Another week of…..Random Thoughts by The Huntress!

Work has been hella-busy so I’ve neglected to post and to respond to bloggers I follow.  I’m truly sorry, but I’m going to try harder to keep up.  So here we go!

Holiday Gathering……Bring a Guest, oh Wait Never Mind                   

So back in early November, our entire department was invited to the annual holiday event.  We were told to bring a guest.  So I invited one of my BFF’s to go with me, Veronica (not in my head Veronica).  We were both really excited to attend as it was going to be held at a party hall with catered food and live music.  To say the least we live very quiet, sheltered lives, lol.

OVPR Invite

Then, a couple of weeks later we get the notice below…..

OVPR Nevermind

And I had to uninvited my BFF to my holiday event.  No one in our office was pleased with this turn of “events” no pun intended.  Last week I approached one of the ladies in charge of coordinating this and asked her what happened to the original plan.  She said (quietly) that the catering company they had initially hired decided (after being paid) they didn’t want to cater to us.  Us being the university I work for, they gave no reason but they didn’t want to cater to/for us and here’s the kicker, they don’t want to return the money.  Apparently my department had already paid half of the amount and would pay the remaining when the even came to a close.

So when I found out what caterer was keeping our money, I went onto Google and gave them a scathing review, which has since gotten 18 comments.  It pays to be a bitch sometimes.

You’re Related to Whom???????

Joe Pesci Meme

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about an office event that I had to attend and about PD and his social awkwardness and how Kevin his “friend” came to my rescue.  Well, it turns out the PD and Kevin are brothers, that’s why Kevin was so appalled by what PD was saying and his trying to intervene in the socially inept PD’s exchange with me.  I was shocked to find out they were related, let alone brothers because they look NOTHING alike.  Weird….

Relationship Rehab and Lestat’s Baiting with Emotional Crack…..

Addams Family meme

It’s been over a year since I reached my 12 month sobriety in my relationship rehab from Lestat and his emotional sucking, vampiric ways.  I’ve blocked him from my phone, and personal email (he won’t use my work email because he doesn’t know it and too inept to look it up online).  But, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting voicemail messages from him from phone numbers I don’t recognize.  Well, to be honest I don’t answer my office phone like, ever because I deal with so many faculty members I prefer to have them communicate via email so I have proof if they say one thing but then renege on whatever it is they first said.  It’s a great system actually, for work anyway.

But, Lestat’s been leaving me these sad, pathetic, emotional voicemails that say “I wish I could see you” and “I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing you.”  As soon as I hear his voice I delete the voicemail from my phone.  His voice or feeble attempts at trying to bait me don’t work anymore, he’s trying in vain and to be honest it’s sad.  I don’t feel the same about him anymore, actually I’m completely done with him that I even surprised myself.  No emotion, no second guessing my decisions, nothing.  I am over him and don’t feel anything but hate at the moment, which my therapist Terri say’s will pass and then the indifferent stage will take hold.

One of my friends asked if I’m afraid he’ll show up at my office or home to try and convince me to give him yet another second chance.  I told her honestly, no and here’s why, he’s a coward he has no balls to fight for what he wants.  He wants to have his cake and eat it too, he wants both me and his family without having to give up one to be with the other.  So, I made that choice for myself, I am NO ONE’S CONSOLATON PRIZE!!  I deserve so much more than that asshole prick is willing to give me and I’m not in the same state of mind I was in when I was still in love with him.  So, he’ll never take the chance at trying to find me, or show up at work or my house because he’s a spineless, selfish, self-involved, self-centered, narcissistic coward.

If he’s unhappy, then too damned bad, he made whatever choice to stay with Fiona Shrek and his ogre children, and the sad pathetic life he leads pretending to be the perfect husband and father.  And I, well I’ll keep moving forward without him, end of story. Okay this wasn’t so much a random thought but a “happening” of what was going on at the moment.

New Office Policies and Codes of Conduct……Someone Always Has to Fuck It Up for the Rest of Us…..

