Trying to Find Peace of Mind In the Aftermath of Tragedy – The Huntress Is Angry.

In the recent light of the mass shootings here in El Paso and Dayton, the very core of beliefs I once held has been shaken, so much so that I’ve begun to rethink a lot of things that I’d held onto since I was a kid.  The one obvious thing was, my parents were prejudice, not racist but they let their prejudice cloud whatever since of right or wrong they might have had.  They would always comment that Mexican’s were low class that they came to this country to take advantage of the “system” and take jobs from American’s.  As a kid growing up on the border I knew, we all knew that our small town was predominantly Hispanic/Latino/Mexican.  With one Cuban and two Puerto Rican neighbors peppered about our sleepy little town.  These were my own parents saying these things, and I grew up constantly questioning their way of thinking.   When I got married my in-laws were from Mexico, and at least my MIL’s side of the family perpetuated a lot of the stereotypes I grew up hearing from my parents.  But not all of them, and I learned to adapt to my own thinking and ideals.  So after I became an adult I began to question and correct my parents on what they believed and to actually scold them because they were, after all of Mexican decent and I found it terribly hypocritical and I was having none of that, especially because I didn’t want my boys to hear my parents demean their roots and heritage.

We also happened to be in Texas, where conservative thinking and holding on strong to every word of the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights was, well held onto with great pride and constantly misquoted and misinterpreted.  Specifically the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms.  My dad had hunting rifles, at least four of them of different sizes and calibers, all placed above our fireplace displayed with pride.  My grandfathers, both of them had rifles, and my maternal grandfather, who served in WWII and was a very proud American, had three hand guns and took his grand-kids (all nine of them) out to the desert to learn how to shoot those guns.

My maternal grandfather was the one who taught me and my cousin’s gun safety and how to handle a gun/rifle and none of us though anything was wrong with this.  Since becoming an adult I’d never thought about getting a gun or any weapon for safety because I felt safe in the Sun City because we are, at least 97% of us, of Hispanic/Latin/Mexican origin.  I am a fourth generation American, my boys are second on their dad’s side and fifth on my side.  But feeling safe was somehow taken for granted, until August 3, 2019.  As I watched this heinous act unfold only four miles from where I live, I like so many others in our city felt helpless.

Then the aftermath of it all hit all of us, especially those of us of Mexican decent, like a preverbal ton of bricks…..we were being hunted.  This came to light after the murderer’s so called “manifesto” was found online.  He drove all the way from a Dallas suburb to our town, to hunt and kill “Mexicans” on purpose!  So, I’m going to set aside the political correctness and proper language now, because this Huntress is FUCKING PISSED!!

The impact of what happened was nothing short of shocking, for all of us who live here in El Paso.  Especially when we found out who this person was, where he was from and why he did what he did.  People have tried to rationalize this and give this young, stupid and apparently easily influenced 21 year old asshole the benefit of the doubt.  Someone that probably didn’t have any familial structure to teach him right from wrong, and was left to his own devices while his parents tried to find themselves or figure out what to do after divorce all the while ignoring the little bastard.

But this is after all, only speculation as we all try to come up with reasons as to why he choose El Paso to commit this crime which seemed to be motivated by white supremacist and Neo-Nazi rhetoric.  And this is only one of my theories, because my boys were also put through the emotional whirlwind that is divorce and none of them are out with warped ideals and taking up shooting practice on the human race.  Because I made it a point, despite their father being out of their lives, after the divorce to show them right from wrong, to make sure they knew I loved them and I never ignored their needs and learned to look for warning signs of emotional turmoil.  Which let’s face it wasn’t easy because I was working full time and going to school full time, but I made sure to let them know above anything else, they were my priority, ALWAYS!

Since this mass murder occurred my city has been on edge, everything everyone does is a careful and calculated thought process.  This happened only weeks before several school districts were scheduled to return to school.  All of the Walmart’s and Target’s in El Paso have El Paso Police Department uniformed officers at every entrance/exit at the moment, which makes one a bit uneasy and safe at the same time.  This should not be commonplace, we should be able to walk into any store and feel safe.   Memorial services have been taking place since the shooting happened, it’s so unbelievably sad, I don’t think a day’s gone by that I haven’t cried.  As news about the killer comes to light a lot of us have realized that sadness has turned to anger and outrage.

