The Huntress Is Not A Man Basher

A couple of days ago a “guy” friend of mine that reads my blog but doesn’t blog himself, gave me some ideas for some future blog posts.  He sat in front of me as we had lunch together and after he gave me his thoughts on my I’m Stressed blog post, he said this….

You know I love your blog, your hilarious and you have a way with words but, maybe you could tone down the man-bashing

*Gasp*……What the literal fuck, I thought to myself.

Gasp gif
What?! I’m not a man-basher!!

I pondered his reply for a bit as I ate my lunch across from him as he ate the biggest, juiciest apple in all of appledom.  His crunchy-bitey consumption made my contemplation just a tad difficult.  But then I thought, wait a cotton-pickin’ minute here, I don’t bash “men”, I bash ONE man in particular, okay two if you count my idiot ex-hubs.  But man-bash in general, no siree, I’m a lover of men (DO NOT take that out of context y’all, you know who you are!)

context meme

Before I told him to desist on his huge Granny Smith, crunchy-bitey noisy pre-lunch apple (who eats an apple BEFORE they eat their lunch?) I thought, I am not a man-basher, and I don’t man-bash, man-hate, manslaughter (unless its justified) any man, and here’s proof.  I’ve gotten to know a lot of the male bloggers since I began my blog a little over a year ago.  I have nothing but respect and admiration for them.  My friend mentioned that my male blogger friends don’t count, but of course they do I said, and here’s proof why, they’ve given me a new, higher respect for men in general, they have officially re-educated and rehabilitated me to a new Huntress with their positive reinforcement and kindness.

Simon from Beyond the Infinite  – He’s a techy, sciency, lover of sci-fi and we’ve had fun getting to know each other’s blogs, I comment on his, he comments on mine (sometimes, lol).  He’s from England, and we’ve had that America/England, who’s better, bigger, more sophisticated, what’s better English food or American food (I know who’s right here, lol) conversation/argument.  But I’ve never, ever man-bashed him, his blog or even his choices about anything.  He has opinions, and I respect them because he’s never done anything to offend or hurt me in anyway.  He is one of my very first male blogger friends.

Bryan Fagan at A Crack In The Pavement –  Our very first interaction was about muscle car porn, yep you heard that right.  And believe it or not, so many would have, could have taken that conversation out of context.  But Bryan was ever the gentleman and has been ever since.  Okay the car porn was about a 1960’s something red Corvette with white leather interior.  We’ve been blog buddies ever since, and he too has always been supportive of me and other bloggers in their writing.

Paul at The Captain’s Speech – What can I say about Paul? Other than his writing talent is in a league of its own, how he manages to have entire conversations by himself, I mean that IS talent! Or he might actually have a twin we know nothing about but I’ll let him tell us in due time.  He’s a Bachelorette watcher/commentator and has taught us all to clean windows and adapt to the new Twitters (as my mom would say).  He’s a font of information and he has not once, NOT ONCE uttered a curse word in his blog.  Well, not that I’ve found and believe me I’ve looked really, really hard!

Christopher at Freethinkers Anonymous –  He was also one of the very first blogger friends I came across when I began writing.  He has what I’d always thought was my dream job, he works in a library!  He’s posted about art, his hometown of Nashville and all the goings-on thereof.  He’s also posted about rejection (writing rejections) in THE most comical way possible.  He has an outlook on life that is precious, and he’s always been nothing but supportive of my blog and posts.  He once offered to rent me a black Trans-Am so I could pull a Smokey and the Bandit drive to work, he mentioned that if he could he would and that’s enough for me.

Tom at Tom Being Tom – Tom’s love of golden retrievers is priceless, his ability to explain what’s going on in his life will almost always make you stop and think about life itself.  He was brutally honest in his recent birthday post about all the challenges he was faced with facing financial ups and downs, which I know all too well.  But he’s always had words of wisdom to share and yet he’s another man-blogger (hey I should trademark that) that has always been supportive of my blog along with so many others.

