Writer’s Block or Blockhead Writer?

I know many of my blogger buddies out there have had this happen to them at least once, and some of you more than that.  This is what I’m suffering through right now, even for blog posts, I’m resorting to posting poems I wrote years ago as “filler” for my blog.  I hate this, I hate feeling like this, as if I’m obligated to write something.  Writing for me, for the most part has always been cathartic, it’s been a healing process ever since I realized I could write with ease.  I was in the fourth grade and I entered a poetry writing contest.  My English teacher told me I was good, and she encouraged me to keep writing.  So I did, writing for me has always come naturally or so I thought.

No question, kick her sorry ass to the curb.

Putting pen to paper (yes I still writing longhand) has never been something I’ve ever struggled with, just like with those who math (yuck) or statistics (double yuck) comes with ease.  I use to help a couple my friends write when we were all in school because they struggled with writing, and I couldn’t understand why.  Why was it hard for my two friends to write the simplest thing?  I’m talking about basic college English courses, assignments that didn’t entail anything rigorous or demanding.  I was at a loss, but then I figured out that one of them was just plain lazy AF, and the other being from Mexico struggled to translate a lot of the “technical” writing in English.  So the lazy AF friend I told I couldn’t help anymore, the other I helped as much as I could.  But even with doing my own homework and helping out a friend I was never at a loss for creativity in writing a report, an email, a handwritten letter or postcard (remember those?).

But now, I find myself stuck in the quicksand called writers block, I’ve been editing/rewriting the book I began years earlier, that later became blog posts about Lestat.  The book is a lot longer than the 26 blog posts about him, I’ve improved on some things or at least I think I have.   But even after reading a book suggested by a very wise fellow blogger friend, Wendy Megget called The Right To Write by Julia Cameron, I have had trouble in the last month or do.  Julia says we all have the right to write what we feel, and gives exercises to help hone those skills as well, such as morning pages.  She suggests sitting down every morning and writing in long hand three pages of whatever pops in your head.   At first I was so happy and willing and sometimes I went beyond my three pages.  But now, I sit in front of my journal and stare at a blank page, this has gone on for two and a half weeks already.

I feel like this every morning about writing right now.

I’m at a loss, I’m frustrated, I’m angry and I’m tired of trying to figure out why I’m going through this.   I have two and a half weeks of blank morning pages, I’m struggling to finish my Co-Worker Road Trip Nightmare Part III, and even work is laborious right now.

I was reviewing a grant proposal from a notoriously bad writer/faculty member who thinks that it’s okay to use words like “dat” instead of “that” or “da” instead of “the” in his professional writing, no I’m not joking.   I couldn’t even rewrite his stupid proposal for lack of any type of writing creativity, and that scares me because that is not me.  Then of course the obsessive-compulsive, over thinking side of me begins to think, do I have early onset Alzheimer’s?  So I tell one of my boys who works for the same university I do, and instead of reassuring me he says “It could be ma, you never know.”  Agggghhhhhh! That is NOT what I wanted to hear, in any case this is what’s going on with me and why I haven’t posted to my post like I normally do, it’s frustrating as fuck not to mention emotionally drained at trying to figure out why I feel this way.

Until next time remember, chin up, solider on and watch your back!

The Huntress 915

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

40 thoughts on “Writer’s Block or Blockhead Writer?

  1. I know it is difficult, but just relax and take a breath. Stop pressuring yourself and worrying and maybe go do something different for a bit.
    Says the guy who moved out from his wife, left the farm for a little cabin in town where he lives happily alone with his three cats and hasn’t written a thing in five months. I may even start writing before the divorce is complete, but I’ll get back to it eventually.

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    1. Gosh Jono, if I could do exactly what you did I’d do it! I know that you know the difficulty of writing or feeling like we have to write, I just keep telling myself I’ll get over this. I do know I need to try and do something different, just like you, I think it might help.


  2. I don’t have any good advice for you, but you took the time and effort to write all of this. This must have been somewhat cathartic, maybe?

    As a middle-aged guy, I think that I have for years heard about what people experience as they get older and as a result I am constantly noticing things about myself these days and wondering “is this a sign of old age?!?”. I think, or want to think, that it is most paranoia, but I’m getting older too. If I was really worried about something, I’d go see a doctor though.

    I used to worry that I wasn’t keeping up with what was trendy in pop culture and don’t like current music, but then I decided that I’m good with that. It’d be kind of weird if I liked the same music that teenagers like these days.

    I used to worry that I was getting so old that advertisers don’t target my demographic anymore, like I don’t matter. But then I realized that it’s that we don’t fall for their marketing bull-crap the way the younger people do.

