Don’t Be a Sore Loser, Be a Humble Winner….and Other Happenings this Week with the Huntress

On November 7th there was a sense of relief, the entire nation seemed to let out a huge sigh of relief when it was announced that Joe Biden would be our next president.  Of course not all are relieved, some are still holding on to the last bastion of hope for their candidate of choice.  But as my son put it on Saturday night, he said “The US just let go of a huge dump that was constipating the nation, there is some relief.”  No, not the nicest of words, but very poignant given the situation.  We all know what the big “Dump” was or is, and now that big dump is holding onto the Presidency with his claws to try and fight what the rest of the country has already shouted loud and clear, and that is he is not fit to be this nations president!

So on Sunday morning, I was at Walmart gathering my weekly supplies, when the guard was holding back a woman (Karen I’m going to say) that refused to wear a mask while entering the store. 
I’m still astonished at this, these idiots that follow the orange idiot that think they don’t need to wear a mask because it’s oppressive or uncomfortable.  Seriously? The bitch probably has never felt oppressed in her entire life.  Okay maybe here in El Paso, where whites are the minority so I guess she might have at least once in her lifetime. 

As I passed I just said “Just wear a mask lady and you’ll get in the store” and she turned around and yelled “Oh you’re probably a Biden supporter bitch.”  My oldest son was with me and he immediately grabbed my arm and tried to walk me in the store.  As he “tried” I broke away from him and went back to the door and yelled “Bet your ass I am you idiot, what is it about your candidate that doesn’t understand the science of a pandemic?! And again YES I’m a supporter of someone who cares about others more than he cares about himself, KAREN!”  She said “This is a hoax, and who is Karen?” and I said “No, what’s a hoax is your president’s leadership, that’s why he’s not president anymore you dumb bitch! The country has spoken and he’s out like yesterday’s garbage!”  She tried to think of something to yell back but the guard had begun to walk her away from the door, as she looked my way and gave me the middle finger, and I responded with the Hispanic version that includes my entire forearm.  My son, who came back to walk me into the store said “Why do you let people like her get to you mom? They’re just not worth it, they’re too dumb to believe anything that isn’t on social media.”  He made a valid point, people who still believe that the election hasn’t been calculated correctly, those who believe this entire pandemic is a hoax, those that believe that all of the news they find is on social media is valid and call everything else fake news are not worth it. 

I read an article somewhere that said that the majority of Trump supporters are middle aged, white, uneducated with an income in the mid $30K.  No, I didn’t make that up, one just has to Google “How Stupid Is Trump Really” and tons of articles come with statistics on his supporters and why they chose him to vote for in 2016.  They believe his false claims of immigrants, Muslims, fake news conspiracies and how he’s smarter than the scientists who first warned him of the COVID virus before it got out of hand.  Let’s face it the idiot can’t even hold a conversation, and apparently one of his college professors claimed him to be one of the dumbest students he’d ever had! Yes, it’s amazing that he got into college, but we all know he didn’t finish.  I’m not saying everyone is smarter if they go to college, I can attest that is not true, I’ve worked with engineers and physicians who couldn’t put together a single declarative sentence with both hands and a flashlight.  It just depends on how one chooses to use their college education.

You know what I think? I think that when and if there is a vaccine for COVID, everyone that is a diehard Trump supporter shouldn’t get it, I mean after all they are so smart that they believe it’s a fucking hoax, they should abstain from getting a hoax vaccine right? Let the fuckers die holding on their political god, who put his interest before those of the American people.  That chooses to use the Presidency as a reality show instead of giving us solid, honest, caring and competent leadership.  Who downplayed the virus as he and his supporters call it a hoax which has killed millions around the world, while he was on Twitter spewing his misogynistic, jealous, self-serving rants, instead of doing his job. 

I’ve always been a proud American, our nation isn’t perfect, but it sure as hell is better than most.  Our nation isn’t always right, but we’ve managed to get over worse disasters than this Trumps presidency, and I use those words loosely.  But one thing is true and that is, we as Americans deserves better than Donald J. Trump as this nation’s leader.  And one thing is for sure, he’s already ruined his so called “legacy.” Many historian’s predict that he will be labeled and go down in history as the worst president the United States has had thus far.  So I was glad to say what I did to that idiot at Walmart on Saturday because……………….I am Generation X, I answer to no one!! 

Okay my son did roll his eyes when I shouted that out at the pharmacy section in the Walmart, like Norma Rae trying to recruit union memberships in a loud factory.  As we drove home the song from Charlie Daniels came on, In America.  It talks about how our country has fought for what we’ve built.  How we as a nation have fought amongst ourselves, but outsiders shouldn’t intervene because as Mr. Daniels said……

And we may have done a little bit of fightin’ amongst ourselves. But you outside people best leave us alone ‘Cause we’ll all stick together, and you can take that to the bank. That’s the cowboys and the hippies and the rebels and the yanks. You just go and lay your hand on a Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan, and I think you’re gonna finally understand.”

I had to get the line about the Steelers in, so sue me.

I was all riled up and felt pretty good about my response to that void of a Trumptard supporter.  Then it happened, I got an email on Sunday night that one of my coworkers tested positive for COVID and that I was ORDERED to self-isolate and go for a COVID test…ugh.

If you all are wondering it was Imposter whose mom tested positive but didn’t tell her, she began to feel sick but thought it was her allergies but tested and came back positive.  We had virtual interviews for Fake April’s position all day Weds and Thurs.  We were more than 6 feet apart and I wear a mask all the time, even at work.  I’ve gotten good at mask makeup, which means I don’t put too much effort from my nose down, since no one really sees my mouth.  So now I’m here, self-isolating until my test tomorrow and then for 48 hrs. until I get my results.  I don’t feel sick, I haven’t lost my sense of taste or smell, I don’t have a fever, chills, body aches or pains.  Okay I have a slight headache from the half a bottle of wine I had last night.  But that’s not COVID related….okay maybe it is since we all know that drinking at home has been at an all-time high since the pandemic hit. 