His manifesto is supposedly (I say supposedly because it hasn’t been released to the public) a long-winded rant about how Mexican’s were taking over Texas and he was afraid of their liberal views and also worried about how these people would slowly but surely turn Texas from a Red State to a Blue one.  He also mentioned how he was afraid of Mexican’s or anyone of Hispanic/Latin background were taking over “his” country and choking out his European heritage.  Now, let me get this straight a twenty-one year old asshole, still wet behind the ears is going to tell ME about how he’s worried that HIS country is being taken over by OTHER cultures?! OH HELL TO THE FUCKING NO!!!

First of all, let me put this out there y’all, the United States of America is a melting pot of all cultures, races, ethnicity’s and it is NOT pure breed WHITE! No one is pure breed white, and assholes like him actually believes this!  First of all let me address his thinking of “his” country, OUR country had people here before the Europeans even set foot on this big ol’ rock we call America.  It had indigenous peoples, Native American’s, really…… that’s why we call them NATIVE AMERICANS because they were here first you white supremacist asshole pricks!

Texas wasn’t even a state in the US until 1845, it belonged to Mexico, so the saying “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us” is true in every sense. Don’t even get me started on the Alamo, really you don’t want to go there with me……

Also constantly hearing “Go back to your country or where you came from” pisses me the hell off even more.  I’ve been told that twice in my lifetime, once as a child and once as an adult.  The adult version yelled back “I am where I come from bitch, come closer so we can discuss this, no? I thought so!”  This was here, in El Paso in my community where we are a cultural mosaic.  This woman was white, but I’m sure she wasn’t pure breed.

When I hear Lenny Kravitz’ song American Woman, I don’t think of a whitewashed version of a female.  I picture a very diverse group of women who have roots in many different countries.


Here in El Paso, we speak Spanglish, code switching is the clinical term for it, we always have and we always will.  Now some Latinos are being condemned for speaking Spanish as far away as Hawaii!  We are being language shamed because others feel entitled to share their ignorant and misplaced opinion about how we should speak.  To those of you who do all I have to say is this, it’s not our fault we are multicultural and you are stuck in your one dimensional life with your one dimensional language, go fuck yourselves!  If you think that only English should be spoken, then you’re in the wrong country people, get a clue or better yet get an education to learn another language OTHER than English!

During the horrible years of slavery, slaves were brought to the US and sold and they intermingled with Native American’s as well as many other cultures, especially Hispanic/Latin/Mexican’s this is where the words Mestizo and Mulato come from.  The fact that we have so many different cultures in us it makes us richer as a people, we have learned so much from each other there is no excuse for any of us to single out one race or culture for extermination, NO EXCUSE.

We as American’s have so many different cultures/race/heritage running through our veins it’s impossible to narrow down where and whom we come from.  So the fact that these white nationalist “believe” they have a pure blood pedigree is fucking stupid not to mention naive.  Also for them to think there are “pure breed” people out there, yeah right, keep lying to yourselves if it makes you feel better.  We’re all mutts, we don’t belong to just one people and to think this way, well it makes me question their intelligence.  Let’s turn now to the turn of the 20th century and the influx of immigration from Europe shall we?  Thousands upon thousands of Irish, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Slovaks, Russian, Polish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and countless others were coming to the United States because they were fleeing religious, racial and political persecution, civil war or poverty.  And all of them, and I do mean all of them suffered one type of prejudice or another because of where they came from or who they were.  They were thought of as expendable and they took jobs doing things that others would never do.  The Chinese helped build the railroad, the Mexican’s helped with crops and agriculture, I could go on and on.

So tell me again white nationalists asshole pricks how you are pure breed and only have Aryan blood in you?  Because even your idol, Adolf Hitler was half Jewish remember that, no? Oh right because you only believe what you want to believe, got it……ignorant motherfuckers.   Even when the Unites States was a colony of the British Empire, those Brits back then weren’t pure breed either, nope they had all kinds of different blood running through their bodies.

This is just a drop in the bucket of emotions that I’m feeling right now, what happened here was a senseless crime.  Where do people like this stupid kid get off thinking that he can control the lives of others? Oh right, that white supremacist thinking that is perpetuated by the so-called president of this country.  Yes I’m getting political, when one doesn’t condemn acts like these and stays silent, idiots like white nationalist think it’s okay because the president doesn’t really say anything.  Because let’s face it, the mofo can’t really talk to begin with, so it only perpetuates hate and intolerance.  The only thing I’m glad about is this, I live in Texas and we are a capital punishment state and have always thought that the punishment should fit the crime.  And we are a hard state to get away from capital punishment, many have criticized Texas for this.  Hell even Thelma and Louise didn’t want to come to Texas for any mischief due to how criminals are handled here.

