Co-Worker Road Trip Part Two…..The Nightmare continues.

Soon after we settled into our rooms at the hotel, the “gang” wanted to go out to dinner.  I was in no mood to eat a late dinner then wake up early to go to a training I knew was going to bore the hell out of me.  Needless to say, it was mandatory, so off we went, like Lenard Nemoy in search of a sit down restaurant to eat at.  We left our hotel around 8:45pm because Thing 1 was still being a pain in the ass and Thing 3 was talking on the phone to her ungrateful daughter who suggested that she should have left her debit card at home.  Again I found myself sitting in the van waiting on other people to get moving.  We drove around but every place seemed packed for a Monday and we wound up on 9th street at a Whataburger.  Which was fine with me because I just wanted to eat and go back to the hotel to go to sleep.

Coworker meme

We all ordered and sat in a booth and table next to each other and I ate as I listened to the rest of the Things talk about their lives, what they do on their off time, their spouses etc.  I on the other hand ate my chicken strips with extra country gravy on the side and listened.  Then Thing 4, who is a very nice girl who works with us and has a baby boy at home asked me how old my boys were.  I answered as I took a sip from my Dr. Pepper and then Thing 1 said loudly (and I do mean LOUD) “Oh my gawd, you have three grown boys? I never knew that, I didn’t even know you had kids.  Are you married, divorced or living in sin? Ha, ha, ha.” and she said.  I could feel the fire of exhaustion burning inside me and as everyone else laughed I said “Oh I’m living in sin, yeah that’s how I prefer to live.  That way it’s not a shock to anyone when you tell everybody you’re getting a divorce because you’re married to someone with no social skills, or when you superglue a coworkers desk drawers shut.”   Suddenly the laughter stopped and I got a text from JP and said “I’m sorry you had to go through that, she’s not a bad person she’s just the nervous type” then I thought he’s the third person to tell me that, I mean what does that even mean, the nervous type?  That would explain her uncontrollable blinking, ugh.

Punching face meme

We all finished eating making small talk and finally left Whataburger to make our way back to our hotel.  I was to say the least tired, as everyone exited the van I pushing past everyone to make it to the elevator and up to my room.  I didn’t even turn around to look where the rest of the Thing Gang was, as the elevator doors opened I walked in and pushed the button and then hoped I wouldn’t get stuck in the elevator with Thing 1 & 2.

The next day I made our way onto campus to the class room where the software people were to meet us and the 61 other university employees.  I was one of the first people there, imagine that and that was because I asked the hotel shuttle to drive me onto campus because we were supposed to in the classroom by 7:50am.  As people started to file in, late as always the software people began to ask why everyone wasn’t on time.  One of them looked at me and I said “I am not my brother’s keeper, or my coworkers either” and she, a sarcastic much older Gwen Stefani wannabe rolled her eyes at me just as the Thing gang walked in.

The Office meme

Tuesday was hard because I was tired, even though I had a room all to myself and slept like a baby, I felt as though I hadn’t slept enough.  It must have been the long, tedious, mind-numbing, homicidal inducing drive to Lubbock that made me feel that tired.  I needed time to rest and recoup…..

Juice box meme

But finally at about 8:45am (yes 45 mins after we were should have started our training) we began, laptops out and poised for learning.  But of course that’s when we heard that we’d be here through the weekend and leave the Following Monday, because of course no one planned this fucking trip out well.  After the first day’s training we were told during a break that we would be having “team building” after work during dinner, I think I said out loud “you’ve got to fucking be kidding me?”  I thought I said in my head but I suppose I didn’t because everyone just looked at me, angry and I said “That look right there, that’s how I’ve felt since we left El Paso.”  All I wanted to do was go back to my room and have a bit of alcohol, watch t.v and fall asleep.  I dread team building exercises especially when you have to pretend to be a caring coworker.  Look, I love my job but having to spend an entire week with my coworkers could drive anyone to harbor murderous thoughts.  I wasn’t happy about spending time with all of these people after work as well.

But no, someone’s big idea of team-building was to have dinner at a place called Pecan Grill and have a co-worker mixer because there were 61 of us attending this godforsaken training and we should “mix” with our counterparts from other campuses.  This was already a nightmare and it was only the first day.  I know I sound disgruntled and yes, yes I was but going to the coworker mixer was probably the best part of the trip.

There I met a woman named Carol, she was from another campus and we hit it off perfectly, we both sat at the table and laughed while we tried to forget what a nightmare this entire week was turning out to be.  Her attitude about spending this much time with her coworkers was exactly how I felt.

Karen meme

We began to talk about how spending the weekend in Lubbock might not have been the best idea and soon the others at our table were talking about the same thing.  That’s when I said we should just train through the weekend and leave Monday, everyone agreed.  Our coworker revolution had begun.

Until next time remember, chin up, solider on and watch your back!

The Huntress 915

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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

33 thoughts on “Co-Worker Road Trip Part Two…..The Nightmare continues.

  1. Ugh, that’s what I dread about work trips. When I get to the hotel room, I’d rather chill and watch TV. But for some reason, everyone wants to party until late into the evening. It’s almost like they don’t get enough “outside” time when they are at home. They want to explore and talk incessantly all night long.

