Red Lipstick Is For Vamps and Tramps…..NOT!

Growing up, I was never shown how to be a “girl”, well not from my mom anyway because my parent’s wanted a boy, a thought they’ve shared with me since I can remember.  In any case, as a pre-teen and teenager I learned my feminine ways through either friends, their moms or on television.   My mom never even shared with me that one day I was going to get my period let alone makeup instructions or birth control, but I digress (yes again).  It’s taken me literally 30 years to hone my personal look, and with that I’ve experimented with all different kinds of makeup.  Some successful and some, well not so much.  But one thing that has been a constant for me is lipstick.

As a little girl my mom sold Avon, she was very successful at it, she was one of the few Avon Ladies (back then and in our part of El Paso) to win the Avon Calling Door Knocker Pin.

Avon's Door Knocker Pin

The Diamond and Black onyx Avon Service Award Pin


The Sapphire Award Pin

Avon's Sapphire Pin

And the President’s Club Pin

Avon President's Pin

And several awards that were plates, some I can’t find images to.  But because my mom was an Avon lady I got to try a lot of the cosmetics she would sell, as Avon use to have these tiny cute lipstick samples that came in their very own case, that she gave to her customers and put in their order bags.

Avon lipstick sample case

She also had her very own case to carry her stuff in, I wish I’d known this would be vintage and be selling at extremely over-inflated prices online.  I would have kept the one she had in the storage room.

Avon Travel Case

Anyway, I loved to try on all the lipstick samples and quickly found that my skins undertone which is olive, most lipsticks would turn different colors on me.  So anything melon color would be extremely bright and old lady looking, anything brown would be red on me, and anything red would be orange, ugh.  Frustrating to say the least, but in my 30’s I came to find the perfect color for me, it was RED.  I would continue to buy red lipsticks from my mom, and even though I felt that the color wasn’t exactly what I wanted I began to improvise.  When I began buying the Avon lipsticks, there was a line called Perfect Wear, and I LOVED it.  Because no matter what I did, ate, drank or kissed (yep this is important) the lipstick didn’t budge and it wasn’t dry or flaky either.

Then it happened, they changed the formula and then the lipstick line, it started as Perfect Wear, then Ultra Rich/Color to Extralasting then True Color (I think) either way, the reds or browns never really fit me.  That is until, low and behold I saw a YouTube video about how to make one’s own lipstick colors by combining lipstick shades.  I loved this lipstick line with a passion and at first it was Chocolate, then Rich Brown (which was actually red on me) was my go to lipstick, and now it’s Perfect Red.

With a little help from Rimmel’s London by Kate Moss lipstick line, specifically #01.  It’s a red these two colors combined give me the perfect red for my taste.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick

So, let me explain the title of my post, as I was perusing through articles on lipstick earlier this week I came across this one by Jacqui Palumbo from CNN.  About how red lipstick has had a long history of defiance starting with the Suffragettes in the 1920’s.  When they marched by Elizabeth Arden’s newly opened boutique, Arden herself apparently gave the passing suffragettes tubes of red lipstick to wear. You can read the full article here.

Me at work
This is my perfect color red, both Perfect Red from Avon and Kate’s #01 combined. (Why does my face always look so fat…ugh)

So why a vamp? Oh let’s just say that when I began working at this university in the clerkship program the lipstick color I wore the most was red.  Or two of the colors I wore to make the one perfect color.  Then one day my director (a woman herself) asked me “Where do you buy your lipstick?”  I thought this was going to be an actual honest question because she liked the color.  I was wrong, she decided to let me know that the color I was wearing was inappropriate for my job.  She’s a beautiful but insecure older woman with trust issues because her second husband cheated on her with a Latina (she’s a white lady to clarify).

