Interview Update and a Clusterfuck Bomb Explosion

First of all May the 4th Be With You and if you don’t understand what that means……your beyond comprehension….onto the post!

My last blog post was about how I was (still) questioning my leadership, job and professional abilities, and all the emotional baggage that comes with all of the above.  Because let’s face it, when your micromanaged, one begins to doubt a lot of what you’ve learned and that includes all of the years of experience.  This is how I feel right now, but things could (I say could because I’m not sure how this will turn out) be looking better for me soon.  I had a video interview a week ago with the Office of The President for our University.  It was a panel of three people, all women and I thought I did well.

interview question 2

Well enough I may add, to get invited to a second interview, but this one in person at the President’s Office.  Now Texas had lifted the shelter at home order but with restrictions.  El Paso still requiring for everyone to wear a mask out in public.  I accepted and dressed properly for my in person interview this past Friday.  Something I haven’t done since this entire work from home shit began.  I drove to campus and everything was locked, so I called the number they gave me in case this were to happen and I was let into the building by the President himself.  Which I thought was funny and kind of odd.  In any case I made my way up to the 4th floor with the President walking 6 ft in front of me, he asked who I was there to meet and I told him.


He showed me into the waiting room and then asked if I wanted anything to drink, and I told him I was fine and thanked him.  He then said that the vice president that I was there to interview with would be out to greet me in a minute.  I smiled and thanked him again as I sat in the almost abandoned office listening to the eerie quiet of what this pandemic has made life like for a lot of people. I heard muffled talking down the hall and then the VP came to take me into an extremely large conference room, with conference table just as big.  Then a panel of five people walked in and introduced themselves as several staff members that I would be working with should I get the job.  I hadn’t been this nervous since my interview for my current position, and then I got the “Thanks but No Thanks” email and then the call telling me I got the job since their first candidate/choice turned down the job….remember that?

Ricky Bobby meme

Everyone introduced themselves and the interview began as the VP opened up with a question that caught me off guard at first.  She cleared her throat and asked “So, Huntress, do you like to target practice or to go hunting?” I was confused because I had no idea what she was talking about as two of the other women who had been on the first video interview with her began to giggle.  I looked at her and said “Um, no…..why?”  She started to laugh and then she said that during my video interview they had noticed something strange in the background of where I was sitting facing the camera on the video call…..

Gun on The Wall 5.4.20
This was the view that they saw behind me during my video interview.  Anyone see a gun?

Then she explained that during my video interview they saw what appeared to be a rifle in the background.  I thought for a second and began to laugh and explained that it was a B-B gun/rifle because I have asshole doves that poop all over my back yard and one prick mockingbird that dive bombs my cat.  I told everyone I use the BB gun to shoot at the birds that are running amuck with my cat and yard.  I thought that was pretty funny at least I know they have a sense of humor.  Which in my book, counts for a lot because without a sense of humor you might as well be dead inside.  Then something horrible happened, the VP contacted my current supervisor for a professional reference.  On my way home from my interview I had stopped by to pick up some lunch for me and my son.  When I got home, I saw that I had a text message from my supervisor….

Nat Text Msg
How else could I react other than to thank her micromanaging ass?

I was livid, I mean I was horrified beyond belief because I didn’t want anyone in my current department to know I was actively looking for another job.  So now…..they fucking know!  To make things worse my supervisor told my director about the call from the President’s office and now I feel like I’m fucked!

Nat Text about Terry
Giant facepalm was my first reaction….

I haven’t heard from anyone in the President’s office since my interview on Friday, and now I’m wondering if I don’t get this job, how will this micromanaging result or continue because my director and supervisor know I may not be happy.  Who knows, but either way I’ll keep a positive frame of mind and have twice as many white wine spritzers to ease the anxiety of this mini clusterfuck bomb that went off on Friday….

Susan wine meme
Seriously Susan, gawd damn…..*bottle breaks in the background*

This is the Huntress, over and out!


Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

24 thoughts on “Interview Update and a Clusterfuck Bomb Explosion

  1. OH what in the actual Fudge. There’s a certain DECORUM, people!! One does not simply ‘reach out’ to a current employer!!! UGH. Best of luck, well… you probably don’t need it – you’re getting this job! YOU GO, GIRL! 😀

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  2. Jeebus. Does no one have common decorum anymore? That is always a question I ask in interviews: if it’s okay to contact past employers. It’s like they’re preschoolers over there and never done this before. Sheesh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, to be honest the internal application system asks if they can contact your current supervisor. If you check no, the application diverts to entire slew of other questions, which is a pain. But usually, they wait until you get offered the position 🤨.

      Liked by 1 person

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