Seriously? Work Face-palm…..

We all have them, coworkers that are spectacular at their jobs, but total imbeciles when it comes to common sense.  Sometimes one doesn’t really see this until you talk to them in depth about something other than work.

Coworker meme

Case in point……………Baby Kermit’s Son Mac.  We talked a bit about our personal lives during a staff meeting.  I normally don’t join in because I don’t like to divulge info about my private life.  Like how drank my weight in white wine spritzers during the holidays, or how I almost killed my soon to be ex-sister in law.  Or how I almost got into a fight at Walmart with a woman who was clearly going through a mid-life crisis wearing a short ruched party dress, a fake white fur coat (not in El Paso, don’t even….) and some trashy lace high heels because she was arguing with the cashier that the ugly ass lipstick colors she was buying said they were on special.  She was holding up the line, and the self-check outs were packed to the gills.  This lady had to have been 65 or more, and dressing like she thought she was still in her 20’s…ugh but that’s a post for another time.

Stupid Coworker meme
Seriously that’s how I felt….

But that day something Baby Kermit said just struck something within me, like a mental thunderbolt.  She was talking about how she spent her holidays and then mentioned that one of her son’s names was Mac.  I didn’t think anything of it until our director asked her what his full name was.  She said his name was Macnamara, and then Thing 1 asked “Like the tennis player?”  And she said “No, just Macnamara” I wasn’t paying too much attention to the conversation up until that point when she said her son’s name was Macnamara.  Which to me is quite odd for a Hispanic/Latino/Mexican person to name their son.

Patience meme

Then Thing 1 persisted, and asked Baby Kermit why they had chosen Macnamara as a name for their son.  Baby Kermit looked at Thing 1 almost as if to imply the question itself was stupid.  She responded with “My husband had always wanted a son named Mac.”  So, I, being the astute person I am asked her “So why would you name him Macnamera?”  She looked at me kind of confused and said “What else would his name be if we wanted to call him Mac?”  I took a sip of my coffee and said “Maybe you should have named him Makenzie, Mac for short.  That way he wouldn’t have to go through life constantly explaining the reason why he was named after a tennis player.”  She looked at me……in stunned silence, I could see the wheels turning in her empty head as she thought about what I had just said.  I feel for that kid, really I do because he’s now 19 years old.  That’s like someone wanting to name their kid Jack, and then finding out the dumbasses named him Jack In The Box instead of John……*facepalm*

I got up from the conference table and left, all the while thinking to myself, Cheesus Crust I work with some stupid ass people!

Until next time remember, chin up, soldier on and watch your back!

The Huntress 915

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

46 thoughts on “Seriously? Work Face-palm…..

  1. That had me wondering if I had clever internal names for my co-workers.

    There was a guy constantly laughing at everything in this nervous squirrel laugh. I just thought of him as the laughing guy.

    There is a guy that sounds like he is performing karate when he sneezes so I internally call him karate-sneeze guy.

    There is a grumpy older woman around who has been grumpy with me and I just think of her as Grumpy (her name).

    I am just not that clever and original in my internal nick-naming.

    I wonder what they call me. Actually, I don’t want to know.

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    1. You use your logical brain to give your coworkers their nicknames Jason. I use my “try not to be rude” inner self so I give them nick names I can laugh at. But I think karate-sneeze guy is hilarious! I can hear him now….”aaahhh….aaaahhh…..CHOOOOO-Hiyah!”lmao

      I called my ex-work husband JP because he looked like the actor who played JP Morgan in the History Channels The Men Who Built America. And because he was probably one of a hand full of peeps that didn’t piss me off.

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      1. That guy seriously sounds like someone making that stereotypical karate chop sound when he sneezes. He is several cube rows over from me, so I kind of hear it in the distance and don’t quite know who it is. It’s just kind of funny.

        I work almost entirely with men and I don’t have a “work husband”. That seems like a weird thing to say. I do get along well with some of my co-workers and never really want to punch any of them.

        There was a guy on the other side of the cube wall from me and when he wanted to be in on a conversation that I was having, he would stand on his desk and look over the cube wall (he’s kind of short). That used to annoy the hell out of me, but he has since moved to a different team. I didn’t develop and internal nickname for him though.

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      2. Squirrel laugh guy was the most annoying to me. Just constantly laughing during the conversation that he would have with my cube neighbor. “Stop laughing until there is something funny!”