I told her that my lipstick color was actually two, and that I combine them to make my own unique color.  She looked at me up and down, with those criticizing eyes and said “Well maybe you should mute that color, it’s not appropriate for the clerkship.”  My smart-assy pants took over and I asked her “According to whom? You or medical education?”  She rolled her eyes at me and then I said “You know, what you just said might be misconstrued by someone with ultra-sensitivity as not only narcissistic but completely hostile. Maybe you might want to try a little red lipstick once in a while.”

She looked down at her clipboard, and without looking at me said “Red lipstick is for vamps and tramps” and walked down the hallway.  Well, if y’all know me at all you know that I was raging mad at this insensitive comment.  But, I maintained my professionalism and went about the day.  We were observing the 3rd year medical students in their simulation tests and had to walk from one observation room to another.  Each time passing each other in the hallway, and every time I passed this bitch, my anger grew.   We soon had to break for lunch, and apparently by this time she was in a better mood and walked over to me and said “So, where are we going to lunch?” and I told her I had to go to HR.

She asked why, and then I told her to file a complaint against her for the remark she made about the red lipstick.  Her green eyes grew wide, and she began to follow me down the hall as I walked away from her.  She ran to catch up to me and then reached for my shoulder to say “You aren’t really going to HR are you?  I mean, I meant it as a joke.”  I looked down at her (she’s a short bitch, about 4’11 or 5’ at the most) and said “A joke? Seriously you meant it as a joke?”

She began to laugh, as she put her newly engaged hand along with a huge piss yellow diamond engagement ring on her forehead, as in disbelief.  It was about four or five carat that her so-called fiancé bought because she pressured him into it, she also kept mentioning that it cost more than her Porsche to the med students, how tacky is that shit?

Dr. Lyn's ugly Piss Yellow engagement ring
Something close to this unsightly piss yellow engagement ring

She said that she hadn’t meant for it to come out that way.  I told her it sure as hell looked like she meant what she said, and that if she ever did it again I’d not only go to HR, I’d make sure that Medical Education knew about her derogatory comments.  She said “Derogatory? What? I never said anything to the like.” I repeated what she said, the whole “Red lipstick is for vamps and tramps” line and she laughed and repeated that it was a joke.

It made me even angrier, so got as close to her as I could and whispered “It’s not funny that you insinuated that I was a tramp, and if you do it again I will make sure you regret it.”  She looked up and me and said that I was threatening her.  I laughed (like she had previously) and said “Oh, it was a joke” and turned to leave.  Later on that day, on our last simulation exercise another director commented on her huge piss yellow diamond engagement ring.  Saying how big and beautiful it was.  I rolled my eyes as I checked off the students coming out of the observation room, and then the other director asked “Don’t you think it’s just beautiful, her ring?”

I mentally bitch slapped my boss, and it was great!

I answered not once turning around and said “That big old ugly, piss yellow thing? Ugh, no, diamonds that big are for insecure white women who have lost their ex-husband to a sexy Latina vamp.”  They both looked like I had caught them off guard by my response, I turned, laughed and walked towards the next observation room.

When I got back to my office I had a voicemail to call my current supervisor and when I did, she had offered me the job I have now.  I was ecstatic to say the least.  I marched right into the clerkship director’s office and gave my two weeks’ notice.   This vamp was leaving and taking my red lipstick with me, and I don’t regret one word of what I said.

This is the Huntress, over and out!

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

41 thoughts on “Red Lipstick Is For Vamps and Tramps…..NOT!

  1. Possibly unrelated technical comment: I hear people often complain that photos make their head look big. I think it is because we think that cell phone pictures are portraits. Cell phones generally have a very wide focal length because people hold them so close. For instance, the iPhone has an effective focal length of 24 – 28mm I think. No pro would shoot portraits at that focal length because it distorts objects close to the camera. Even the front of your face is significantly closer to the camera than your ears.

    Try a portrait at something like 85mm or higher and see what you think. Almost no distortion. The problem is, you need someone else to shoot it with something that isn’t a phone.

