COVID Vaccine Side Effects, Teaching Boss Not To Enable Hispanic Misogynists, Learning to Stay In My Lane and Explaining the Giant Scissors in my Office…..

COVID Vaccines and Side Effects….other than the stupid people we deal with…

Not really COVID related but I thought it was funny

My institution has been giving the COVID vaccine to the front line workers here in the city.  Which included 72 FBI agents, 45 Sheriff’s Deputies, 103 ICE agents, 55 local police officers, 81 fire fighters and countless doctors, nurses and clinic staff.  I was voluntold that I needed to help with these vaccine clinics which are being held on the 4th floor of our brand spanking new building.  Supervisor needed all the EA’s to help, with the exception of Fake Mimi because she’s out on FMLA.  She constantly feels free to enunciate it….calling it……FeeM….L…A.  She’s so annoying, but she hasn’t been here for over two months and I’ve been in heaven, well heaven when it comes to her presence anyway.

So, since January every week on Monday, Tuesday and Weds, I, Impostor, Supervisor and my boss have been down taking registration for the Moderna vaccine, both the 1st and second doses.  It been a mad house, because people from off the street walk in demanding, yes you heard that right DEMANDING that they get the vaccine.  I know El Paso isn’t the most polite town, but damn people calm your tits down and wait until the vaccine is available to the general public!

Like, hello lady get a grip..

We had this one lady walk in, asking about the vaccine for her husband.  She said he is recovering from cancer, and she only spoke Spanish so I was tasked with explaining to her that we were only giving the vaccine to front line workers and students, staff and faculty of the institution.  That we were not yet vaccinating the general public.  She looked at me, and in Spanish she said “My husband isn’t the general public, he’s the father of my children.”  I know she was being snarky, so I know it’s not right to respond that way because her husband is a cancer survivor.  But I too gave some snark of my own, saying “I’m sorry but he may not be the general public to you, and unless he’s employed with the university he will have to wait to get the vaccine when it rolls out for THE GENERAL PUBLIC.”  She rolled her eyes and left. 

Seriously people, I know everyone is anxious to get vaccinated but damn.  Speaking of vaccinations, I was made to get mine because my boss and I are in and out of several clinical areas she insisted.  I told her that I’d stay away from the clinics until the general public was allowed to get the vaccine, and someone who needed it could take the one I’d be getting.  She and President Cutie Pie insisted, so on January 4th I got first dose of the Moderna vaccine.  I didn’t get any side effects other than soreness at the injection site and it itched for the first couple of days, mostly at night.  Then last week I got the second dose, the booster and that motherfucker knocked me on my ass.  The next day I felt as though I’d been hit by an 18 wheeler.  I couldn’t get out of bed, my body ached and I had fever of 101, I slept all day the next day.  I only got up to get water and check up on my stupid cat who’s wearing a protective cone over his head because he’s injured, motherfucker.  But 24 hours later, it’s like I never had the side effects/symptoms of the second dose.  I woke up feeling so much better and thought to myself if I’m in relatively healthy condition, how would the second dose side effects make those with underlying conditions feel?

Don’t Feed The Pig or Don’t Enable a Hispanic Misogynist

Anyway, Boss has been trying to juggle a lot of internal issues with the administrators under her the last couple of weeks and it’s put her in a bad mood. Two weeks ago there was an administrator’s meeting, an in person meeting, why? Because Fake Buzz McCallister insisted on having it in person, and since our new digs have a huge conference room there was enough room for everyone to social distance. That wasn’t my call, if it had been I’d have said no. So since this meeting was scheduled for 7:30am I came in extra, extra early. I got her at 6:45am and my boss, President Cutie Pie were already here, so I made my way to the conference room to set up the laptop and screen and who do I see sitting there? Fake Buzz McCallister, on his laptop, as I walked in no acknowledging him I muttered “paranoid much?” He looked up at me and I ignored him. I heard Boss yell from the hallway “Hey Buzz, how do you take your coffee?” I was MORTIFIED, I mean I was in shock!! I walked out as Fake Buzz called out, “I’m light with one sugar…”

I walked into the huge kitchen and saw Boss carrying her cup of coffee and Fake Buzz’s as well.  I asked her “Boss, what are you doing? Why are you catering to him? Don’t do that, it’s just going to make things worse for all the women he has to work with!”  She looked at me, confused and said “I’m just being nice” and she walked slowly into the conference room with both cups of coffee.  Fuck my entire life, she just set Hispanic women back fifty fucking years!  Okay she’s an older white women, who’s made it this far on her smarts, education and ballsy, no nonsense attitude.  But she isn’t Hispanic, she doesn’t know how to handle misogynistic assholes like Fake Buzz McCallister and Fake Bob Penciotti!  After the meeting and all of the administrators left she came and asked me if I was alright.  I told her no, she was surprised and asked what was wrong.  I asked her to sit down and I closed the door to my office, then I told her that dealing with men like Fake Buzz and Fake Bob isn’t easy for me, for Hispanic women in general. 

