you were the only American there? Lol, classic, and I’m glad the rest of them German citizens came to the rescue.
      Okay that suggestion is a no go, I mean yuck to the power of infinity! I don’t need the image of Fake Supervisor doing none of that, okay now I’ve thought of it and….YUCK!
      Yes, I have my boys, but they have the same sarcastic personality I do, so it’s a fight of the will with all three of them, lol.

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  5. It’s quite obvious from that photo that the evil red Jeep just fell right out of the sky and onto the hood of that poor woman’s nice, shiny new Corvette. Was she perhaps the Wicked Bimbo of the East?

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  6. Unmanageable assholes and other stress factors improve the quality of my drinking time. Other than that they are mostly unmanageable interfering assholes. That would include people who in an unjustifiable effort excuse those people and try to convince me I have anger management issues. No. Wrong. The assholes have asshole management issues. Yes there are alcohol management issues. Pour me a drink and we can discuss that too. In the mean time I will advocate asshole management before anger management. It is a rational response.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A very well thought out theory John. I may have to use this to argue the point that I don’t have anger management issues. But, rather that there is an abundance of assholes with asshole issues so therefore, it’s not me, it’s them!

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  7. That is my theory and I am sticking to it. Anybody that wants to ‘kill them with kindness’ has wisdom issues. It is still arguing with assholes. And they will just drag you down to their level. No thanks. It is them definitely.

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  8. I’m trying to catch up on all of the blogs I follow and yours is one that I seriously hate to miss!

    I love how you said, “I’m surprised that none of them have pickled themselves to death just yet.” That made me laugh.

    You? Anger issues? Naw! If it weren’t for stupid people, you’d be just fine, right? How’s the ‘killing them with kindness’ going? Lol. It’s one thing to be nice to people but I’m not going to kiss anyone’s ass for the sake of relieving my stress. Lol. I always left work at work, so my stress from work was minimal.

    666… What can I say besides perfect?! And your son…”Do they know you at the post office?”

    Corvette Bitch’s fault. PERIOD. How can hitting a parked car NOT be her fault? Smh. Dumb broad.

    The damnedest things happen in neck of the woods!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Well let’s just say, thank goodness for yoga because a lot of people would e in the landfill right now 😝.
      And, I’ve tried believe me. But as you said, it’s not me it’s the stupid people. Instead of killing them with kindness, I sucker punch them with sarcasm…😈.

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