It was reported last week that this murderer was being held in isolation here at the El Paso county jail.  I thought to myself, why don’t they just put in general population? Oh right, because he’d be dead by the end of the day being locked up with a bunch of angry Mexican’s.  Even inmates in the jail have been reported to say they’d like a shot at him, and I’m all for it believe me.  No, I don’t have any compassion for someone who’s killed twenty-two of this towns great citizens, not one ounce of compassion.  If I had my way, after trial, conviction and sentencing I’d have him be killed exactly how he murdered those twenty-two people.  I’d rent out a grocery store somewhere that was about to go out of business.  Pay generously for the use of the fully stocked building, lock it up nice and tight, made sure there was no way of escape, let him loose in the store, turn off the lights and have him hunted like the goddamned dog he is!  No I don’t care that he’s someone son, brother, cousin or nephew he’s a fucking cold heartless ignorant killer and deserves to die that way!

Have a bunch of snipers hunt him down until he’s dead, that’s my kind of Texas justice, and no it doesn’t make it right.  But I’m pissed as hell right now, because there are people dead that shouldn’t be and even though I only knew one of them and only casually (she went to school with my youngest and died shielding her infant son from gunfire and her husband died as well) it shouldn’t have happened!  Which brings me to gun control, again I live in Texas where the right to bear arms is taken seriously.  Red flag laws will only work if they are put into place and even then, they may not be enough.  We are one of the countries in the entire world with the weakest gun laws on the planet.  Before what happened on August 3rd I firmly believed in the right to carry your gun, license to carry classes have sky rocketed in the last week and a half here.  Two out of three of my sons are going to enroll and I thought about joining them.  But what will that fix really?  There were at least four people inside the Walmart that day that were licensed to carry and not one of them had their weapon with them, two of them were soldiers from Ft. Bliss.

But the sale of automatic weapons is absolutely and totally absurd, but let me clarify, handguns, rifles and shotguns are vastly different than automatic firearms.

Most people that own firearms are in the category of handguns, rifles and shotguns, it is rare that the average citizen owns a fully automatic AK-47.  But that doesn’t mean one can’t go out on and buy one if we wanted to, just like the little prick sitting in the El Paso County jail did.  Gun laws for the protection of people against others with questionable intelligence and/or mental capacity need to be put in place.  Or a ban automatic weapons all together, no private citizen should be able to own a military style assault firearm!  If you don’t feel safe with a Smith & Wesson or Ruger then your intentions are not to protect you or your family or your property and are more nefarious in my opinion. Yes people will disagree with me because I’m not including ALL firearms.  But this is what I strongly believe, you have your opinions and I have mine.

On a side note (a bit Bridget Jones-ish, as always) as I was researching the types of guns for this post during lunch, campus police showed up in my office to inquire that our firewall had detected someone on campus was “Googling” firearms.  And here I thought our firewall didn’t work… I spent half an hour talking to the Sergeant (whom I know and is a friend of mine) why I was doing so.  He sat here in my office and expressed his sadness and anger over what happened as well.  It was a sort of cathartic for both of us.  As he left he got up and hugged me and began to walk out of my office.  As he did he was silent and when he got to my door he turned around and said “Oh yeah before I forget, knock it off with scaring the IT guys will you?  I don’t want to have to walk you out in handcuffs because people think your buying guns while at work.”  I smiled and told him sure thing and reassured him it was only research, he smiled and left.  I need to have a serious talk with those skittish IT dudes, I swear!

This will be my last post about the tragedy that befell my city on August 3, 2019, writing about what happened has helped.  Many people in my office have sought counseling because again, just because we didn’t know anyone who was killed personally, the stigma that we are now a culture/race of people who is being targeted because of who we are and where our roots come from is unnerving to say the least.

But let me be crystal clear about one thing, I am first and foremost an American, I was born in the United States, I have lived here my entire life, so have my boys, my parents, my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I am an AMERICAN no matter what my linage, and I am proud of this fact, this is MY country and no one, absolutely NO ONE can take that away from me.

Until next time remember, chin up, solider on and watch your back!

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33 thoughts on “Trying to Find Peace of Mind In the Aftermath of Tragedy – The Huntress Is Angry.

