Are Tenant’s Rights Really Rights?

I normally don’t spur of the moment posts but I think this is one that deserves one and I believe that it might be cathartic for me right now. But I think this particular situation warrant’s a post because what’s been happening since Christmas Eve Eve (yes that’s a thing, watch Friends and you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

Anyway, since last year’s home purchasing debacle and having to wait to buy a house until this next March, I’ve waited patiently to get to the point, not to mention have enough savings, to be able to move out of this shit hole rental home I’ve been in for the last thirteen years.  Okay that’s not fair to the house itself, it’s been a wonderful home for me and my boys.  But it’s lacked, oh how do you say? Maintenance from the homeowner/landlord.  She, is Filipino, she married another Filipino but from American descent and somehow moved to El Paso.   Her sister got her meat hooks into a Navy veteran that was once stationed in the Philippines and moved here as well. 

For the first three years everything was fine, because this Filipino bitch had a rental property management company take care of issues that would arise with the house.  You know, minor plumbing problems, replacement tiles and faucet for the main bath.  When I moved into this house, there were no ceiling fans only bare light bulbs in every bedroom.  So Lestat replaced all of those with ceiling fans and painted my youngest sons bedroom a very striking light blue. 

Also, the fan over the stove stopped working in the fourth year we were here, not to mention the stove that came with the house, only the back burners would work.  So Lestat once again said to me he’d remove her busted ass old stove and put the one I had from where I lived in the apartment in instead.  Then, the house had the original washer and dryer which means that they were from 1982, when the house was built.  In 2013 the washer stopped working, I called the property management company to let them know and they said the owner wasn’t responsible for fixing it or replacing it.  I knew this but I told them I was going to buy my own and put her washer/dryer in storage.

Then the ceiling fan in the living room stopped working, and it was in the middle of summer, so Lestat replaced it with a new one.  Back in 2009, we had a vicious ice and hail storm that wreaked havoc on a lot of homes, damaging their roofs, cars and whatever was outside at the time the storm hit.  Since I’m sure the house hadn’t had a roof replacement since it was built, I didn’t worry.  That’s because a week after the hail storm hit, an insurance adjuster rang my door bell to let me know she was here to inspect the roof.  She took about 45 minutes, and then let me know that the insurance company would contact the owner to let her know they would be sending her a check for the roof replacement. 

Well, the roof didn’t get replaced and by 2010 the roof began to leak, in the dining area and in the hall way.  I let the property management company know, they told me they would contact the owner to let her know.  Well months then years went by with the roof still leaking and getting worse.  It wasn’t until I complained via a vicious email to the property management company and claiming my renter’s rights and how the landlord was neglecting her responsibilities with the lease we both signed. 

Not my house, just a meme I found, but these are the types of repairs the Cheap Ass Sisters make……*insert giant facepalm here*

After much complaint, finally in 2014 the cheap ass bitch finally had the roof replaced, think about it, it was damaged in 2009, then it was replaced in 2014.  That’s five fucking years of waiting on her to do something about the roof.  And still, I stayed because I had a job that I was living from paycheck to paycheck, and moving wasn’t an option for me.  Then, in the beginning of November my son was on one of his days off doing homework when this cheap ass bitch, whom I’ll call Kung Pao because her real name is close to that, yes I know it’s racist but hear me out here, she deserves her nickname in more ways than one.   She had stopped by to tell my son that her dryer broke, and she wanted to know if she could take the one that was in the garage that we use to use. 

I’m thinking here to myself, this really cheap ass motherfucking bitch would rather come and get a 38 year old dryer than buy a NEW ONE!?!?!  Seriously?  My son told her that he’d have to ask me because it was in the storage and it was locked and he didn’t have the key.  She gave him her cell phone and said she’d call me sometime during the week to talk to me about getting the old dryer out.

Well I waited, and nothing for a week and a half I didn’t hear from her.  Then on a Friday night around 9:45 at night, she texts me that she’ll be by early in the morning to pick up the dryer.  Did you get that?  She FUCKING TOLD ME SHE’D BE BY EARLY ON A GODDAMNED SATURDAY MORNING to pick up a damned dryer I hadn’t even gotten out of the garage yet!!!!!  By this time I was pissed and I text her back in the morning telling her I couldn’t be at home to let her get the dryer as I had to work.  Of course I lied, I wasn’t going to wake up early on a Saturday just for that cheap ass, low class bitch to come and get her dryer because she’s too cheap to buy a new one!!