        Human naturally respond to laughter and wonder what is so funny and there was nothing funny. Maybe it is a disorder. I can think of worse things.

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  2. From now on I will assume that Baby Kermit’s last name is “Andcheese”. Maybe that’s unfair to her son–maybe he’s a decent guy who’s embarrassed by her, but she’s the one who gave him that name and, well, I guess it’s better that she didn’t name him after John McEnroe. The name he’s got draws too much attention as it is.
    And speaking of drawing attention, normally my philosophy is wear what you want and wear it proudly, but, seriously, she should have just let it go and paid for the damn lipstick.

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  3. I’m assuming Baby Kermit has a Hispanic/Latino/Mexican surname as well? Somehow I doubt Macnamara blends very well with that…. poor kid.
    Of course it’s no worse than the woman I met named White…. who named her daughter Precious Snow.
    I only wish I were kidding.

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      1. My first name is of Greek origin and my last name is of German origin but I guess that doesn’t seem weird in the USA. I know a lot of guys with spanish last names that look no more Spanish or Mexican that I do. I think that is just the USA with a lot of background from a lot of different cultures.

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      2. I agree, we are a huge melting pot of different backgrounds. BUT I really am getting annoyed at faculty members here asking me if I’m Filipino, seriously like WTF? lol

        Oh and the Indian (from India) call me by my last name, like all the time. Apparently my Spanish (not really Mexican) last name is a girls first name in Hindi, which means “Light of God.” But I feel so weird when they do that because it makes me feel like I’m in the military where they address you by your last name. And yest somehow, they persist….no matter how many times I’ve told them my first name.

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      3. The last name first thing might be cultural. I have traveled to southeast Asia several times for work and when they see my passport they often assume that my middle name is my first and my first name is my last name or something like that.

        Often when people from this area write their name, the put their family name first followed by their given name. And they read our name the way we write and assume it to be the same format. So, if there was a guy name Chin Lee Tan, you might see him put it as TAN Chin Lee.

        So, my full name is Jason Wynn Frels and they see it and think that they should call me Wynn Frels or Mr. Jason. And maybe they don’t realize that Jason is a common first name in western society. This usually happens at the hotel or airport.

        I don’t know, I try hard to figure out what is correct in country and go with that. I do get corrected some times.

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      4. I guess you can call me by any of my names and that is fine. Maybe that rich Wynn casino dude will think that I am an heir or something.

        I don’t think that I have a theory on the Filipino thing. I have never been there.

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  4. My first thought was just name him Mac, dang it, if that’s what you wanted. My nephew’s name is Jack, just Jack, because my sister likes it and wanted to pay homage to my dad but also dislikes the name John. And I have a friend who is simply named Kim, and her brother Jeff. I say if all you’re going for is the nickname, then that’s just fine!

    Did you ever hear of the Lier family? They have a daughter named Chrystal Chanda.

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    1. Well I would understand if they just named the poor kid Mac or Mack, but come on, Macnamara? Ugh…..
      Yes I have heard of Chrystal Chanda, lol. There is a professor where I work named Crystal Lake…lol


  5. Why not just name him Mac?! Macnamara? I could understand if it were a family name, like I named my son after my Dad, Charles, because he never had sons. Not really fond of the name and I’m sure my son hates it but everyone calls him Chuck. But anyway, Macnamara? That’s gawd-awful.

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    1. Hey Heather, well you kinda can’t because I stole it from a Dane Cook movie called My Best-friends Girl. He’s a guy that is hired by other guys to treat women bad so they return to their original boyfriends. He take a seriously Catholic girl to a pizza place called Cheesus Crust. I love the name, and I use this instead of, you know the “original” saying here at work, lol….

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  6. Why would you even consider working backwards from a desired nickname when naming a child anyway? That makes no sense! Just name the kid Mac and be done with it. Hell, my Dad’s legal first and middle name was Billy Bob! That’s a whole different kind of wrong there, but at least my grandparents cut to the chase and named him what they wanted to call him!

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  7. Silly me, I thought your co-worker was going to tell you he was named after former Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara, whose concerns over escalations in Vietnam – of which he was such an important actor therein – led him to leave his station under former president Lyndon Johnson to take the role as president of the World Bank.

    Either that or Tank McNamara, titular character of the syndicated comic strip.

    Either way, I thought it was kinda cool, but very weird. 😉

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