  1. Whew! This had to be difficult and healing, as much as it could be, for you to write. God bless you and your whole community. My heartfelt sorrow goes out especially to the families directly affected. I wish I had the right words, but… ;-(((

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  2. First, I wish I could hug you and take you out to lunch. Second, your feelings are totally to be expected after what was basically a World Trade center attack on El Paso. Vulnerability is scary AF. I’m mad, too. But most important I just want to say that that guy was crazy. He had issues, he looked for something to blame, he evidently had nothing worth living for. It’s always been this way. It’s either a person who has been bullied, finally turning his anger on someone he has decided is to blame for his problems, or a weak but power-hungry person who’s bought into some evil charismatic leader’s teachings who thinks they are doing something ‘big’. I think this guy probably heard about ANTIFA planning to come to Texas and that sparked a plan, but who knows? I’ve also heard that the manifesto could’ve been written by someone else. But even if it was , he still killed people out of hate. We can’t live in fear or let our hearts be filled with hate and angry. Give yourself time to grieve this assault on your peace. It might take a while. Talk about it as much as you need to, especially with your fellow El Pasoans. Resolve to spread love to everyone around you. Do you follow the blog Seeking Divine Perspective? She wrote a helpful blog on countering racism today. I hope that if nothing else, this attack will bring people together and closer to God. in the name of those who were killed, it must be so.

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    1. Hi PKA, I don’t follow SeekingDivingPerspective but I’m going to look that blog up, thank you for the suggestion, and for the heartfelt words. I understand and totally get that not everyone is like this kid. But as angry as people get, it’s hard to find any reasoning to this type of senseless violence. I appreciate your support 😉


  3. While I am a white European mutt, I am just as enraged as you are when people throw their entitlement around – we are all working together to make this country cohesive…nobody gets more brownie points just because of the color of their skin.

    I certainly don’t have the answers in regard to making these mass shootings stop, but I don’t know that red flag laws would necessarily help in these situations. It seems like most racists tend to surround themselves with like-minded folks – nobody in their circle would turn them in for spewing the hate speech they are all fond/guilty of and, even if they had an inkling that someone in their circle might commit such a horrible crime, I doubt they’d make any kind of formal complaint about it to effectively have their guns removed from their possession. So, we’re right back to square one.

    My late boss and I discussed this shortly before his passing last year and we both agreed that a lack of community has to be a factor. We have a mobile society now. Family members live all over the planet, and that’s not unusual. Few people remain in the same geographical area they grew up in. We don’t know all (or any) of our immediate neighbors. It’s frowned upon for adults to discipline a child that is not their own, hell, it’s frowned upon to discipline children at all, though everyone is happy to bitch about undisciplined children. Society in the 50s and 60s had some things right – we need to recognize that and incorporate those ideals in our current society.

    Something (probably many things) definitely needs to be done, but thinking there is a cookie cutter, blanket fix for the country at large isn’t the right way to go. We need to think micro, not macro, then work our way out from our families, communities, states and nations…not the other way around. Responsibility starts being taught in the home…we need to get back to that.

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    1. Preach Heather! Your onto something when you say that society in the 50’s and 60’s were onto something, I’m talking nuclear family wise, not society in general because we all know that back then there was so much turmoil going on. But as parents back then it was well within our reach to discipline kids, help them become responsible adults and teach them between right and wrong. Those types of things very well could have kept a lot of us from becoming this kid, and many others before him. I agree we need to concentrate on the mirco not the macro. You are so wise beyond your years my friend, very wise indeed

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      1. If only we could make it happen. Society today wants to find one large “monster” that’s to blame for it all. Many are globbing onto guns as the monster, but the problem is far beyond that. I’m tired of people pushing their political agendas on society to correct a largely non-political issue.

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  4. Several years ago a bunch of racist signs went up around the college campus where I work. I don’t think anyone ever found out who was responsible–and the cowards responsible would never come forward. One thing it got me thinking about was who “my people” are. I haven’t done one of those DNA tests but just from talking to older people in my family I know what a mutt I am. And I just heard an interview with John Leguizamo about a new show he’s doing about the history of the United States, and how eight-thousand Latinos fought in the Revolutionary War. Cuban women even sold their jewelry to help pay for the American revolution.
    Why wasn’t I taught that in school?
    And that’s just part of the role they played in American history. As he also pointed out, if it hadn’t been for a Spanish woman Columbus wouldn’t have sailed.
    And thinking about the older people in my family who grew up with guns something I remember distinctly is that if you didn’t handle a gun responsibly it would be taken away from you. And I’m with you: no one needs to own an AK-47.