Fake Carol is a Pig..

So fake Carol is not only a fashion disaster, which I have to look at every single freaking day when she walks by my office. But apparently now, she’s just a pig, why you ask? Let me explain, in the President’s suite there is a private bathroom, and it’s hidden away in the back and it was meant for President Cutie Pie, but he’s humble and generous and he told us that anyone could use that bathroom if we needed to. But I choose not to, and here’s why, Fake Carol is a “swatter” which means she doesn’t sit on the toilet seat like normal people, she hoovers above it. And in turn leaves her “mark” on the seat, which is disgusting in itself. Because that leaves the next person to use the facilities to clean up after Fake Pig Carol and I just ain’t doing that shit (no pun intended.) It’s completely deplorable and I can’t believe she doesn’t clean up after herself!! She’s a goddamned vice president and acts like she’s from El Segundo, here in El Paso it’s a section of town known for it’s poverty and gang related violence.

So I don’t use the private facilities because who knows when Fake Pig Carol will use them and leave splashes of her bathroom use on the toilet seat, ugh this woman is fucking incredible, and not in a good way. She also has the most disgusting hands ever!! She has dry, cracked finger tips, I mean has the woman not heard of hand lotion?!?! and when she uses nail polish she winds up chipping and peeling it away and it too looks disgusting. I have no idea how Imposter puts up with her?

P.S – Update to this post, I’ve gotten test results back and I’m NEGATIVE!! Okay negative in test results, Dave! I know you were going to say I’m just negative period, which sometimes I am but shove it DAVE!

This is the Huntress, stay safe, be kind and WEAR YOUR MASK!!!!

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

24 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Sore Loser, Be a Humble Winner….and Other Happenings this Week with the Huntress

  1. Oh, you crack me up. Just reading about COVID-19 treatment in El Paso hospitals, and the conditions there, and like, WOW. Then there’s the nurse in S. Dakota who is being told by COVID-19 patients, that, no, they don’t have it, because it’s not real. Jesus, the insanity. Glad you (and Big Ben) tested negative. I crack myself up when I’m getting ready to go out, cleaning up my mustache and goatee when I know it’s going to be under a mask and no one will see it. Habits, you know? And vanity, I guess.

    Re: Steelers. Bengals game wasn’t televised here last weekend (Vegas – Denver or Seattle – LA), so I couldn’t watch. But I tracked its progress on ESPN. Fourth quarter, I mentioned to my wife that she hadn’t asked me how the Steelers were doing. She replied, “Wait, there’s less than two minutes left, the other team has the ball, and they’re like a point ahead, right? Because that’s how they like to do it this year.” It was a pleasure to reply, “No, they’re up by twenty-six in the fourth.” Ah, sweet.


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    1. This denying the pandemic is just surreal, I mean how stupid does one have to be to NOT see the evidence?!?!

      As for the Steelers, yes they like to cut it close at times, too close if you ask me. But, they started out pretty bad, as they only had one field goal and then a touchdown. The instead of another field goal, they went for TWO AND THEY DIDN’T GET IT!!! But they pulled it off. But now there’s a bullseye on their back since they have managed to go undefeated, but just barely at that.

      I was able to watch the game because one of my sons found someone on the east coast was streaming it on FB, so we cast it to our television and managed to watch the entire game with minimal glitches. Off to Jacksonville we go, lets hope that we can pull that one off right out of the gate.

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  2. I think you will have your wish fulfilled regarding the vaccines. The trump people think it’s a tracking device or some other liberal hoax, so they won’t be taking it anyway! 😂 Be careful down in El Paso, y’all are getting pummeled right now. If you see Beto, tell him I still have his poster on my wall, like a grown gen xer with a. new Tiger Beat.

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    1. Lol, well the Boomers are at times, a bit single minded and the Millennials can’t look up from their phones long enough because their attention span is that of a fruit fly. So it’s up to us Gen-Xers to make the noise 😆

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  3. I’m glad you’re negative and I think many people can echo the words you’ve spoken. There’s been a huge sigh of relief from around the world on Trump getting the boot. Keep well and stay good you you 🙂

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  4. Oh boy. Where to start….

    Fake Carol. File a complaint? I despise people who do that. It’s just plain nasty.

    I still can’t believe the stupidity of some people. It’s not a hoax. Why do they think people are dying left and right? Why do they think hospitals are over capacity? Dumbasses. They need to stop listening to president dumbfuck and Qanon for fuck’s sake. 45 needs to put on his big boy pants now and accept that he lost the election. There was NO voter fraud. If there was voter fraud, bring on the goddam evidence! There is no evidence which is why his — 27 court cases now? — have been thrown out! If there was evidence, the cases wouldn’t have been tossed. I can’t believe the educated people who believe that shit. They can count, count, and recount all they want. Biden has won. Period. That makes me extraordinarily happy! 😉 Make way for 46!

    As for Karen, I’m glad you chewed her a new one!

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  5. I don’t think you have to worry about Trump supporters not being allowed to get the vaccine–they’re so dumb they all think it’s a conspiracy to implant them with microchips so they won’t get it anyway. And what is it with women who won’t sit on the damned seat? If you’re that paranoid, wash it with soap and water first, then sit your ass down!

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  6. Saw him on the news (today/yesterday?) praising the fact that almost 15% of our population has been infected so far, it’s “Terrific”, he said. Just let Darwinism happen.

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