Dress Code Meme

We had a departmental staff meeting where the directors went over a “new and improved” code of conduct and office policies.  These codes of conduct address our dress code, now for me it’s a no brainer, I don’t dress inappropriately, never.  But for others, well that line is a bit blurred, so that made me think that the higher-ups decided to revamp the dress code policy.   Which before anyone could wear leggings so as long as they weren’t translucent or see through in nature.  And they had to be black, brown or navy.  No pastel or light colored leggings were allowed, but in our meeting about the updated dress code, well someone fucked it up for the leggings to be taken off the table all together.

And I know exactly who it was, although JP mentioned it was him, an off color comment that made everyone laugh.  But I know it was our VP “executive assistant” who thought her fat ass could fit into some maroon leggings and it be okay NOT to wear underpants. This happened back in September, and she showed up wearing some dark maroon leggings (with boots mind you….in September we hadn’t even begun to feel cold weather and she was wearing boots!!) a black frilly blouse with a large, oversized pearl statement necklace.

This feline dresses better than our “executive” assistant.

Now, our “executive assistant” is 6’1, weighs about 350 lbs and dresses like….well like she doesn’t have any professional clothing to wear to work.  Did I mention one of her arms, chest, back and both calves are tattooed? No? Well, she has a full tattoo sleeve on one arm, and a huge Frankenstein tat on her back.  Anyway her wardrobe consists of an entire closet full of leggings and various, inappropriate tops.  She also wears ballet style shoes, probably because she can’t walk in anything else or grinds the heels into flats by lunchtime.

So, since I’ve never worn leggings to work it didn’t bother me, but someone from the 3rd floor literally yelled out “Okay, who messed up us being able to wear leggings….UGH!!!” I found it funny because no one else wears leggings much either, at least not that I can remember.  I just found this funny since someone voiced their dismay about not being able to wear leggings any longer.

Until next time remember, chin up, soldier on and watch your back!

The Huntress 915


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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

23 thoughts on “Another week of…..Random Thoughts by The Huntress!

  1. A) Gotta love and embrace that indifference. I cherish all of my indifferent relationships in life. The people to whom you can say “have a nice day” with no thoughts about whether or not you actually meant it. You don’t really care if it’s their birthday unless they brought donuts. You might see them at the store or someplace and you neither try to avoid them or go over and say “hi”; if it happens, it happens. There should be a holiday for this.

    2) I have never understood why any woman would want to go in public in those leggings things. One way or the other, it is way too much information. It’s like I wasted my teenage years developing this amazing imagination that I no longer get to use. Really.

    C) Grinds her heels into flats by lunch time. That was both mean and funny. I laughed.

    IV) Holiday work parties. Just trying not to get drunk in front of the management.

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    1. Hi Jason,

      1) I hear where your coming from, indifference is something that’s learned I think. Especially when someone forces it on you. Personally it’s been a great defense, professionally it’s an awesome weapon against those that linger and talk about their private lives.

      2) As a woman I don’t understand it either, there are more women that shouldn’t wear leggings than those that can. Our executive assistant is definitely not one of them. To me leggings aren’t fashion more than they are pajama bottoms that aren’t meant to be seen outside your house.

      3) Thank you for recognizing my inner “mean girl” because it was meant to be both, lol.

      4) I’ll get drunk BECAUSE of the management, lol.

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  2. I hope someone in your office is going after that catering company for return of the deposit. How in the world can they keep the money when they didn’t do anything?
    Dress codes… ugh. Don’t get me started. There’s always one loser who ruins things for everyone. Some one should dunk her tattooed ass in the reflecting pool out back.
    Kudos on putting Lestat in your rear view mirror. I hope he takes the hint and stops with the pathetic attempts at reconciliation. I take it he’s still with his wife? Even more pathetic.

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    1. The office of Purchasing is going after the catering company. You see they signed a contract, so they are fair game. We don’t have a reflecting pool out back, but we are in very close proximity to an irrigation canal which I think would work better, lol.

      And yes, he’s still married which is why it pisses me off that he’s trying to communicate with me. But he’s wasting his energy, there’s nothing here anymore for him to try and convince. My heart is a cold, cold place and he wouldn’t like it very much.

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  3. Lestat! Seriously, that guy needs to go the hell away! I am so mad on your behalf right now. I swear, narcs always seem to pop up around the holidays looking for their “supply” so they can crank the holiday drama factor up to 10. Oh, he misses you? I imagine he does! Too bad he fucked it all up then!

