Officially Working From Home….Yes Actually Working.

So its official, our institution mandated that we all begin to work from home effective immediately.  Thursday was the first day of me working at home, which to be honest I didn’t think I was going to like.  Because of the fact that I don’t have a printer, I wasn’t going to have access to our shared drive where all the proposal files we’re all working on are shared and because I didn’t think I had it in me to actually “work” from home without my “life” getting in the way.  But there were some setbacks, first of all our department didn’t have enough laptops for everyone to use.  So, the alternative was to schlep home our all in one computers, which at first I was thinking to myself, are these people serious? These people meaning my director and the IT guys.

Drunk baby meme

Then when I was made clear that we would have to bring them, I realized that maybe working from home wasn’t a good idea.  This entire COVID-19 has made life crazy, but when you work in a medical school it can make life unbearable.  Because we found out that there were no protocols in place in case we had to actually work from home.  So since last Monday, our entire university and department have been trying to get this telecommuting thing going.  Social distancing has been a blessing for me at least, why?  Because I can wake up, take a shower, not put any makeup on, and work in my leggings or PJ’s in the comfort of my own home.  Also, because not once today have I heard gawddamned Baby Kermit gerp….NOT ONCE!!!!!

Sick coworker meme

I’ve eaten Fruity Pebbles at my desk while editing a huge proposal, I’ve had four cups of coffee with my favorite creamer without having to worry about someone else taking it from the communal fridge.

I’ve binge-watched episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, if only to reconnect to someone I considered an old friend.  And I’ve danced around my living room watching Tiffany Haddish dance and curse in the film Girls Trip………… it’s called MULTITASKING.

Girls Trip meme

AND I’ve actually gotten a lot of work done because of these “mood breakers” as I call them.  Because when I get to the point that I’m just going to go over the edge with work.  I break that mood by doing something one can only do at home (like dance in your living room.)  I have caught up with all the archiving from previous proposals, I’ve caught up with my emails and I’m actually progressing on the proposals that are due next week.  So the way I think of it is, I may just ask to work from home permanently…

Cat working from home Pic

Well that is if I don’t get the job I applied for with JP’s department that is, because I’ve realize just how distracting working in a conventional office is.  People walking in and out of my office, popping in without notice, all the other people talking extremely loud.  Not to mention the ungodly noises that idiot Baby Kermit makes.  My pregnant, and now micromanaging supervisor constantly coming in and asking me to re-do things her way, instead of how I normally do them.  She wasn’t like this for the entire two years I’ve been here until she got preggers.

Mood Swings meme

Yes, I’m blaming her constant mood swings, and sudden micromanaging on that little parasite she’s carrying at the moment.  But I digress, realizing that self-imposed isolation isn’t as bad as people think, if it is for our health.  What I don’t take kindly to are the people over exaggerate things to the point of hysteria OR the people who don’t take this situation seriously.

And I will almost always make my sentiments known if I encounter either, because if you’re a professional, in this case a PhD and consider yourself “educated” and are dismissive of the current climate regarding COVID-19, then you should be bound, gagged and beaten with tube socks containing large bars of soap until you come to your senses.  This is the case with my friend Veronica’s boss, a PhD, and as Phoebe from Friends once said “You’re not a ‘real’ doctor.”

Friends real doctor meme

In this situation, I’m going to have to agree, just because you have a PhD doesn’t mean your smart, and believe me I’ve dealt with plenty of PhD’s that have a god complex and they aren’t M.D’s who, have the experience and skill to save lives, and they, at times have the biggest God complex’s I’ve seen.  This dumb bitch is whining because she can’t “understand” why she can’t travel, and attend all the conferences she paid for almost a year prior.  I’m thinking to myself, oh if only I could punch a bitch……

These are the kind of stupid people who spread viruses like these, the so-called “smart, educated” people who don’t believe in washing their hands, or listen to a university’s work from home protocols, and travel restrictions.  They’re so smart, they’re stupid kind of smart.   And these are the people that need to be volun-told they needs to be self quarantined for other peoples sake, not their own.  Gawddamen, it amazes me how stupid people can be at times.