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    1. I think may people should watch that John Leguizamo special, it’s on Netflix. Because when I saw it I learned a lot of Latino history, and I’m Latino! lol.
      They don’t teach things like that in school because history in itself is whitewashed, and wrong in a lot of cases. For instance we all know about Paul Revere right?

      Well he wasn’t the first to ride to warn the American Colonists about the British attack. Nope that patriot post rider was named Israel Bissell and how did I learn this? A HBO special by Robert Wuhl called Assume the Position. Being the OCD person I am (about history that is) I did research on his history presentation and did find that Israel Bissell was the first to warn the colonists about the attack by the British. History or at least US history is wrong a lot of the times. He also schooled us on how the middle finger came about and why the first sentence of the US constitution is grammatically incorrect.

      But as for those DNA tests and being mutts, I think I may have gone a bit way too far with that sentence, lol. I should have said we’re all very diverse but that’s what came to me as I wrote the post. I have done a DNA test and found that while I am 64% of Mexican/Latino/Hispanic origin which includes the Anaya region of Spain and Menonite and indigenous people of Mexico. I am also German, Italian Irish and surprising enough .34 percent Scottish, go figure? See a mutt, lol.

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  5. The hatred in this country frightens me….. I don’t understand it, and probably never will. Our diversity gives us strength!And the pseudo patriots waving their flags and wearing their lapel pins tend to forget what made this country great in the first place.
    I read this the other day and it made a lot of sense….
    “The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does , and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does ; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility while the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to war .”
    My heart goes out to you, El Paso and all the other communities who have become victims of hate.

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  6. The average citizen should not be able to go out and buy an assault weapon. Period. Assault weapons are designed for one purpose: to kill people and to kill as many as possible in one fell swoop. This is not something one needs for hunting or protection.

    Our so-called asshole POTUS does nothing but perpetuate hatred in this country. I never in my entire life EVER thought we’d have such a deplorable human being in the White House! It’s only going to get worse, especially if he gets re-elected for another 4 years. God help us all.

    You have every right to feel sadness and anger about what has happened in your community. What gives some little punk asshole the right to decide who lives in El Paso or in this country for that matter? What gives him the right to decide who lives and who dies? He deserves to die for what he has done. I don’t believe he is mentally ill. A mentally ill person can’t be held responsible for what they have done. That mother fucker KNEW exactly what he was doing!

    Sure wish I could hug you in person, my friend. ❤

    PS Stop scaring the shit out of people! Lol.

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    1. Thank you my friend, I completely agree with you, about everything you said. I don’t scare people on purpose and when I do do, it not so much to scare them but intimidate. Well as much a Latina Bridget Jones can anyway, lol.


  7. Huntress, I think you said it best with, “OH HELL TO THE FUCKING NO!!!” My Grandma used to say that we were Heinz 57 when it came to our ancestry, and I’m proud of that fact. Diversity brings strength to a people. Otherwise, inbreeding results and that’s never good. The world can be a scary place and I have no expectations that it is “safe” no matter where I am. Just as I don’t believe that any of us have any real privacy anymore. But people will believe whatever illusions they need that will get them through the day, I suppose. Still, I want my home to be a sanctuary and I focus on manifesting that into this world as best I can. I believe in responsibility and compassion and respect. I believe in doing better when and where I can. But being the imperfect human that I am, I sometimes embrace that darker side of me as well because that, too, is who I am. But again, I take responsibility for that part of myself. I’m proud of our country’s diversity and because I do, that means I can expect great diversity in thinking. I thank God for that! I cannot know why or stop what other people think or feel. I don’t know anyone who has the power to do that, actually. However, it isn’t the thinking or feeling that’s as much of a problem as when people go to the next level and act on their thoughts and feelings. Some things are just beyond my ability to fathom. That I do know. This was an excellent post and I’m glad you wrote it! Have you considered writing an editorial in your local newspaper? You have a strong voice and much to add. What happened in El Paso and Dayton and all the other places it’s happened is more than tragic. I have no doubt that it will continue, unfortunately. With guns, with knives, with whatever the tantrum thrower has at hand, that is what they’ll use. I know you’re in pain and I wish you and yours peace as soon as it can happen for you! Hugs to you my friend, Mona

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    1. Mona, you took the words right out of my mouth, diversity IS what our country is about, no one should persecute another person for this! Thank you for your kind words and the suggestion that I might think about writing locally. I don’t think they’d appreciate my sailors verbiage though, I know I tend to let my emotions get the best of me, lol. But thank you for reading my post, hugs right back at ya 😉🤗.

