Catching Up on Things In The Huntress’ World

Happy New Year everyone!!  I hope that you all had a safe and wonderful new year and now that we’re in 2021 we might be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hopefully it isn’t the damned freight train headed towards us at lighting speed.  Anyway on with the show…..

Lestat’s Cousin Louis, The Self Centered, Forlorn Vampire

On Saturday the 2nd of January I went to go pick up a couple of items at Target, feeling pretty good about the fact that the New Year had begun and nothing major had yet happened, well in a negative way that is, until…..I ran into Lestat’s cousin, Louis the forlorn vampire.  This dude is incredible, not in a good way, he’s just those types of people who you want to avoid at all costs.  One minute he’s bragging about himself and everything he’s done and the next he’s having a pity party over shit that hasn’t gone right for him.  Anyway, Louis recognized me before I had a chance to see him and make my escape because I really don’t want anything to do with Lestat or anyone related to him.  So in essence. Louis ambushed me in the coffee aisle at Target, ugh.  He came up to me and said “Oh hey Huntress, how are you doing?” And before I could run away he was right there in front of me, I was trapped in between the Dunkin Donuts coffee that was on special and the oatmeal.  I stayed quiet, hoping he’d think he had the wrong person but nooooooo, he just said “How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you in ages.”  I just said “Oh hi Louis, how are you?” and that was it, that was enough to have this dude give me the verbal version of a downpour.  I cut him off because I really didn’t want to answer any of his stupid questions regarding Lestat. 

So I said “Oh Louis I have to go, my son’s waiting in the car, bye” and tried to leave.  He then walked around me and said “So do you miss Lestat at all? I don’t know if you heard but he and Fiona bought a new house.”  I looked at him and said “Louis, I don’t miss that fat bastard one bit, and as far I’m concerned he and Fiona deserve to be miserable together because I know for a fact she doesn’t make him happy and he doesn’t make her happy.  Your entire family is fake, their phony’s, they love to put on a show for the rest of the world.  To pretend that you all are happy, good, kind people but you’re all a bunch of hypocrites.”  Louis just stood there in silence, blinking his brain away because I’m sure he had no clue I was going to go off on him like I did.  A little background on Louise, when I met Lestat he was married to his first wife, Marie.  Then he met some cheap ass wannabe bleach blonde idiot at work and began having an affair, all the while he and Marie were trying to have kids.  This fucker would blame Marie for not being able to have children, yeah that’s the kind of bastard he is. Then Marie found out about the affair and divorced his ass.  Then a year later Marie gets married again, and had twin boys with her second husband.  So I guess we know it wasn’t her that couldn’t have kids.  Soon after that Louis marries the bitch who he had an affair with, and I could tell she was just a money grubbing bitch, because the first thing he did for her was buy her a Lexus. Then bought her a house, remodeled it the way she wanted, and put her name on all of the properties he owned.  Then after four years of being married to Bleach Blonde bimbo, he goes and “tries” to have an affair with his sister in law!!!!  Yes, that asshole tried to hook up with his brother in laws wife, and then she found out about it and divorced that fucker!

Then he met a younger woman with six kids to hook up with because he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t know how to live alone. So he’d rather be with someone whom he doesn’t know, and probably treats him bad because of his past history. Rather than be by himself.

These are the kind of people that are from Lestat’s family tree.  Anyway, I looked at him at continued with telling him that if he ever saw me again anywhere in public that he’d better just leave me alone.  I told him I didn’t care what Lestat was doing or who with, and that my life has been so much better without him!  That last part was strategic because I know Louis will tell Lestat next time he sees him.

Fake Dolly and Fake Roseanne

Before I went on vacation we hired Fake April’s replacement, someone who didn’t impress me much after reading her cover letter.  Seriously it was that bad, but I nor Impostor have the last say in who was hired so, it won’t fall on our shoulders if or when this person fails.  When we did the virtual interviews she came off as chipper, bubbly and a team player.  But then she actually started work and I saw none of those traits.  I’m going to call this person Fake Dolly, because when she came in on her first day of work, she’s much taller than I thought and maybe it doesn’t help that she teases her hair to oblivion.  Yep I started singing “Here You Come Again” when I saw her sitting at the front desk.  Then Imposter gave me the nudge to stop.  But it was only later when we were actually, physically moving that Fake Dolly got on my nerves straight off.

We were walking back and forth from the old to the new building, with carts of boxes for my and Impostor’s boss.  Okay my boss had ONE box, Impostor’s boss is a needy, passive aggressive bitch who kept complaining “who’s going to help me pack?” the entire time we were moving.  Fake Carol didn’t pack until Imposter began packing for her, ugh that woman’s a pain in the ass.  I actually feel sorry for Imposter, her boss is a complete and total bitch.  Anyway, while all of us were moving, cleaning, doing preliminary and final walk through’s at the old office.  Fake Dolly and our other Admin Assistant whom I’ll call Fake Roseanne (because she looks like Roseanne Barr), just sat there, doing absolutely nothing.