I deal with “pendejo’s” all damn day long

She honestly didn’t understand, I had to let her know that since she’s white, she couldn’t possibly understand.  I told her that by catering to Fake Buzz she was enabling his bad behavior towards women.  She asked “By taking him a cup of coffee?”  I said “Yes, by taking him a cup of coffee.  Let me explain, to you it’s just a cup of coffee, but to Buzz he’s having ‘his’ boss bring him a cup of coffee.  He’s having his white, female boss cater to him and bring him a cup of coffee.  Which to a Hispanic misogynist is what he was taught to do, that women will never be equal to him.”  She still looked confused, “Okay I said, you see it’s like this, in the Hispanic culture when men are raised to think that women, all women are to be subservient, and they are more important it’s a control and power play. Now Fake Buzz is going to go back to his office and brag that he has ‘his boss’ bring him coffee.  Therefore every women that works under him is going to feel less of an equal to this asshole prick, and he will continue to treat us like we’re nobody, like we’re shit.” 

She sat there staring at me and I knew she didn’t understand what I was trying to say.  I said “Okay Boss I give up, but please don’t cater to his stupid ass anymore or else I, MD (managing director) and everyone else that has to deal with his over inflated ego will have to suffer through his attitude.” Seriously I don’t understand why the fuck she can’t understand?  Even MD asked me why she did what she did, and I honestly couldn’t tell her!

Learning to Stay in My Lane….I Think

I’ve been at this job for eight months now, I have learned a lot and thus far this has been the best job I’ve ever had.  Then last week when I was out with the side effects from the second dose of the COVID vaccine Boss gave a lot of what I was doing to MD.  I came back to find that MG had changed a lot of the procedures and protocols I’d had been trying to establish for Boss since I got here.  I asked MD why?  She said that Boss had told her to do some stuff while I was out.  I said I was out for one fucking day, not two entire weeks!  She said she was sorry and that Boss told her to do it for her, so what did I do? I talked to Boss about it, and came up against a stone wall.  She said “Oh I just asked MD to write a couple of the offer letters for the two faculty members that were coming in, no worries.”  No worries, she said no worries, I told Boss that I thought we’d established some sort of procedure since she had none when I got here.  Boss didn’t want to hear it, I just walked out of her office and I was pissed, and yet I don’t know why?  Maybe because I believed I was valued for my work and everything I had accomplished since I got hired.  A couple of days went by and MD came by the office to drop off some papers for Boss to sign and she asked me if I was okay?  I told her I was okay, just not too happy with Boss for backtracking on all the work I’d done.  MD sat down in my office and said “Look, I know how you feel Boss is hard pressed to let go of some of the things she’s been doing herself because she didn’t have any support before you came along.”  I told her that I didn’t understand why Boss keeps changing things when I had already put up a process for her approvals on documents, signatures or her review in general.  AND since I was the one that started/created the database for all the documents that require her approval for tracking purposes it just means I’ve done all this work for nothing if Boss won’t change her ways.  MD just shrugged and said she’d been working with Boss for five years now and Boss is hard pressed to let go of and change some things if they’ve been working for her.

I just said that it doesn’t make sense, Boss has made three steps forward and five steps back because all the work I’ve done and processes I put in place have been tossed out the window and that isn’t encouraging whatsoever.  So I suppose that now I’ll just do what Boss wants me to, don’t ask questions and leave any policies and processes to be implemented at her will.

Explaining the Giant Scissors In My Office

Giant scissors against my new mini fridge..

I had forgotten about the giant scissors in my office until 2bshamless reminded me on one of my other post comments.  So here I go…

While we were still in the old building we were packing up our offices to move here.  Impostor, Supervisor and I were packing up offices, supplies and various other items as fast and accurately as possible.  Fake Mini however spent the better part of two days taking all the crap in her office, bubble wrapping it, putting it in color coded boxes and labeling them, according to her, appropriately.  We had four carts and two hand trucks that we were using, and Fake Mini had ALL OF THEM with ALL OF HER STUPID CRAP leaving the rest of us to wait for her dumb ass to finish taking her and her bosses stuff across the street.  I mean she is slower than molasses in winter, and it was getting on my nerves that she was taking, not only too long to do this, but utilizing all of the carts and hand trucks for just her stuff.  Imposter went over to ask her to unload some of her stuff since she wasn’t finished and we needed to get moving.  She stood there trying to explain that she had “breakable” items on the cart we need to use.  I stood in the lobby area of the old office and on the couch there was a box with the giant scissors and other celebratory items that President Cuite Pie uses on special occasions, like ground breakings, new building openings and such.  I could hear Fake Mini trying to tell Imposter that she didn’t want us to break anything in the boxes.  I had just about enough of her so I took the giant scissors out of the box, dragged them on the carpet as I walked towards Fake Mimi and Imposter.

