Train-Wreck Love

Sometimes love is a goddamned train wreck, at least for some of us, the few walking wounded, the zombies of defunct love.  The euphoria one feels when you first fall in love fades into a thunderstorm of softball size hail pelting you from all sides.  The train wreck type of love feels like getting stuck in quicksand or a tar pit of emotion.  You struggle to understand how something that should feel good has you trapped, and the more you struggle to break free, the more you sink into its dark, happiness sucking, emotion destroying abyss.

Its called train wreck love because it feels like your standing on the track wanting to feel good all the while you can see the freight train barreling down towards you, horn blaring, light flashing and diesel engine roaring until its too late.  In the end, you’re standing on there alone while that humongous train is on its side, derailed smoking and on fire, train cars spilling their contents all over the sides of the tracks, just like your heart.  Your left physically unscathed but emotionally you feel like that diesel engine, no longer humming, wondering what the hell just happened to get you where you are now, unable to function and dying from the wounds.

We’re left alone in your very own vacuum of solace to wonder, think, contemplate, and finally come to the conclusion that it might be that you are destine to be the type that will only have train wreck love.  For most, love is a sunshiny feeling, they are full of joy, newness, goddamned cotton candy clouds following them around for the rest of their lives.  They know nothing of what train wreck love is like, for the few who have felt this way it is mostly when we, are in love alone.  When we love those that will not love us back and until we can finally step off the track and let that train pass, we will never break away.

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

16 thoughts on “Train-Wreck Love

  1. I was extremely lucky at the train station and found my perfect partner early on. The bright and shiny wears off after a while, but if you’re really lucky something deeper takes it place.
    I’m sorry you’ve experienced a wreck…

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    1. Thanks River, I actually wrote this when I began my blog about Lestat. I was going through my writings and found it and though, oh hell why not post it? Its still relevant even though Lestat’s not around (thank God) but it resonates with me all the time because of the train wreck that was my 20 year relationship with him.

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  2. Love. Bah! Who needs it? It hurts like hell and really screws up the digestion …
    At least the romantic variety …
    The best love is like a favorite shirt …. it may be faded and worn, but it still feels right when you put it on.

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  3. Around here we have so many train crossings, that you just have to accept the fact that you’re going to get stopped at the tracks a lot. And I’m more than happy to yield to that Love Train, to let it breeze on by so I can continue to go on about my alone but happy way of life once the gates go back up…

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  4. First it was a simple sledgehammer to the end that became a shipwreck where I was left on an island. Once we got back together it was a car crash, followed by a train wreck, a Challenger explosion, an asteroid slamming the Earth, and on and on, until now, fifty-two years later, it’s wary, smoldering love wreckage with hot spots. We’re still examining the wreckage to figure out what the hell happened.

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