Random Thoughts from the Huntress

I remember my parent’s watching Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show when I was a kid.  But because I was so young, I didn’t get many of the jokes.  But now as adult, I can honestly say some of his shit is hilarious.  I’ve been watching CNN and then commercials for a series about late night shows is going to air, and they have Johnny Carson portraying the Great Carnac, below is the meme of the skit that had me laughing out loud this morning, enjoy!

Sis Boom Bah

This is the Huntress, stay safe my fellow bloggers, over and out!

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15 thoughts on “Officially Working From Home….Yes Actually Working.

  1. Working at home does have its advantages… lack of daily Baby Kermit is a definite plus.
    My husband is currently tapping away on his laptop wearing a bathrobe. This must be removed for teleconferencing… but still.

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  2. Working in your jammies or even farting with great vigor are perfectly okay when working at home. Not having to listen to the sounds of your office must be a great relief!
    Since I hardly ever go to bars or restaurants I don’t have to make many changes. We are still working at the office, but are observing spatial rules and disinfecting a lot. At home I tried disinfecting my cats, but they weren’t into it. It took a while to stop my bleeding.

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  3. There are some definite advantages to working from home. I did a full week last week. It was an amazing coincidence that the Friday before my boss told everyone to take their laptops home “just in case” and on Saturday we got told not to come in on Monday. I said, “Whoo hoo, three day weekend!” and my boss said, “No, you need to use your laptop to work.”
    And it is fun to go back and find that those old jokes that went over our heads as kids are really funny, although I think if I’d heard Carson tell that sheep joke back in the day I would have been repeating that on the playground.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You actually need to work from home, is a phrase I’m sure that has been used a lot lately, lol.
      And I think I would have done the same with Carson’s sheep joke as well, I mean even know I keep repeating it to the boys. That and the “mis-heard” music lyrics….The Clash, Rock the Casbah specifically the line…
      “The sheep don’t like it when your rocking the cat box”……audible moans about my house all weekend because I’d this and Sis, Boom, Bah….lol

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  4. I’m glad you’re safe, happy, and being productive!

    I am thriving WFH! Though I’ve had moments I wished the hubs weren’t quarantined with me…he’s been challenging to deal with. I do miss interacting with my favorite peeps at work and my Avon customers, but I’m also enjoying getting a break from the hamster wheel. Our company informed us today that we’ll likely be WFH through at least the end of April and I’m handling the news just fine. 🙂

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  5. I’m glad things are working out for you! It must’ve been a hassle to lug the desktop home with you but I never doubted for a minute you’d handle it like a pro! Is Charlie behaving himself? He probably wonders why the human is home all the time!! Have a great week, my friend!

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  6. No! You can’t permanently work from home. Where will you get all your material from? It’s not about your happiness, it’s about our entertainment! 🙂 Did you happen to get video of Baby Kermit before you went on lock down?

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    1. Haha! I’m adjusting, because I had to bring my desktop with me, and I normally work with three monitors it’s hard just working with just one. But I love that I can work in my PJs, no makeup, and ESPECIALLY NO BABY KERMIT!!!!

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      1. I know–I have a small laptop and can’t function without all my screens. Luckily we had a couple of old monitors in the closet because Ken hates throwing anything away. This time I was glad!

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  7. Oh, that Johnny Carson joke was a serious dad joke. My kids would groan so loudly at that.

    I am also enjoying the lack of people walking up to my cube or talking loudly in the office. I enjoy my morning commute a lot better too as I rarely get cut off in the hallway to my desk.

    I have, however, discovered how nice it is to get a change of scenery ever so often with always seeing the inside of my house. I go outside a lot more these days when it isn’t raining.

    Working from home more than two weeks now and so far, no virus. I hope I can miss this disease. Good luck to you and cherish these days away from the Baby Kermit.

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