When I got to where they were, I flung the giant scissors over my shoulder and said “Look Mimi, we need to move and we need to move now. Take you box of breakable shit off the cart, put it back in your office and you can have this back once we’re finished. It’s really selfish of you to take all of the carts and hand trucks just for your crap. And yes, I think its all crap, who has a goddamned ice maker in their office? Seriously what the fuck? It’s an office Mimi, not some place for you to nest. Nest at home, that’s what your house is for so either take these boxes of crap off the cart or I will. Also, maybe you should like a fire, you know under your ass, because we have two day’s to move and all you’ve done is move your office!” Fake Mimi stood there looking at me with the giant scissors over my shoulder, she began to stutter as she normally does when she’s nervous.

Seriously, our office “Mimi” thinks matching her eye shadow to her shoes is a good thing…

She said “Well, well…um….I’m going as fast as I can…and….and…um.”  I took the scissors from one shoulder to the other as she asked “What do you plan to do with those scissors?  Cut my head off?” as she laughed a nervous laugh.  I looked at Impostor and then at Fake Mini, and said “No, not your head because there is nothing of value in there, but I’ll start with all the boxes of breakable shit you plan on moving to your new office.”  She stopped laughing as I took one of the box of crap and put in on her desk, took the cart and told Imposter “Take the other one, we can get this done in two hours.  It will take her slow ass forever and we can’t wait for her to finish her shit.”  Fake Mimi stood there just staring that blank stare she has when her brain shuts down.  As I walked back into the lobby of our office, President Cutie Pie was standing there and then he asked me what I was doing with his giant, ribbon cutting scissors.  I said “I was going to cut Mimi’s head off for hoarding all the carts and hand trucks.  But she saw my point of view and we have three of them now.”  He looked at me laughed, (I’m thinking because he thought I was joking) and that’s when he said “Huntress, I’m gifting you the scissors.  Just let me use them when I need to accordingly okay?”  I smiled and said “yes sir, of course.” So that’s how I came about those giant scissors in my office, as a gift from President Cutie Pie.  He really doesn’t know how or why I intended to use them or how I might still.  But that’s okay, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

This is the Huntress, saying…”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

14 thoughts on “COVID Vaccine Side Effects, Teaching Boss Not To Enable Hispanic Misogynists, Learning to Stay In My Lane and Explaining the Giant Scissors in my Office…..

  1. I’ve heard that second Covid shot is a serious ass kicker… but am glad to hear you’re protected. I’m trying like Hell to get my husband vaccinated but Maine doesn’t have a large supply yet. They’re doing over 70’s here now which means I’ll probably have to wait till summer. 🙁
    But hey, those scissors rock. When you finally do cut someone’s head off with them… I’ll need details.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s an ass kicker for sure, and I’m relatively healthy. I’m hoping you and the hubs get the vaccine sooner than later. And I won’t really cut anyone’s head off with those giant scissors…………or will I? 🤔😂🤣😝

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had the same exact reaction to the second dose, but I was in bed for 2 days then went to work on the third day where everyone proceeded to tell me I needed to go home because I looked terrible. And people are being awful about demanding the vaccine! I’m in charge of scheduling all of our medical personnel within my district and it has been an absolute nightmare. Hang in there friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh man, two days? Geez, well I’m glad it’s temporary. I know how hard it is to handle people who are being totes assholes about wanting the vaccine. Well, you hang in there as well, stay safe 🤞😉😎


    1. The ice maker is only one of a bunch of things she has. Our new suite has a full size kitchen/break room with exception of a working stove. She has two Kurig machines, a Japanese tea set with cast iron tea pot, she has a toaster oven, a toaster, a set of knives, a full set of flat wear, a small sauce pan (what for I don’t know) and a decorative folding screen. She has a set of (four) decorative bird cages, a ton of painting/art, four full size floor lamps. And she took half of her shit home if you can believe that? Ugh, she’s so annoying 🙄.

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  4. I can just see you with those giant scissors over your shoulder! I keep hearing how awful that second Covid shot is and I just hope that Dad doesn’t get too sick when he gets his week after next! I’m glad you weren’t sick for too long.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I’ve walked down the hall with those scissors a couple of times, lol. Not everyone gets those side effects, my parents got theirs last week and I’ve been calling them every day to check up on them, and they feel just fine. Dad will be okay, you’ll see.

      Liked by 1 person

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