Random Thoughts, Happy Thanksgiving and all that Jazz

Thanksgiving is this week and for some it’s a stressful time and for others it’s a chance to see family and friends one normally doesn’t see.  For me, it’s just the day we get to eat tons of turkey, stuffing and everything else that I have to cook.  My mom stopped cooking for Thanksgiving about eight years ago, because her and my dad don’t eat much and they began to come over to my house for that day.  Since then it’s been my responsibility to do Thanksgiving.

I will be cooking, baking and making all the perpetration needed for Thursday, and I’m trying to have a positive outlook on all of this.  So I decided to list things I’m thankful for so here I go.

  • I’m thankful for my boys, they are why I’m still alive and sane (partly) and the reason I’m not in jail waiting to be prosecuted for co-workercide. On my cell phone I have them labeled as Ice, Grizz and Panda Bears from the show We Bare Bears.  They all have similar personalities that correspond with those characters.
  • I’m thankful for my job, because this is absolutely THE BEST job I’ve ever had! In spite of having to work with Female Sheldon and now Baby Kermit.  The mentoring I’ve received from my supervisor and director have surpassed any other job I’ve had in a university setting.
  • I’m thankful for all my blogger friends! When I began my blog in October of 2018, I thought it was only to follow direction/suggestion from my therapist to put what I’d written out there, into the blogosphere as well therapy.  But since I’ve found a very supportive group who doesn’t judge and supports without making me feel that I did something wrong, stupid or morally questionable.  So thanks to all of you, for such wonderful feedback and of course your comedic relief.
  • I’m thankful for my “real life friends” which are only four, but when you have great friends you don’t need a whole posse of people to know they have your back. So thank you to Deb, Veronica, Virginia and Ninfa y’all are the best!  No, Veronica isn’t in my head she’s one of my BFF’s IRL and not only when I look in the mirror. It just so happened that we met when we both worked in what was the worst department at UTEP and we both survived that idiot director and tyrannical managers.  I’ll have to write about that time it’s both horrifying and hilarious.  Imagine a director who was 58 years old and still thought she was in her 30’s wearing leather pants and animal print tops to work.  A manager whose hair wouldn’t grow, suspiciously never move and we all thought it could be a wig, but were never able to figure it out.  And she dressed like a man, all the time.  Another manager who thought she was so educated and sophisticated than the rest of us,  she would look down her nose at the rest of the staff.  Until the Huntress brought her down to earth that is.
  • I’m thankful for my snarky Cat Charlie “Bruiser” O’Houlihan, as much as he’s a pain in the ass (well he’s a cat, right) he still seems to know when I’ve had a bad day. He comes and sits by me and just purrs away.  I really didn’t notice this until my son told me he was sensing my emotions and Charlie was trying to comfort me.  Of course when I begin to feel better he looks up at me, rolls his eyes and goes to sleep on his giant pillow.

Random Thoughts

Two Racing Mustangs and NO COPS

Donut Cops Meme

Yesterday as I was driving home from work I was on I-10 nearing the exit to go home and I noticed two Ford Mustang GT’s, one black and one silver.  They were standard transmission as I could hear them when they passed my on the freeway as….THEY WERE RACING DOWN THE DAMNED FREEWAY IN AFTERNOON TRAFFIC!!!!  All I could think was MOTHERFUCKERS, what if they caused an accident?  What if they both crashed into each other?  As the silver one passed me the windows were open and an idiot kid had his cell phone out and was recording the race.  I literally yelled out “Where are the fucking cops when you need them?!?!?”

Work Thanksgiving Luncheon

Lunch Coworker Good Peeps Meme

Our institution had this luncheon for all the employees last Friday, it’s a yearly thing and all the administration is asked to volunteer to serve their staff.  The department administrator for my previous department passed by me twice, she was serving lemonade and iced tea.  Then she looked straight at me, and said “Oh my god, you’ve lost so much weight! I almost didn’t recognize you! I can see it in your face, you look so good! What did you do?”  Because this was the equivalent to having your mother clean your face in public with her own spit, I calmly sat there eating my turkey and replied.  “I changed departments, that’s what happened” and of course JP was sitting right next to me and he’s like the little brother I never had and he laughed.  Then asked “Well how overweight were you?” and I said 202 lbs.  He said he was going to hang onto that little jewel of embarrassment and I said “Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”  But JP is a good egg, he’s one of a handful of people I work with that keeps me sane.