Evil at Evil Squirrels Nest – Lover of all things squirrely and crittery (yes that’s a word, I just made up) who’s views on everyday happenings bring a sarcastic smile to my face and sometimes wonder why someone has not invented mental Clorox because, well let’s just say sometimes one needs mental Clorox! But in spite of his hate of squirrel haters, humidity and rain, he’s a great blogger friend.  Also he’s a pretty awesome graphic artist as well.

John at Nowhere Tribune –  His tales of armadillo tattoos and rampant teacakes will have you laughing, crying and scratching your head.  A fellow Texan and a lover of nature, vacation mishapper, the Clark Griswold if you will of family vacations (that’s a compliment by the way!)  He’s been another man-blogger that has remained true to Texan nature, a gentleman always…..that probably carries a gun but that’s okay, I respect that.

There are so many more of you I couldn’t possibly include everyone, but I thank you just as much!  I have a couple of male friends in my life, two of whom read my blog and one who knew of Lestat, and all of my male blogger friends whom I respect and admire.  So, I’m not a man-basher, I don’t man-bash men in general.  I bash those men that have given me a reason to bash them, and only them in particular, whereas their stupidity, incompetence, mental instability and everything else they did to get me to the selective man-bashing I do.  I love men (again GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, you know who you are!) and even with my online dating debacles I wasn’t bashing all men, I was bashing some dates and their bad behavior.

Hey, it’s not my fault if they made bad first impressions, I know I’ve made a bad impression on men, especially when they see you making that bad impression on the hood of their Ford F-150 with a baseball bat or sledge hammer, but hey that guy deserved it.

Gwen gif
I’m sure he had good insurance

I have met a few good men, and they are kind, hard working decent men, who take care of themselves and their families.  I have known a few single dads who have worked two jobs to support their kids, who will always, ALWAYS prefer to spend the weekend with their kids instead of going out partying.  I’ve known of some dads who have full custody of their kids and work tirelessly to make sure they are clothed, fed, sheltered and most of all, LOVED!  I’ve also known some men who are generous, loving, giving and selfless when it comes to their wives, girlfriends, sisters and moms.

So, I don’t man bash, unless someone, some man, does something stupid, to me or one of my friends that is plain mean, selfish, or self serving without thinking of the consequences or how he will hurt another human being.  A great big thank you to all my male-blogger friends and your continuous support, encouragement and respect.

Until next time remember, chin up, soldier on and watch you back!

Then Huntress915

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

36 thoughts on “The Huntress Is Not A Man Basher

  1. I don’t consider it bashing when you’re writing about a specific individual. (Who btw, totally deserved bashing. Physically. With a large stick.) And I’ve never heard you say All Men Are ‘insert appropriately horrible adjective here’. So rest easy, we know you like some men. Just as you like some women. No one likes everyone….

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  2. Thank you so much, it’s a great honor to be included in this list of Unabashed Men. I’ve never thought of you as a basher of Y-chromosomes, and there are a few women you’ve gone after as well, so I’d like to ask your lunch partner, how do ya like them apples?

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  3. Well this just made my week. Such kind words! Had a smile on my face the whole time I read what you said about me. And you’re right, I don’t swear on here, or in life really. Maybe just to myself lol

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  4. Thoroughly enjoyed this post, and will be checking out these lads when I get to my computer, although I already know Bryan (yes, a total gentleman and sweetheart). The male bloggers really are special 😁 And yes, I believe they count! You are not a man basher at all! You are just a strong, bold and funny woman, and I suppose some men who are pussys find that intimidating!! 😆 LOL Keep being you, babe!! 💞

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    1. Amen sister! I wholeheartedly agree with you and I think that’s my problem. I’ve been told I intimidate, but that’s just my personality. Oh well, what can I say other than if they can’t take it they can move on down the line. 😉

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      1. I scare the living sh*t out of most guys too, even though I’m small. But I’m not going to simper and make myself less, just to make up for their insecurities. And of course, as you get older, you become so much stronger and less inclined to care what other think, so it gets worse!! So you may as well get started now!! 😈 Girl power! 🌈

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  5. As a divorced buy, with a girlfriend and two teenage daughters (and who has been the only male in his household for decades)… I enjoy seeing the big differences in how men seem to think and how women seem to think. It is always nice to see another take so I can laugh at myself. Enjoy reading your blogs.