So, my son took the dryer out of the garage and she came by, took the dryer the following weekend and left.  Wait, there’s more……

I’ve been on holiday vacation since the 19th of December and I was peacefully under the impression that I’d spend that time relaxing at home getting ready for the holidays and looking forward to the New Year, like most of us are.  But no, this bitch and her sister show up last Monday without notice and start to “work” on the house.  I was asleep when I heard banging and scraping and then got up and what do I see? These two annoying, cheap ass, make a nickel shit, do-it-themselves bitches scraping the paint off the trim on the house! 

Like totally true, especially when they’re cheap ass mofos who can’t hire someone to make repairs and do a half assed, shitty job themselves!

I was not amused, but I thought she’d only be here that day…..WRONG.  The motherfucking Filipina’s showed up again on Tuesday and after I went outside because I was going to run an errand to Albertsons did I see they used my garbage can and filled it with THEIR fucking trash!!! Then I saw Kung Pao using my water hose.  I just about lost it when I told her she couldn’t use my trash can!  I mean because of the holiday, city services won’t do garbage pick up until Monday.  And now I can’t use my OWN FUCKING TRASH CAN!!!  I also told her that since she isn’t paying for the utilities, she can’t use my water.

“Oh sorry, oh sorry Bebonica” is all I heard as I stomped back into my house.  Then I called the property management company to complain, because after all I am under a lease agreement with them and the owner and I have rights, or do I?

I talked to the owner of the property management company and told her that this was unacceptable and I wasn’t okay with the cheap ass Kung Pao just showing up at the house and fixing things on a whim.  I also made it known that after thirteen years of no actual owner engagement as far as repairs were concerned, NOW she wants to fix the house?!? The lady whom I’ll call Susan understood, and I told her that Kung Pao was using my trash can and water (without asking for that matter) and she said that the owner couldn’t do that and she would call her to let her know.  This was on December 23rd and I thought I’d enjoy Christmas and that would be the end of Kung Pao and her sister General Sao.

What happened today?  The Cheap Ass sisters show up this morning, once again waking me up with their aluminum ladders and speaking in their native tongue so loud the neighbors could hear them.  Speaking of ladders, while my parents were here on Christmas day, my mom went out to my back yard and all I heard was a crash and her scream.  My mom fell over one of the ladders these bitches left lying right by my back door!!

Thank God all my mom had was a bruised hand and shin, this WAS NOT how I wanted to spend Christmas, in the ER with my mom hoping she hadn’t broke anything.  Anyway, they were here this morning and last night I had parked my car about six inches from the garage door.  Yes I did it on purpose because I suspected that the two Ching-Chang sisters would be back without letting me know.

I go out to my car when I couldn’t see or hear them, and I grabbed my keys on the pretense I was going to my car to get something and what do I see?!?!?   I see that the Cheap Ass sisters are precariously perched on a ladder they maneuvered somehow OVER THE HOOD OF MY CAR!!!  They are painting the trim over the garage AND THERE’S WHITE PAINT SPATTERED OVER THE HOOD OF MY BLUE CAR!!!!!

This is exactly how I felt after seeing white paint on my car!!!

This was it, I’d had enough and I went off on Kung Pao, telling her she was inconsiderate and irresponsible to think that I was okay with her working OVER my car!!!  She came down off her ladder and said “Oh is dat paint or is bird poo?”  I was like ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!?!  She was noticeably scared and her sister began to speak to her in Filipino.  I told her sister to speak in English because I was not about to stand there while they talked about me in another language. 

She said “Oh, I sorry, I sorry.  Look it come off” as she dragged a dirty ass rag across the hood of my car.  I was furious and told her to keep her hands off my car.  I walked back into the house to get my phone so I could take a picture of the white paint on my car, and when I walked back out, she was still wiping my car down with that dirty ass rag!!  I had already told her to keep her fucking hands of my car and she didn’t listen!!!!  What is it about some Asian cultures that they don’t understand or comprehend when westerners are visibly upset?!?! They don’t take is as a warning but keep doing what their doing?!?!