I Have Fat Calves                                                                                                                             

I can’t find boots to fit me to save my life.  I don’t have calves I have fucking cows at the bottom of my legs and it’s frustrating.  As much as I love to wear boots in winter, I have a hard time because I can’t find any I like that actually fit me.  I have small ankles and fat calves, do you know how frustrating that shit is?  So, I’ve decided to start the “Fat Calve Club” and we’ll figure out how we can overcome this affliction together.

I Like Kale

Kale meme

And I eat it a lot.  It came about because of the keto diet my doctor put me on back in March of 2018.  To me it takes on the flavor of whatever you cook with it, so it doesn’t have an adverse taste as some might think.  Especially in Soupa Tuscana, I make my own version of the one from Olive Garden at home and it’s delish.  What I won’t eat is cilantro, because that’s just nasty shit.

I Listen to Opera

Kill Coworker meme

I do especially when I’m really stressed out, my favorite operas are Lakme and La Boheme. And if any of my coworkers hear opera coming from my office they tend to back away slowly because that’s an indicator that someone has pissed me off.

Pumpkin Pie Is Redundant

Pie Meme

Every year for Thanksgiving my mom made like five pumpkin pies, and I don’t even like pumpkin pie.  Even during our employee luncheon I gave it away to Leslie one of my coworkers in trade for her cranberry sauce.  Yes, we acted like elementary school kids trading food we didn’t like with each other.  So last year I found a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake, and it was absolutely delish!!! Because it has a caramel sauce drizzled over it, and well, its cheesecake!

So there you have it, everything I’m thankful for and random thoughts from the Huntress.  I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  Eat, drink and be merry or eat, drink and pass out of tryptophan and carb laced food!

Star Wars Thanksgiving meme

Until next time remember, chin up, soldier on and watch your back!

The Huntress 915

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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

30 thoughts on “Random Thoughts, Happy Thanksgiving and all that Jazz

  1. The really awesome thing about this holiday is that I can eat like a pig and have three days to recover and get the gravy stains out of everything. We should all try and be nice for a couple of days and not hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it. I am always thankful for waking up on this side of the dirt.

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  2. Oh… you had me up until the kale. I refuse to be thankful that stuff is even on the planet.
    As for the fat calves, I can relate. Is it me or are tall boots getting skinnier? I swear sometimes it feels like I’m trying to squeeze into those jeans from 1988….

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    1. Oh don’t even get me started on skinny boots and even stupider skinny jeans! And yes, that’s exactly what it feels like. The only type of boot I can remotely wear are slouch boots. I’m not exactly thankful for the kale, it was just a random thought I had, lol.

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  3. Love this!! I want to now rename my kids after We Bare Bears!!! They’re currently Papoose, Bear & Monkey – they don’t like those anyway, so there’s no reason I can’t change them 😀 I was thinking of posting my own ‘Thankful’ thoughts too, ’tis the season, after all. Thanking my lucky stars I don’t have to cook -Andie

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    1. I love that show, and it’s just a coincidence that my three boys act like those three bears, lol. But I do have a picture of Ice, Grizz and Panda on my phone with those names. Lucky you not having to cook, I don’t mind cooking in general but a meal this big tends to stress me out. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Andie!

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  4. I hope it’s a good Thanksgiving and it’s probably just as well your parents don’t eat that much anymore because I bet Ice, Grizz, and Panda Bear eat as much as real bears. And I get the not liking pumpkin pie. I like it just because it’s part of the season, but there’s a saying: the best pumpkin pie you’ve ever had isn’t that different from the worst pumpkin pie you’ve ever had, because they all taste pretty much the same. I just wish they’d stop putting pumpkin spiece in everything. No, I do not want a pumpkin spice enema, thank you.
    Also whenever you’ve talked about your mother I’ve always gotten kind of a Queen of the Night from Die Zauberflöte vibe, and now I know why.