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  8. Something has to change. We can’t go on like this. I agree with everything you said here. And the whole mental illness thing being spouted by the powers that be? Mental illness exists in every corner of the planet, so why is it this mass shooting problem so much more prevalent in the US than anywhere else?

    I’ve been on vacation all week, and got to spend a whole day with my best friend, just the two of us, and it was cut short when she got a call from her husband that their daughter’s high school was on lockdown. I don’t have kids, but the look of terror on my friend’s face said it all. For all the things about high school that were terrible back in the day, I never had to worry about some asshole walking in with a gun. My friend said this happened at her daughter’s middle school, too. And elementary school. Something has to change.

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  9. Wow, the IT folks monitor who is searching what and then if someone searches something that they have deemed inappropriate, the police show up to your door to question you? How is that not a 1ST amendment violation?

    Why whenever these things happen, do people go around telling law abiding citizens that they must get rid of certain firearms?

    Have you ever read about Wounded Knee? How the U.S. government made the Indians disarm, before the massacre?

    I can understand your frustration with the murderer, but demanding a change or to want more Americans to be disarmed, doesn’t stop future criminals.

    Automatic firearms are already banned to such an extent that they cost 10s of thousands of dollars, Reagan did that back in 1986, Reagan also started the background check system, Reagan also supported the Brady Bill, none of these pieces of legislation stopped any violence.

    Gun control laws have been taking place since 1934 (FDR) under the NFA, gun control has been taking place for almost 100 years now, and it has yet to stop murder and mayhem.

    Gun control, ensures that law abiding citizens will be unarmed when disaster strikes.

    Like I said, I can understand your frustration. Being that close to the massacre, makes everyone in the vicinity feel that much more vulnerable. But using emotions to create controls in the hopes of stopping the next massacre will only enable crime to perpetuate. Since criminals don’t follow the law.

    You can blame the gun all you want, but the gun, like the keyboard doesn’t operate on its own. Outlawing guns or outlawing thoughts, merely creates an opening for nefarious people and nefarious activities.

    The only way to confront this is to empower individuals. Remove the firewall and encourage people to engage and interact with one another. Stop perpetuating this idea of hating hate, hate is easy, love is hard.

    We are afraid to be honest, since there are real world consequences for being absolutely honest. If people are afraid to be honest, what else are they afraid of?

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    1. I know what your saying, like Heather said we need to start micro not macro then things might start moving in the right direction. I’m not saying to take guns away from everyone, I’m saying no one, no private citizen needs to be able to own a military style assault weapon. Those seem to be the weapon of choice for most of the mass shooters.
      I’m with you being afraid to be honest, because social media is instantaneous, it’s a matter of seconds when backlash begins on being honest. Where individuals whose opinion really shouldn’t matter begins a landslide of so-called political correctness. Then the threats begin and that’s why people aren’t as honest as they want to be. So yes, if we’re afraid to be honest there are a lot more things they are afraid of.

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      1. Just like no one needs an automobile that has over 400 horse power or that anybody can buy a device to communicate over the Internet. Why not institute background checks for all rights?

        Why no id for voting, but id to exercise 2A?

        Why do the police need assault rifles? Why do the police get to speed? Why hasn’t the Patriot Act managed to stop any of this?

        Because Huntress, as long as we continue to look to the government for protection, the more we go unprotected.

        Why can the government deal drugs and weapons with no accountability?

        The government wants us disarmed and dependent.

        Why the AR15 you ask. Because it is an intermediate round that can be easily used by people of all statures. The AR15 platform is reliable and dependable and easy to use by everyone. Just because someone uses it to commit a crime, doesn’t mean that we all must be punished.

        If a child pornographer uses a computer to violate and harm children, doesn’t mean that there are plenty of other people out there using their computers for good.

        Instead of people running to the government to implement a new law. Citizens must be empowered to fight for what is theirs. With every new law, citizens are that much more limited.

        The Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 didn’t stop columbine, it didn’t stop any of the east coast vs west coast gang violence, it didn’t stop Waco or Ruby Ridge, it didn’t stop the militias from forming. All it did was force law abiding citizens to conform to a law that criminals did not conform to.

