There was Once a “Supposed” Supervisor that Turned into Something Worse…

I’ve been at this not so new job for about eight months now, and during that time I’ve encountered some characters that are questionable, some that are just amusing and annoying all at the same time, and then there are those that are…….just making me want to break out of my anger management and pop them so good and hard that it would be worth the charge of assault.  

When you work with so many people and then see them for who they really are, some surprise you in a pleasant way.  And others just make you wonder how in the fuck did this person get here?  Supervisor for instance, I chose the name Supervisor because that’s what she says she is, but really she’s a lazy ass, self-entitled, totally misguided and wrongly enabled bitch.  Who thinks just because she assists President Cutie Pie, she’s like a capo in the Higher Administration Mafia and untouchable.  At least that what she thinks she is, but in reality she’s just a lazy ass bitch that comes in late, leaves early and pawns off her duties to those of us she says she “supervises.”  Which she calls “delegation” of duties, which it’s clearly not.

Now, I now many might think that I’m being too critical of someone who’s been here longer than I have, but trust me, I’m not.  For example, both I and Impostor have Master’s degrees, as does she.  But Fake Supervisor insists that she is superior to us simply because she assists President Cutie Pie.  She makes my boss and other VPs feel as though she is above them, and she most definitely is NOT.

She, takes advantage of President Cutie Pie’s patience and generosity, so much so she makes decisions on his behalf that cause some problems, problems that she has to go and apologize to him for.  Adding to that she is a bad supervisor, has horrible communication skills both written and verbal, and she is extremely passive aggressive.  But, I’ve figured out that she also can’t handle confrontation or push back of any kind, and that’s where I, The Huntress have mastered these skills over the years.  And I’m not talking about in a bad, I want to get things done my way, kind of push back.  No, it’s purely in a defensive, I’m tired of your shit, come at me bro, you’ll see the worst side of me, I can play this game too and you’ll lose, the Huntress is aggressive-aggressive, these are my “rage on rage” colors, type of self-defense

She hired Fake Dolly, even though she had asked for my and Impostor’s opinion on who she should hire, and we both told her we didn’t think Fake Dolly could handle the job, but she hired her anyway.  She treats my boss like shit, and THAT won’t fly with me.  She thinks she’s smarter than all of us, she thinks she can control everyone to do her bidding because she does next to nothing every single fucking day! And she’s a genuinely a bad person, and by this I mean a REALLY BAD person, let me explain. 

Low Life Piece of Shit…..

In early January, her step daughter’s fiancé was killed in a car crash, and they have a son together.  Fake Supervisor started a GoFundMe account to raise money for her step daughter to pay for her fiancé’s funeral.   She hit up my boss for money, remembering that my boss had donated funds to the homeless mom and her son that Imposter and I were helping.  Fake Supervisor thought that she could get around the same amount from my boss.  Now, when my boss donated those funds to the homeless mom and son, I didn’t ask her to, she did it out of the goodness of her heart.  So when Fake Supervisor approached my boss, my boss was kind of weary about this, so she gave her a check for $150.  Well, Fake Supervisor wasn’t happy, because she thought that she’d get a donation in the thousands from my boss.

Well it turns out my boss did some digging (she and President Cutie Pie have known each other and worked together for about 16 years)  and President Cutie Pie told my boss that Supervisor had told him that the funeral was going to be paid for by her step daughter’s fiancés’ parents.   And that he was going to be buried in Mexico, because that’s what his parents wanted.  A funeral in Mexico costs about $3500 compared to $10K here in the states.

So, Boss was NOT happy, but she donated anyway.  Impostor found the GoFundMe account and it showed that Fake Supervisor had raised around $6500, and then changed her story about what the money was for.  It started out to pay for funeral expenses, then it turned into funds to help her step-daughter and expenses for the baby.  Fake Supervisor and Imposter go back a long time, then one day Impostor comes in raging mad and tells me that Fake Supervisor posted a picture of her giving her step daughter a check of $3200. 

Yes, you heard me right, out of the $6500 she only gave her step daughter half and what did Fake Supervisor do with the rest?  Oh, well her and her husband are going to Vegas in April, yeah so now do you think I’m being a bit too mean describing this lazy ass bitch??!!! I think not!