    I got busy this weekend and by Sunday afternoon was feeling like I hadn’t done any creative photography, so I just resolved to grab my camera and head out to the lake and just shoot photos – good or bad. I deleted most of them and I’ll post a few later this week.

    Have a nice week. Autumn is here, though Summer doesn’t know it yet, and Autumn is my favorite season.

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    1. Thank you Jason for taking the time to give me your very sage perspective on this. I have to agree with you, we are older and wiser in many ways. And sometimes we need to find someway or something to break us out of the rut we’re in, whether its writing, photography, roller derby or whatever. Autumn is indeed here and it’s my favorite time of the year! Although in Hell Paso it can still get up into the high 80’s on Thanksgiving, ugh.

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      1. Roller Derby? I have to admit, that didn’t even enter my mind. I am not sure that I could even stay up on roller skates; that is if I could find some in a size 15. I have clown feet.

        I’m still dreaming of the day when my air conditioner doesn’t run all night. Some time in November maybe.

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      2. Yes, roller derby I tried out for an all female roller derby team a while back. And I didn’t make the cut, and it felt somewhat like I do now a bit disappointed that I couldn’t make the cut, as in my trying to write. Although writing is a lot safer but less physically exhilarating, lol.

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  3. Dat is too bad dat you can’t write in da blog! Neener. Lol. Seriously whack that someone thinks it’s ok to write like that in a professional setting. We need to stop worrying so much about what to write. I’m having a hard time, too. It’ll be ok. 😜

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  4. While I realize my blogs are light hearted and by no means fine literature…. I swear I never struggle to find things to post about. On any given day I’ve got 20 posts in the scheduler. The world is crazy. I never run out of material!

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    1. Well that’s good River, you have a constant flow of ideas, and because you draw from your life with your Hubs (the eternal antique collector/builder/destroyer of your garden, I hope you never run out of things to write about! 😉

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  5. It happens to everyone. Even though I’ve long had my posting schedule divvied up into weekly series on certain days of the week, there are still times that I feel more like I’m just going through the motions and not really coming up with anything interesting or creative. Here’s hoping the dam breaks soon because you’ve got me amped up for the rest of the co-worker trip saga!

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  6. I have been writing weekly newspaper columns since 2002, and when I took a break from newspapers for a while, I wrote for, edited and designed many other publications. Writer’s Block is so very painful, and something I know very intimately LOL.

    For example, my “normal” deadline for the past 3.5 years with the Alpine Avalanche newspaper is Monday, any time. Since my task is to “write about anything, as long as food is involved,” seems easy enough, right? HA.

    About a year and a half ago, I’d waited all week, and weekend, for something foodie to pique my interest enough to devote 850 words to it. Nothing. Most places around here are closed on Mondays, so no chance of a last minute meal to write about.

    So then, I started looking through my compulsively collected photos of meals I’ve prepared, and wrote about something I thought was yummy. Turned out, readers liked it.

    I learned that my final, drop-dead deadline was Tuesday at 10 a.m., only to be used sparingly. Ever since then, I’ve used to the Tuesday at 10 time because I normally suffer from Weekly Writer’s Block.

    I’ve found that taking pictures of everything that might inspire me at some point, and a drinkie or two (not in the morning though, although your Champagne Thursday sounds intriguing) helps to shove that block out of the way.

    This morning, I hit “send” at 9 a.m. … a whole hour before the final final final deadline.

    You are not alone, my friend, and I look forward to reading your book!!! ❤

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  7. Aww thanks so much for sharing and for the inspiration Krysta, I know a lot of us go through this but this is the very first time I’ve suffered from it. And I don’t like it one bit, one of my other blogger friends suggested I just take a break from it. I think I might, who knows. I need to do something, I’m actually thinking of joining a co-ed softball team that plays on Friday nights. I’ll keep you posted 😉

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  8. Well, if you do take a break, get on some sort of social media and email me how to follow you ❤ You can have privacy settings that won't allow the creepers to have a peek into your life (unless you want them to see something fabulous). You should absolutely join the softball team!!! That'll even give you more inspiration!!!

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  9. Writer’s block sucks so much. It’s like insomnia but for words. It feels torturous when you’re in the throes of it.

    The moment I finish writing anything, my very first thought is, “Well, that one’s done! I guess I’ll never think of anything else to write. Ever again!” I assume everything I write is just a fluke. Even if I write three things in one day, after each one, I assume that’s it. I’ll never write again.