I yelled at her to stay away from my and my son’s cars and told her that I understood it’s her house but she needs to not come back because she’s violating the lease.  All she kept saying is “Oh I sorry, I sorry Bebonica” which only pissed me off even more.  I stomped back into the house, but did they leave? No, no they fucking didn’t, they continued to work on other parts of the house and that’s when I emailed the property management company.  They’ve been closed since Wednesday, but will be open tomorrow, and I hope to God they call me back ASAP because this motherfucking ass bitch is too stupid and cheap to pay someone to make repairs to the house and rather do a shitty job herself.   She won’t let the property management company do it because they will charge her, and she’s already paying them to manage the home as it is!! I don’t get it, I’m FURIOUS because this stupid bitch doesn’t seem to comprehend how angry she’s made me and I’ve been in this house, paying her over $65K in rent.  And yet she doesn’t understand the she’s alienating the one tenant that has been a great one for over a decade!!!

I can’t stand the sight of her or her Cheap Ass sisters, and after repeatedly telling her to keep her hands off my car, she still wiped it down before I could take a picture!!  She’s ruined my vacation and I told the property management company if she’s willing to pay out of what remains of my lease and find a compatible property for me to move to, I was fine with that.  Which I know won’t happen, but I’m hoping that whatever tenant right’s I have will come into play here and keep this cheap ass Filipino bitch, whom I can’t stand the sight of, from damaging more of my property or belongings. 

I want to say that I have some semblance of holiday cheer left, so I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and that you are staying well and staying safe. 

This is the Huntress, stay safe, be well and wear a mask!

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

10 thoughts on “Are Tenant’s Rights Really Rights?

    1. Wow is an understatement River. I woke up this morning thinking she wouldn’t be back and what do you know? The Cheap Ass Sisters are on ladders painting the north side of the house…😡.
      Oh maybe I should clarify that picture of the ceiling is a meme I found, lol. Not actually my house. 😂

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  1. Unbelievable. At the very least they should have known enough to stay away from your car.
    Seriously, though, there’s something seriously messed up with people being able to own rental property when they’re unwilling to accept the responsibility.
    And I hope you do have some Christmas cheer. Twelfth Night falls on a Wednesday, so I hope it’s a happy Hump Day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMFG!!!!! I would have kicked the living shit out of those bitches! My temper would have taken front seat and that bitch wouldn’t have any teeth left. OMG. What the hell is wrong with people? Did she ruin the paint job on your car? Just unbelievable! I’m so sorry you have to deal with that! 👿

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know my friend, believe me I wanted to mop the fucking concrete with her and her stupid sister. Especially after I told her FOUR times to keep her hands off my car and came back with my phone to take a picture and the bitch STILL went ahead and wiped the paint off anyway! 😡
      My son was pissed as well because his car is parked right next to mine all the time. But nothing happened to his car thank God. And what gets me is that stupid bitch hasn’t paid attention to this house for 13 years and now she wants to “fix” the house and with no professional contractors. Her and her sister are doing a crappy job, and just painting over the crap with white paint to make it “look” like it’s fixed, fucking cheap ass bitch.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Unbelievable. We had a similar situation with Kate last year, when the building manager instructed the cleaners that came into her unit at end of term to clean that they could throw anything away that was on the floor or counters, even though her lease hadn’t expired and she had signed on for another year. I called her up and lost my shit on her. To avoid me taking them to court, they comped her two months free rent, but boy was I furious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Understandable, and WTF, them throwing out what was on the floor or on the counters!?!? I would have demanded that building manager pay for what was disposed of without consent! Ugh, unbelievable….🤬


  4. So what’s the deal with these sisters? Are they painting so they can charge you more? Seriously, can you do anything legally to make them stop? Is your car ruined? Can you sue their butts? Ugh. Sorry you’re going through all of this. At the very least, they should pay for your Mom’s trip to the ER. Hope it all works out! 2021’s gotta be better than 2020. Mona

    Liked by 1 person

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