    Hotel rooms have cable tv for a reason, and that is to convince work mates that you are sleeping!

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  2. I can’t believe they forced you to go to dinner at 8:45pm. Does Whataburger even serve alcohol? Screw that. You may be forced to work with them, but no one should say you have to break bread with them after hours as well.

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    1. Team-building exercises are my worst nightmare, for all the same reasons you stated here. For the love of god, I spent 9 hours a day with these people. Do I really have to spend additional free time with them? I spend more time with these people than I do my own husband – than I even do sleeping. The fact that we are in close proximity to each other for most of my waking hours is plenty of team-building. I just want to be left alone with my own thoughts for even two seconds, damn it!

      Someday, we’re going to find a workplace where everybody has as bad an attitude as we do, and it’ll be the best day of our entire lives. Instead of having team-building exercises, there will be “everybody gets left alone with their thoughts for a whole hour without having to listen to someone yammer on about their chicken piccata recipe for the tenth time”.

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      1. Well we weren’t “allowed” to drink, but on Thurs we had that another team building exercise dinner and after I went back to my hotel room, I asked the shuttle driver to take me anywhere that sold alcohol. She was such a nice person, all she said was “it’s been a rough couple of days huh?” lol.
        And I was already sick, which sucked monkey balls in addition to the trip, the training and the trying not to kill my coworkers.

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      2. I know right? Or in my case, I have to listen to my director talk about her grand kids and mimic her grandson’s voice (in baby talk) about all the stupid things he does. I realize that kids only three years old but damn, I’ve heard this “chicken piccata” recipe at least 78 fucking times. No I don’t care that he knows how to read already, or that he eats “adult” food, or that he calls you Grandma Tewwie, cheesus crust lady, talk like a fucking adult!!!

        The entire drive out there she was yaking and yaking about her grand-son, and I could see people rolling their eyes from where I sat in the back of the van. Hell, JP and the other two sane people had a bet going to see how long it would take her to start her grandson story telling when we got to the freaking training. He won by the way, it took her exactly 16 mins, 28 seconds to begin talking about how her grand-son pronounces shit. I had to buy him lunch, but I was okay with that. He, I and the other research admin and a finance guy were the only ones that didn’t talk about our families on this trip. Which was refreshing. Let me tell you, I was plenty tired by the time I got home.

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      3. People “putting on” their toddler’s voices when they tell a story drives me INSANE. Particularly if it’s to regale me with a story about their 3-year old calls spaghetti “pasketti” or some such business.

        “Can you believe it? He called it pasketti!” like the kid is some kind of trailblazer in comedy. Part of me wishes I were a big enough jerk to get all excited and say, “ARE YOU SERIOUS, CLAIRE? You need to get that kid into show business ASAP!”

        Instead, I just sit there and politely nod my head while I secretly wish for them to be struck with acute on-set muteness.

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      1. I’m sure its more hilarious in your head than it was in “real life” because my coworkers already perceive me as grumpy and (I quote) a social terrorist. Hmmm, maybe its not a perception more than an observation, lol.


      1. We have team-building exercises a couple of times a year. I usually dread them, but they often work out OK as we are usually somewhere with booze (don’t tell Tippy Gnu).
        They’re about to rearrange the entire structure of the organization in which I work and I get a little stressed about that. I don’t even know the people who are going to be in my boss-chain. Kind of feel like I am starting over, but I still get paid, so…

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      2. Oh I totally understand how that goes, believe me. Hopefully the new chain of command will be reasonable to work with. Booze always helps when conducting team building, it numbs the pain of having to build a team. I’d much prefer to build a team of destruction, lol.

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  3. Your posts are making me super grateful I never have to travel with coworkers for work-related purposes. Hell, I’ve been know to feel put out by having to attend work-related events after work hour hours or on weekends. I can’t imagine how poorly I’d handle a forced workation with coworkers…even ones I liked.

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  4. When people turn their noses up at me because I’m just a lowly retail grunt and have been one for 21 years, I can laugh at them and say I don’t have to endure stupid shit like work sponsored field trips and anti-introvert team building exercises. I’ll take the brand of BS I have to put up with over this office variety hell anytime!

    Please let there be a secret Thing smackdown coming soon!!!! It’s totally the type of action one who is living in sin would do…

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  5. Ah, the old team building dinner routine. Usually an exercise in awkwardness and futility. Futile because I found that when you come right down to it the workplace is less team and more survival of the fittest. The moment something goes wrong everyone’s more than happy to drop a dime on their coworkers. It’s every man for himself.

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  6. Can I just say I wouldn’t mind working with you? If I did I might never know what a funny interesting person you are, I might never even say much more to you than “Good morning” or “Have a good night” as we passed in the corridors, but I know you’d get shit done.
    And if you kicked Thing 1 under the table I’d take the blame for it.

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  7. Don’t get me wrong, because I like Whataburger, but if I’m forced to eat with the group, then I’d expect at the very least some really good Tex-Mex where I can also have a frozen margarita! Whataburger, really? They make you have to work hard for your Champagne Thursdays, don’t they? Wow. Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well we tried but because all the Things ran late yet again, after driving around for 40 mins, we decided on Whataburger. Believe me I just wanted to eat and go back to the hotel to sleep, frustration as already bubbling over inside me by this point.

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