    A few days, sometimes a few weeks even, later – ideas will start popping back in. The thing that’s helped me the most is any time I have even the littlest inkling of an idea, I put in on a list in my phone memos called “Ideas”. No matter how insignificant it may seem at the time. Some of my favorite pieces have come from that!

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  10. It happens to all of us–or at least most of us. It seems like I always have something in my head to write but there are times when it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth writing down. Sometimes forcing it can actually work–for instance, right now I have no clue what I’m saying and I hope that if I ramble enough I’ll say something useful, although I may have to go back and edit dis.
    And reposting old work is okay. It’s your blog and something something cry if you want to. For some of us it’s a chance to see something you still think is good. In her essay “When We Dead Awaken: Writing As Re-Vision” the poet Adrienne Rich also spoke specifically to women writers when she said, “the act of looking back, of seeing with fresh eyes, of entering an old text from a new critical direction – is for us more than a chapter in cultural history: it is an act of survival”.
    Oh, hey, I did come up with something intelligent–it was just someone else’s words.

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  11. You’re just in a slump—we all have them…and it will pass, assuming you don’t give up blogging altogether, which many bloggers do. Are you dreading writing about your nightmare coworker trip, but feel obligated to? Let yourself off the hook and don’t write it. That’s when you went off the writing rails. Perhaps you feel like you’re stepping back into an old persona and blogging about too many negative feelings, which is causing you to focus on feeling negative? It could be a lot of things all coming together at once. Try to determine the source of your motivation loss, then go in a different direction.

    For me to break out of my slumps, I look for inspiration—something that lights my fire…and, often, it’s something new or outside of my comfort zone. Check out Pinterest for lifestyle blog post prompts. Write a book/TV show/movie/restaurant/Avon product (<——I’m shameless) review. Or do a different type of post altogether, like you write a fictional story paragraph, then invite others to add to the story you started in the comments. Or, ask your readers what they want to read…their curiosity and interest may strike a chord with you.

    Whatever you end up doing, we are not judging you or scoring you on whether (or how often) you post. We’ll still be your audience when you hit that schedule button. In the meantime, be kind to yourself and continue to play the opposite role: blog reader/commenter. The slump will pass. I promise.

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    1. Omg, you might have nailed it Heather! That’s exactly when I started to feel like this, going on that stupid trip, getting sick, training all week when we got back, ugh. I never thought about “that” being the catalyst for the writing dry spell I’m experiencing. 🤔

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      1. So, let yourself off the hook. Stop thinking about it, feeling obligated to write about it. Put it in your rearview mirror and pick something random and fun to move past it with. You’ll get there—I have no doubt!

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  12. Huntress,
    So this is what usually works for me because I’ve so been there, my friend. I tell myself that if I’m not going to write, then there’s plenty of other stuff to get done. So I’m going to start working on the most tedious thing I can find and I tell myself that no matter what, I’m not going to write! Well, my muse is a rebel soul. The moment I act like I don’t care, all of a sudden, the words come fast and furious and I’m back in business. Actually, this post is very good and you have much to say even when you don’t think you do! LOL. 😉 Mona

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    1. Thanks Mona, for this very encouraging response to my predicament, lol. I love that you have a “strategy” for writers block, I may try it. Tell myself I’m not going to write and voila, maybe I’ll be able to begin again. 🙂


  13. I always hearken back to what Ernest Hemingway said about writer’s block: when in doubt write one true thing. Write the truest sentence you know. If I feel like writing (I don’t always) then it works. If I didn’t feel like writing then it didn’t work and I had something else to do, anyway. 😁

    Incidentally, I don’t know if Hemingway mentioned what to do next, after you’ve written that one true thing. So I’ve always told myself, “now write another.” Pretty soon you have all sorts of things filling up the blank page. In my case, if you’ve read my stuff, it’s mostly babble, but babble beats blank like paper beats rock!

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  14. I feel this so much! Life just gets so busy and overwhelming sometimes, and for me it’s even harder because I have a HUMOUR blog and life isn’t always very funny, so what do I write about then?! I’ve also gone back a couple of times to the very beginning to find something that no one ever saw and rewrite it a bit. There’s no shame in that at all!

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  15. Same boat. I told my husband , well I guess I’m not a good writer ( because I haven’t felt like writing lately) and he said, I think you’d be better at writing a book. LOL!!!! Um, okay. Actually I’ve written some stuff but not posted it. I write it and then I say, well that’s boring AF. :p I’ve been drinking less, so maybe that’s it… 😀 Whatever, I really need more funny stuff from you, so please write more about your idiot co-workers.

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