Great News!!! And a Confession…..Somewhat.

Okay y’all, this is going to be probably one of the shortest posts I’ve ever written but there’s a reason for that.  So, in the span of a few short months (okay the longest six months of my ENTIRE life) I’ve gone from being perfectly happy dealing with Female Sheldon, to her quitting, to finding out that a fucking crook (Baby Kermit) was being hired, although I didn’t know it at the time, dealing with her fucking, goddamned, incessant gerping, high pitched voice, annoying stomping walk, loud baby talk phone conversations, and finding her long ass hairs all over the goddamned bathroom floor, not to mention her god-awful bad breath.  And to top it all off, losing my work husband JP.  Now, the big cheese of bosses, our Vice President for Research announced his retirement effective this Friday.

I mean, seriously, he was the only VP I’ve worked for who went to bat for his people, he defended us, he praised us, he acknowledged us, he made each and every one of us feel like we meant something to him.  And now, he’s fucking retiring? The world is coming to an end as I know it, seriously it’s Huntressagedon and it’s not something I want to face….


But, wait THERE’S MORE!!  Ever since I was passed over for Female Sheldon’s job, I’ve been searching for jobs within our university.  I’ve applied, I’ve interviewed and I’ve gotten the “Thanks but No Thanks” emails……*Sigh*

This is of course until, low and behold my former work husband text me to ask if I’d be interested in a position in his new department.  I mean, what the literal fuck is he thinking asking a question like that?  Of COURSE I’M INTERESTED!!!  For so many reasons, but the biggest is GODDAMNED BABY KERMIT, I FUCKING HATE HER!! But for several other reasons that everyone reading this post might think.  Because back in October I wrote about Baby Kermit, where she came from and why she left.  If y’all haven’t read it, you can here.

giphy (1)
This was to cute not to share…but totes how I feel.

Well, about a week ago, a follow up to the Facebook post by Bob Moore (the reporter in the link I’ve posted above) came out with his full blown article on the investigation of Baby Kermit’s former university (and mine, my Alma mater no less ugh) but specifically the office where she had previously been for 22 fucking years!!! Sorry it still gets me all pissed off and wanting to punch her in her goddamned throat (maybe she’s stop gerping…hhmmmm I wonder…)

You can read the full, cringe-worthy, money funneling, careless financial, mishandling of federal and state fund debacle here.

El Paso Matters Danny Olivas Story

I, for the first time since getting my bachelor’s degree from here, am embarrassed and ashamed to call myself an alumni from what I once considered to be one of the most underrated universities in Texas.  I have this sneaking suspicion that Baby Kermit had something to do with this entire disaster.  Either knowingly or at the direction of the VP for Research over there, who is a motherfucking, asshole bastard, and yes, I did know him personally.  When I worked in the Dept of Engineering, he was the Dean of the College of Engineering.  He is an asshole misogynistic bastard, and according to some sources I still have over there, they asked him to retire.

In any case when JP text me I jumped at the chance to get the fuck out of here and said yes. I applied and I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TOMORROW Y’ALL!!!!!  Okay this post turned out to be longer than I expected but, I’m excited at the prospect to be getting the fuck away from here.  And maybe now my supervisors will see that when I’m gone, oh who am I kidding, they won’t care after I’m gone.  But on a lighter note, if I do get out of here, I may just throat punch Baby Kermit on my last day…..

This is the Huntress, over and out!


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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

23 thoughts on “Great News!!! And a Confession…..Somewhat.

  1. Well, this is certainly exciting. Are there UTEP jokes like Aggie jokes? Probably not, but this is one of my favorites.

    The teachers at A&M were having their weekly staff meeting when one teacher spoke up and said “Do you people realize we have a student here who has been attending classes for over nine years and he still hasn’t received a degree???”

    Why no we didn’t know that . What can we do? We don’t want A&M to get a bad name. I know, one teacher said, “Let’s gather all the students at Kyle field and give this guy a pop test. Something simple he can’t possibly miss, and then we will hand him his diploma.”

    The next day everyone was gathered in the stadium. The teacher announced over the PA system, now son if you can answer this question, you will become a graduate of Texas A&M. Okay?

    Okay he said.

    Now take your time and answer this. How much is 3 plus 4? The student became deep in thought for a long period of time. Finally he spoke. The answer is 7!

    The crowd went into an uproar and started hollering, whooping, and chanting, GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE, GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE !

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    1. Haha! Jono, that’s a good one! I have a UTEP NMSU joke, because they are our closet rivals….

      Why did the NMSU Regents decide to cover Aggie Memorial Stadium in Cardboard?
      Because the Aggie’s always look better on paper.

      These are different kinds of Aggies….in New Mexico. lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck on your interview! Not only for your sake but mine. I’d love to see an all new cast of characters with your witty nicknames. Not that I’m wishing any assholes on you. OK, maybe one asshole at least? For entertainment purposes only.

    Liked by 1 person

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