        I think another problem is that we tend to forget what has taken place in the past and we allow ourselves to be fooled thinking that it’s worse today than it ever has been.

        Yet Chavez beat migrants coming to America to work, this is never truly discussed. The Virginia Tech shooting didn’t involve an AR15. Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer and diesel fuel to blow up the Oklahoma City Federal Building.

        The AR15 is not an assault weapon. The AR15 is not select fire. In WWII the battle rifle was an M1 Garland, in WWI, the battle rifle was a 1901 Springfield bolt action. The 1911 was the sidearm of Soldiers since 1911 up until the mid eighties, the Internet was also developed by the DOD (weapon of war).

        If we as citizens are expected to get rid of all weapons of war, then we will have no bows, or pistols or rifles or shotguns or revolvers.

        The military uses GPS to guide missiles and to guide units onto the battlefield.

        As these horrible events have shown us time and time again, the police and LE cannot be depended on. The intelligence gathering that LE uses along with the NSA has yet to stop any of these atrocities.

        Banning certain firearms just like banning certain words or phrases does nothing to stop violence. It never has and it never will.

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      2. Violence has always been happening, it’s just that we don’t realize it until it is on our doorstep. Then we want to overcorrect, which causes pandemonium itself.

        Remember the saying “#notallmuslims after every attack. Not all firearms or firearms owners as well.

        Do you really want trump to have all the guns?

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      3. Exactly Huntress, just like I don’t want Obama or Trump or anyone to have all the guns. Mao said that true power comes out of a barrel. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and if the government has all the guns, then what are we to do?

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  10. We have a lot of racism in this country and I think that we spend a lot of time looking at our own problems and thinking that we must be one of the worst places on earth for this. I’ll share a story not to make light of our problems, but more to show that people everywhere have issues.

    I often work with Malaysians for work. I have become friends with some of them and enjoy being around them. The place in Malaysia that I often visit is Penang. Penang has several cultures living together in one place, kind of like you might find in places in the USA. There are ethnic Malay (of course), there are ethnic Chinese Malaysians, there are ethnic Indian Malaysians (several different varieties), and the occasional occidental or others. These cultures live mostly separate from each other, and each has their own language, religions, customs, whatever.

    I have had it explained to me that in childhood, a student spends most of his/her time in a school segregated according to ethnicity where instruction is taught in that language and then they spend time in a general school which is taught in Malay. This works out well for me because they all learn English too.

    On a visit by one of the Malaysian engineers to Austin, we talked about our schools and the people from different ethnic backgrounds in the USA all going to the same school together. He remarked how backwards he felt that his society was compared to ours. He felt that we were far more accepting of peoples of different backgrounds and much more enlightened in this regard. This came as a shock to me because I see the divisiveness in our country every day.

    Interesting to see an outside perspective. The struggle is happening everywhere. Humans are kind of thick-headed.

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    1. I suppose you have a point Jason. When we get someone who isn’t from the US’ perspective it shines a huge light on things that are going right more than they go wrong. I’m sure here, in our country good always outweighs the bad, then things like mass shootings happen and we only focus on everything bad, everything that goes wrong instead. Then anger sets in and like BC said, we as a society are afraid to be honest with ourselves and everyone else.

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      1. The mass shootings are embarrassing as well as making me sad and angry.

        Currently those going to and from Malaysia are worried because they generally go through Hong Kong and there is a lot of trouble there.


  11. Ken and I were watching Queer Eye last night and they were making over a lovely woman who was Mexican-American. Some of the things she had to deal with, including neighbours saying racist things to her face, was unbelievable to us up here in Canada. We’re not a perfect society and there are a lot of dicks up here too, but I can’t imagine that happening in my neighbourhood. We have an election coming up soon, and the Conservatives here are just like your Republicans–it terrifies me that we could end up with an insane government like the one you all are struggling with.

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    1. It’s a very true and scary thing that’s happening right now. We never thought it would happen here, in our city so close to the border. Our government is a clusterfuck and has been for almost four years now, not that it was any better before that. But it wasn’t as blatantly racist as it is now. It’s horrible.

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  12. Totally with you on what you wrote here, all of it. Us Brits have to also remember we’re a mutt of all kinds of different races and cultures and again a fact that’s conveniently forgotten.
    Go and scare the IT dudes…

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