    My face is actually red right now, I’m so mad at that jerk!

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    1. Thank you my soul sister, for that show of emotional solidarity! Really I mean it, and yes he’s creeping up to me. But too bad for him because I’m soooooo done with him and all the drama he carries around him like a cloud of emotional pollution. He can go choke his wife and kids with that shit. I AM FREE!!!

      And I never thought about it, but your right, narcs seem to creep around the holidays because they’re lacking in attention. Man, your so wise Maggie, wise indeed!

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    1. I know right? Later on I heard one of the other receptionists say that there are leggings with built in undies. But if your 6’1 and weigh 350 lbs it doesn’t matter if their built in, those suckers are gonna stretch out and expose EVERYTHING! lol

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  4. The hideous visual of your executive assistant reminds me of a night in my bowling league a few years ago. I bowl in a mixed league, and we were bowling against a team of young adults. One of the girls on the team, short and a bit pudgy (not judging, just sayin…) was wearing very light colored leggings, with a short enough top that it was not covering the seating area, as has become the accepted style (Not that I’m usually complaining about that!). Granted, it appeared just fine….. at least until our practice session started. I just throw a couple balls to warm up, so I sat back down early and look up onto the lanes and see the most hair raising sight I’ve ever seen in public. Apparently, the color of her leggings matched up EXACTLY with the fluorescent lighting above the lanes…. because for all the world, it looked like she was standing up there fucking bottomless! It wasn’t just me, because my aunt and her older friend who bowled on my team saw it as well, and gave the typical old lady shocked and horrified expression! And yes, we had to look at that all night long. You’d think someone on her team would have told her, but that would have required them to get out of their phones long enough to notice the grotesque illusion….

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  5. I’m really glad you’re not rising to Lestat’s bait because you know there’s a hell of a hook in it. And don’t get me started on dress codes. I consider myself lucky that I work in an office that doesn’t have one and has never needed one because everyone knows how to dress appropriately, even the former coworker who once brought in some dust cloths for a cleaning day that she proudly told us she’d made from her old underwear.
    I’ve always wondered where she went after she left here. I suspect she’s an executive assistant at a university out west somewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! I remember that story about the undie cleaning cloths, too funny. And even as a university the dress codes aren’t adhered to the way they should be. And believe me I know what kind of hell awaits at the end of the baiting pole with that a-hole. Twenty years was enough, thanks Christopher for always being the voice of reason!

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  6. Lestat needs to take a hint. I’m glad that his trying to get back in touch with you has proven to you that you’re actually over him though–that’s a liberating feeling. CONGRATS!!

    Leggings can totally be work appropriate, depending on how you dress them up–I’ve done it. A couple of years ago I landed in the ICU and was super sick for several weeks, but I still needed to come into work. I opted for leggings (a first for me, since I’d previously thought them to be way too casual), since I was dealing with pain and wearing more form-fitting/binding clothes made it more uncomfortable for me. I never once was called out on wearing leggings to work as they were always paired with tunics, short dresses, or long tops/sweaters. I did switch to flats during that time as well (I usually wear heels to work), but continued accessorizing like usual. My outfits looked professional enough that I didn’t feel out of place among all the suits and ties dotted around, though EVERYONE commented on how short I am! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg, are you ok? The ER means serious stuff, I hope your doing much better. I agree about the leggings, if worn appropriately then they can look very professional. But this instance they were not, lol.

      As for Lestat, he’s history. It doesn’t mean anything that he’s “trying” because I no longer care.

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  7. They were BROTHERS?! Good lord! As for Lestat, you have a whole tribe of supporters here to protect you from his feeble attempts–good for you that you don’t give a shit anymore. And I used to wish our office had a policy against leggings but the one person who made everyone uncomfortable with the wearing of them with crop tops is now gone:-)

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    1. Yes brothers, Kevin is nothing like Professor Dumbass NOTHING. I was just as surprised. Now PD doesn’t even look up at me when we pass each other on campus, lol.

      Lestat isn’t even an issue, his weak attempts as communication are in vain. He’ll get no where with me. And I thank God that my blog support group are here voicing the dismay about Lestat in a colorful way that only this unique support group can, lol. Y’all are THE BEST!!

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