It wasn’t until our last trip that we walked in on them on their phone, because IT had already taken their computers, and I lost it.  I asked then nicely albeit loudly, “What are you two waiting for? Get you stuff and go to the new building and unpack your things!  Oh and by the way Supervisor asked both of you to take the boxes of PPE to the new building, so do it!” Fake Roseanne looked up at me and said “She never said that” and then Supervisor said “I sent you both an email last week.”  Then I told both of them, get off your phones and get moving.  We’re almost ready to start working from the new building and you all as just sitting there doing nothing!”  And I walked off into my old office to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind.  When we got to the new office, Fake Roseanne told Impostor she didn’t appreciate being yelled at, and Impostor told her that she and Fake Dolly should have been finished moving, unpacking and settled way before any of us because they are the front desk.  So I’m not in good standing with Fake Fiona or Fake Dolly right now, but meh, whatever, I’m not their direct boss but, I can tell them to do stuff for me if I need it.  But if her attitude is any indication of what kind of work they’ll do, I would rather do things myself. 

After they come to the new office and me and Impostor were going back and forth, all Fake Dolly was doing was sitting at her desk staring at her computer.  NOT ONCE did she offer to help!  Even after me and Imposter had a hard time with some of her bosses boxes, which fell onto the floor and the contents spilled out.  She just sat there like a fucking slug! She wasn’t my first choice so I won’t take the blame for creating another Fake April.  Which by the way Supervisor had Fake April come and train Fake Dolly on some of the systems we use, I’m like do we really want this bitch to teach the other bitch how to do things the wrong way?

Falling Behind and Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Yes, it’s true I’ve fallen behind on reading and posting comments to a lot of the blogs I follow.  I’m just going to blame it on the dumpster fire and the hobo who started it and say, I’ll do better this year.  But, I’ve also noticed that on some of the blogs I follow, I can’t post any comments because it tells me that “An error has occurred” and when I try again, same thing.  So I’m starting to think that I’ve been blocked, banned, hindered from posting to some blogs.  *Sigh* I’ll just keep thinking it’s a technical glitch and not being blocked by those I follow…..

This is the Huntress, saying ”Don’t be a Moth Around a Dim Yellow Bulb, Be a Moth to a Flame, Make it worth the Burn!”

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

18 thoughts on “Catching Up on Things In The Huntress’ World

  1. Hope you’re not getting an error message on my posts, I’m certainly not blocking you. Heck, the soap opera characters who populate your life make me realize the idiots in mine aren’t half bad in comparison.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The last time I had a problem posting comments I contacted WP and turns out it was an ASKIMET glitch. Just something to check on…

    Boy, the broads you have to put up with at work!!! I don’t know how you can keep from popping them all in the face. Seems like they always know how to piss you off! Lol.

    Good to hear that you have sent that message to Lestat, loud and clear, even if it was through his cousin. Sounds like his entire family is fucked up. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I surprise myself sometime that I don’t get hauled into HR for a “talking to” regarding some of my co-workers, lol.
      As for Lestat and his fucked up family, I’m pretty much done and don’t feel the need to have to talk to anyone he knows when I see them. I’ll just walk the other way from now on, stupid mofos.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi there Huntress! Happy new year to you! It sounds like you’re getting your year off to a flying start – strange about the technical issue though. I hope you don’t have that with my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Huntress,
    Sounds like the move showed people’s true colors! As long as you can suss them out and know them for who they really are, you are ahead of the b.s. I think that’s probably one of your superpowers. BTW, I hope you can comment on my posts. If you can’t, then you can email me your comments and I’ll copy and paste your comments. I’ll do that for any of my readers. Money’s tight in our household and my blog has definitely had its glitchy problems. Until our financial situation changes, there’s not much I can do except get creative. Anyway, I always appreciate your and others’ comments! Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mona, actually you are one of four blogs that I can’t post to 🤔. I don’t know why? It actually doesn’t give me the option to post a comment, unlike with Freethinkers Anonymous, where I can try and post but then it tells me something went wrong. I have no idea why those issues are happening? But I I’ve hearing from you Mona. Let’s hope for a positive 2021, and I’m praying that your finances will see an uptick 🤞🤑.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy New Year Huntress. I’ve had similar issues with posting comments. Usually reloading the page clears that up. I’d considered leaving WP for a different platform until it occurred to me that starting over from scratch isn’t a step up from dealing with the WP annoyances.

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  6. For the blogs you’re having trouble posting to, you have to go directly to their site instead of through WordPress. I have the same issue with Christopher’s too, so I click on the link at the bottom after I’ve read it and go straight to his main page. Then you can comment and like all you want:-)

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