Co-Worker Road Trip Report To Come…..But for Now This Just In

As some of you know I was out for work the last week, only to come back and conduct a training on this freaking cloud based system that we only learned to fully use in the span of six days.  Two of those days were on Saturday and Sunday because our leaders/directors/supervisors decided it would be “fun” to plan this excursion for a week and two day OVER A WEEKEND!

But I digress, not only did I almost commit co-workercide (yes it’s a word, I just made it up, okay I made it up last week), I was bored to death in most of the training days, I caught a cold, got drunk on NyQuil on Tuesday night and initiated a co-worker walk out.  Okay somewhat of a co-worker walkout, it was more of a, “let’s talk about NOT staying in Lubbock over the weekend doing nothing, getting this training over with by Monday, we’ll train over the weekend so we can go home, discussion.”

As part of our team-building we had to sit through dinner with colleagues from other campuses, which I was more than happy to do since Thing 1 (coworker) was stomping on my last nerve, I’ll write on why later.   I got to meet what I’m going to call my doppelganger, she was sarcastic, grumpy, tired of being there AND we both liked the fact that there was an open bar paid for by our “place of work”, okay don’t tell anybody…sshhhhh.


Anyway so we, everyone at my table (there were 10 of us), got to talking and decided we’d bring up the fact that we’d be open to training on Saturday and Sunday instead of wasting the weekend and complete our training early so we could leave either Sunday night or Monday morning.   Then other colleagues from another table heard us and before you know it, we had all the others thinking the same thing.  Alcohol works wonders I’m telling you, especially when taking by a group of people determined to undermine authority.

Ron doesn't make sense meme
Working a week and a half and having to stay over the weekend to finish up on Tuesday, no sense at all!

So by Wednesday morning our collaborated takeover was in the early stages of presentation when the representative for the software company asked if any of us had any questions.  I raised my hand at the same time my doppelganger raiser hers, and the rep asked us what we’d like to say.   We both stood up and presented our idea, which was met with a rousing, smiling reception by all the other 60 people in our training room.  The three software company reps looked at each other and said that they hadn’t planned to conduct any training over the weekend.  So my doppelganger mentioned that a lot of us couldn’t back home and come back on Monday.  I believe my group from El Paso had driven the farthest but I could be wrong.  In any case my director who, has her right arm in a sling after shoulder surgery, mentioned that it would be a good idea to consider this change in our schedule.

After all, those consultant were getting paid for the training, it’s not like they were doing it for free.   So after our first break from the boredom that was this entire week of software training, when we went back to convene the software reps told us that they’d considered our suggestion and if we were all in agreement (all 61 of us) they would train us on Saturday and Sunday.  And yes, I have plenty of blog material, and I do mean plenty of it.  I just need to sort it out and write it, because the drive over there was a nightmare!!!

Consult meme
I said y’all are getting paid to train us, your not doing it for free.  So let us work over the weekend so we can go the fuck home!

But before I get ahead of myself, during my entire work trip I didn’t have a lot of time to read let alone comment on all the blogs I follow.  I did comment on a couple but, I couldn’t get to all of them, not even at night because as I commandeered my own hotel room (thank God) I was getting sick and taking meds and was totally and completely tired most of the time.  So blogger friends, I’m sorry to have let my routine of reading and commenting on your blogs go for an entire week.  Especially since reading Nowhere Tribunes post on Bad Blogging Behavior, which you can read here.


I started to read it and then thought, I’m a bad follower for not reading my weekly followed blog posts, but in my defense I really was busy with work, training, plotting with my co-worker doppelganger to break free from the tyranny that was software training and………..ahem, I’m getting off subject here.  In any case, I hope everyone had a great week and I will catch up on my blog reading, somehow, sometime……

I intend on having Champagne Thursday’s every week from now on,  to keep myself in blog reading condition.  I’m doing it for all of your sakes………your welcome!

Champagne Thursday meme

Until next time remember, chin up, solider on and watch your back!

The Huntress 915

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My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

28 thoughts on “Co-Worker Road Trip Report To Come…..But for Now This Just In

  1. Thanks for the link! There’s no way I can read all the posts. I’ve been in Lubbock since Monday (I home now), and I’ve missed a lot. My post was talking about the people who always ignore you, always, as if they aren’t even real people. I still consider the people who like a post once every three or four months regular readers. Glad you’re back!

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      1. Thanks. Nah, I’m from a very small town. To me, Lubbock is big and exciting. We were right by the campus just off university–lots of great food and beer. Also, I was with a lot of work buddies I don’t see very often.

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  2. I have to play catch-up every weekend thanks to an insane work/commute schedule, and it’s one of my favourite parts of Sunday! I’m so happy you survived the training week from hell–I would have died by Wednesday (unless I had Champagne Thursday to look forward to!)

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    1. I’m thanking the stars above that we have three day weekend, it’s Labor Day here in the states. I need an extra day to recharge and catch up on my blog reading with champagne bottle in hand……yes it’s only 8:27am, and? Lol 🥂🍾🧐

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  3. Well, that escalated slowly. Seriously, though, I think it’s so cool you staged a sort of walkout, convincing computer programmers, of all people, to change their plans. My experience with some–although not all–computer programmers has been that their attitude is “We’ll decide, you adapt to it, no discussion,” so good for you. And good for you coining the new word coworkercide. I used to work with a guy who’d drop by my cubicle and say, “Let’s be collegial” and every time that happened it was all I could do to not pull out The Letter Opener Of Death.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, Letter Opener Of Death, great one! Oh man great minds think alike! I always thought one could use a stapler to kill someone, albeit slowly but nonetheless kill, lol. That’s why I keep an array of heave “paperweights” on my desk. I hate when people ask me why I have a hammer on my desk and I have to explain it’s a damn paperweight. 😠

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