Then my boss found out and was raging mad as well, she said she’s not going to trust Fake Supervisor anymore and that she’s done with lying, conniving people like her.  One has to be the lowest of the low to do what this bitch did, start a fund raising account and worse, using her step daughter’s fiancé’s death to raise money for herself!! Oh but it gets so much worse than that…

COVID Vaccine Clinic

We’ve been having COVID vaccine clinics since late December, and during the last one there were some batches of the MODERNA vaccine that were still being stored.  Well, Impostor wanted to get vaccinated but she had to wait 90 days because she’d had COVID back at the beginning of November.  So, what did Fake Supervisor do?  She called all of her family and friends to come get vaccinated!  She didn’t even tell us, but she supposedly ran it by President Cutie Pie, and apparently she said he said it was okay.  So around 13 members of her family were vaccinated, and they aren’t even front line workers!!!!  I mean, both my parents and Impostor’s mom are elderly and have underlying conditions and could have used the vaccines.  But it never occurred to us to even ask because we don’t and we will, NEVER take advantage of who our bosses are or where we work.  But Fake Supervisor??  She’s just a lying, manipulative, entitled, lazy ass bitch who believes she is the entire President’s suite!

My boss tells me that Fake Supervisor is a disgrace to our suite, because she comes in late, leaves early and dresses like shit. Supervisor told Impostor that because she’s heavy (I’m putting that mildly, and no I’m not fat shaming here, I’m stating what this person is like) that she can’t wear a lot of professional attire (that’s what her excuse is anyway, which is pure BS because we have a director who is also on the heavy side and she has business suits and professional attire and looks simply beautiful!) and she dresses in leggings and oversized shirts.  She has a lot of patterned leggings that she wears and my boss says she looks like she comes to work in pajamas or worse a house coat.  Then Fake Supervisor turns around and tells me things like “Are we TRYING to emulate Boss?”  And I’m like what are you talking about?  So, I find out that she said that because my boss gave me one of her designer (Calvin Klein) purses.   My boss is awesome like that, she will “recycle” her bags and some of her clothes as well.  She’s given me a designer bag and a couple to Impostor.  But she’s never given Supervisor anything, so, what was my response?

“Who better to emulate than a kick-ass, strong woman like my boss? Who seems to be generous with those that she likes?”  Fake Supervisor just rolled her eyes and walked away, I was thinking to myself, Supervisor doesn’t like pushback, she hates it. 

She one day told me when I was in our breakroom getting coffee, “Well aren’t we dressed up today, are we looking for another job?” And she laughed, I just grabbed the coffee pot and poured me a cup of coffee and said “No, but I do believe in professionalism because we represent the President’s suite, you should try it sometime” and walked off.  Impostor told me later that day that she was pissed, that how dare I talk to her like that and imply she was unprofessional, that and that she doesn’t appreciate it. 

I laughed (actually we both laughed) and told her if the truth hurts then so be it.  And that I wasn’t implying I was outright telling her she was unprofessional.  Lucky for me she’s a supervisor in name only and can’t touch me because my boss likes me and how I work and has told me so on several occasions.

One day she came in about 9:45am and President Cutie Pie was not happy, but she began to talk to him like he was stupid.  I can hear all of this because my bosses and my office are right next to hers and President Cutie Pie’s.  My boss walked in my office closed the door and said “Can you hear Fake Supervisor try and talk her way out of being this late?” 

I said that I could, then we opened the door and Fake Supervisor was walking out of her office in a huff, with all her things in her arms and stormed out.  President Cutie Pie told my boss later that day he sent her home since she couldn’t get here on time, he’d given her the day.  Boss was surprised as was I because she thinks she’ll never get fired.  When she told me and Impostor she was going to Vegas in April, I very sarcastically said “Oh I’m sure Impostor and I will take care of President Cutie Pie very well while you’re gone, so don’t worry.”  Impostor told me she feels threatened by me, she also told her that I don’t listen to what she has to say sometimes.  She says that I question her a lot about the stupid shit she has us do, I told Impostor that one shouldn’t follow blindly.  Impostor said that she didn’t think about that or any of Fake Supervisor “leadership” before, until I began to point out things to her.   The Huntress 1, Fake Supervisor 0. 

This is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

14 thoughts on “There was Once a “Supposed” Supervisor that Turned into Something Worse…

    1. I know, me too and I didn’t know what kind of people I would be working with when I took the job. But, my boss is a good cookie so, I think of it as I work for someone that honestly doing a good job. I also write about murder scenes and karmatic (is that a word? Yes it is, I have made it so!) happenings to people like her.

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    1. I know, it sure pissed off my boss. Not to mention Impostor, all us us actually. Since then I think she suspects we know and she’s been trying real hard to be nice. It still doesn’t make it right, but karmas a bitch and so am I…lol.

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