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    1. The boys do eat like real bears, it borders on annoying how much food they can pack away. And your so right about the entire pumpkin pie theory, its both good and/or bad, nothing in between. But who can tell the difference? lol

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  5. Huntress, It’s funny how 4th of July stays the same, Christmas stays the same, Easter stays the same, Halloween stays the same, but Thanksgiving? It changes on a whim as to who’s making it, what’s being served, where we’re having it and who’s going to be there. I bet you make a bitchin’ Thanksgiving dinner even if you serve kale with it! LOL. Actually, I’ve never tried kale. One of these days…just not this week. Hope you don’t have to work too hard and you get time to relax! The rule in my house is: whoever cooks (me), everyone else has to clean up after. Until next week…Mona

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  6. Happy Thanksgiving Huntress! I’ll pass on the pumpkin pie, kale and opera music… though I think it’s hilarious that it’s your “stay away” warning… like a puffed up cat or a skunk with raised tail! Your taste in music is even more eclectic than mine, and that’s a great thing because so many people seem to like only one thing anymore. That’s why our radio stations are so boring these days!

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    1. I agree Evil, same music, over and over. I can’t remember the last time I heard a local radio station. I listen to my iTunes or audio books when I drive. Happy Thanksgiving Evil, to you and the entire nest!!


  7. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend! I am so happy to have connected with you! I have enjoyed our friendship immensely. I was surprised when you mentioned listening to opera when you’re angry. My go-to for when I’m pissed is heavy metal. Lol. I don’t care much for pumpkin pie, but not because I don’t LIKE the taste. It’s just something that I never crave and there are so many better things to eat! Like chocolate, cheesecake, dip, and about a thousand other things! I am fixing a small turkey dinner on Sunday for my son and DIL, and of course my youngest grandson. I was sick for almost 2 weeks and dad is just getting better so I didn’t really have enough time to prepare and do turkey tomorrow. I refuse to put that kind of pressure on myself. I hope you have a wonderful dinner and that your parents behave. ❤

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    1. I’m so thankful to have connected with you as well my dear friend! You do sound like a heavy metal stress reducer kind of gal, lol. Yeah, pumpkin pie or pumpkin flavored anything isn’t something I crave either. But this cheesecake really is good, even I was surprised. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving my friend! Hugs and love from Texas!

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  8. Mrs C does the whole shebang* herself, for me, her mother, and the three goldens. Yes, they get turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and whip cream off the spoon, too. They’re family! We are not allowed to help. Well, I have to help each time she pulls the turkey out of the oven to baste it because I either (a) have to lift, or (b) block Marvel, cuz he don’t yet understand that hot ovens are not reason enough not to go after good-smelling food. He’s learning. Me too.

    At any rate, it all turned out divine! We stuffed ourselves and watched a Spider-Man movie (Homecoming) and a Thanksgiving movie we’d never seen before (Tower Heist) and we laughed and loved and had some pumpkin pie after (love the stuff!). Hope yours was amazing, too!

    *what a weird word; if this one gets “spammed,” it’s cuz that!

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  9. I haven’t had enough coffee to properly respond (yes, I KNOW it’s 9 a.m. but my husband got up to drink water and pee three times last night, the teenage boy cat took 11 balls off the Christmas tree, and there was an owl hooting in the backyard so I didn’t sleep quite right LOL) but I love this and am thankful for you!!! I hate pumpkin pie. I despise pumpkin spice coffees. I can gag down pumpkin bread. My daughter made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and when I focused on the chocolate, I could eat them without grossing out. I ended up buying a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie because preparing the rest of the feast from scratch was enough. I love sweet potatoes though. And kale. And cilantro. And I’m thankful you didn’t punch a nosy bitch in the face! All she had to say was, “WOW!!!” You look AMAZING!!!” and walk away… slowly… ❤️❤️❤️

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  10. Thanks Krysta, and I’m sorry you weren’t able to sleep much. Cats can be a pain in the middle of the night, but so can hubs too. As for that nosy beeotch, yeah I think she could have gone about it a different way!


    1. Your lucky you get along with your cube mate. That’s important, because even though I have my own office (for now) having yet another weird coworker with some really annoying habits is beginning to frustrate me. I can’t decide who is/was worse, Baby Kermit or Female Sheldon? Ugh….

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