    Another problem is flash. If you put a flash right in someone’s face, if makes their face look flat and shallow and a bit over exposed. Professional portraits have a light coming from the side and a lesser fill light on the opposite side to give your face some depth with subtle shadows. Or they go outside in the late afternoon with reflectors so that the photos look more natural.

    My point is, don’t judge too much from phone pictures.

    As a clueless man, I didn’t know there was any association of red lipsticks to tramps and vamps. I always assume that I have no idea what I am talking about with make-up.

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      1. You did not go all photography dork Jason. I’ve been actually looking into getting a starter camera to begin taking photos myself, any suggestions? Nothing really pricey I mean, I can’t afford it right now, lol.

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      2. There are usually some really good deals on entry level DSLR kits from Nikon and Canon. It depends on if you want a removable lens camera or one of the point and shoot cameras. The point and shoots are generally smaller and lighter, but you get what lens they have.

        If you want better than a phone camera picture, you need to get a camera with a bigger sensor. So you’d want to look for whats called micro 4/3s or APS-C sensor cameras.

        The Nikon entry level DSLR, D3500 kit, is currently about $400. This is actually a very capable camera for less than half the price of an iPhone. It has an APS-C 24 megapixel sensor, which is much larger than a phone camera sensor. It comes with an 18-55mm lens (effectively 26-82mm on this camera) which would be fine for shooting people or landscapes. You could get additional lenses for it if you like. I had a camera similar to this and the only reason that I upgraded to a more expensive camera was for night sky shoots.

        You can always look at used or refurbished gear. I have a used/refurbished lens that I really like and get good use out of.

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      3. Ohhh thank you for all this great info. I’ve been looking at these “starter kits” from Amazon but have yet to actually commit to buying one. My son had a great camera and all the equipment to go with it, but when he came back from the oil fields in Odessa he sold it for extra cash. I wish I had bought it from him at the time.


  2. Oh my friend, the people you come into contact with!! Geez. Do you ever wonder why the hell some people think it’s ok to comment about another person’s appearance or fashion choices? I might think x, y, or z but I won’t actually SAY it unless asked for my opinion. I’ve never been much of a lipstick person so I’m no expert but that color is perfect for you and you’re beautiful! 💜

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    1. I think so too, about the effing off I mean! lol

      And in my opinion, that bitch couldn’t pull off wearing red lipstick if she tried! I love Perfect Red, when I wear it alone it looks kind of maroon red, and I’ll do that when I feel like using a less subtle color then the regular shade I wear. I have like eight tube of this shade in the fridge. Just in case Avon changes the color on me again, lol.

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  3. You wear that red and you wear it well–and it’s so much nicer than some big tacky ring.
    Somewhere I heard that during the Bosnian war one of the things women trapped in the war zone wanted was lipstick. It made them feel good to be able to put on something nice, and also just made them feel normal while everything was blowing up around them.
    It’s powerful stuff. I’m sorry some women can’t handle it but I’m glad you’re one who can.

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  4. Piss yellow is a familiar color in snow country. “Way up where the huskies go, don’t you eat that yellow snow.” Another abhorrent yellow is school bus yellow. Just awful.
    Jason has good photo advice so I would pay attention to him. I think the lesson here is, “Be nice to the Huntress and don’t fuck with her. Or else.”
    I also learned some things about lipstick, so thanks!

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    1. Yep, that’s my and my fat face, lol. Well, our institution has implemented a travel ban to all the countries the CDC has banned as well. And travel across the border is also prohibited because there are three cases of the virus in Juarez. But other than that, no TP shortages and shit, pun intended, lol. 😎😁🤣😂

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      1. I know, it’s like when the H1N1 hit, everyone was all paranoid. But I work at a medical school and all the faculty that study these kinds of diseases say that there’s nothing one can to about it. If it happens, it happens, they tell us we need to educate ourselves and not give into hysteria because that just makes thins worse.

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