    And no, I still don’t see what was wrong with wearing a fish print shirt and plaid shorts in that vacation picture i have framed in my house.

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    1. Ohh another fellow Texan! Thank you for reading, and my sympathies in being the only male in a household of women, that can be tough. But, I can honestly say I know how you feel, I’m the only woman in a household of men.
      I have three grown sons and although only one lives with me, the other two are always at my house which makes me a witness to countless pull my finger gags, fart noises, burping, laughing wildly at fart noises, Motor Trend TV binge watching (I actually like that) constant eating days.
      I’m not saying all men act like that *sign* just those that I gave birth to, lol. Fish print shirt and plain shorts huh? Well, you are brave I’ll say that for you, 😎🤣.

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      1. It’s a good thing that little girls never make disgusting noises – ha. Maybe it’s worse “did my sweet baby girl just do that?”

        One thing that I was not prepared for was the friend drama. When I was a boy, friend drama was we got mad and hit each other and while later we were having fun. With girls, it’s full scale feuds that span years and dynamically involve many other third parties. One of my daughters is actually mad because she liked a band before her ex-friend did and now that ex-friend is really into this band and apparently that is a personally insulting. I try to take all of this seriously and acknowledge that this is beyond my understanding.

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      2. Oh well then prepare yourself, because it gets worse as they get older. Then it subsides about the age of ohhh……35 or so, lol. It is ridiculous how girls act today, that’s why I’m so glad I had boys. I have nothing against girls, but if I had three girls with my personality traits, all hell would break loose!

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      3. Yeah, I have two marriages in my not to distant future. I can still almost be in denial on this.

        I am glad that I had girls. I grew up with three brothers and no sisters. So, I understood a lot about hitting and name-calling, and generally participating in jack-assery while totally unencumbered by the thought process. I wouldn’t want to deal with the kind of knuckle-headed teenage boy that I was.

        I guess I will just keep trying to deal with the future to the best of my ability until I either die, run out of money, or both.

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  6. If I thought you were bashing us I wouldn’t keep reading. I know a lot of men that deserve bashing, but so many who don’t. Those are the ones I hang out with. I do love women (get your mind out of the gutter), but there are some I stay far away from. At age 10, however, I did belong to the he-man woman hater’s club for a few weeks and then met a girl who quickly changed my mind. So, I too have had moments of stupidity. Anyway, you keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

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  7. LOL, I’m a masochist and almost impossible to offend, so you can bash me all you want (though PETA might have something to say about squirrel bashing). I think you do a good job of unloading all of your bashing on carefully chosen targets that shouldn’t be interpreted to represent any particular demographic. I walk away from blog posts that stray into territory that bothers me for one reason for another, and I think your friend could use that advice as well…

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    1. Thank you Evil, but I’m pretty sure he’ll read this and figure that out for himself, lol. This post was meant to be directed at those that though I was a man-basher, and since I’ve gotten a lot of confirmation I’m not that type of woman, I think the point has been made. 😉

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  8. How in the world could anyone think someone named The Huntress with an icon picture of Harley Quinn could ever want to bash anyone?!

    Okay, I maybe started wrong.

    Instead of bashing I think what you do is find quirky, interesting things to write about and thus you do. So what if some of the targets of the huntress’ arrows happen to be idiot men. Look, I’m a man — and a pretty iconic one — but even I’ll admit there are more men worthy of bashing than those who ain’t. We can be quite literally dumbasses at times. I know I can be, because my back end has ended up on that couch more times than I’d care to admit. And the silent treatments? Mrs C puts on the silent treatment like no other. Feel free to bash me for that!

    But I digress.

    Many thanks for including Tom in your mentions. One of the most interesting parts about being an observer of human nature is seeing how other humans see me. I’ve been called worse things than a golden-retriever-loving, life-explaining, brutally honest, supportive, man-blogger …

    … but I’ve very rarely been called much better. 😉


  9. Seems like your friend is a bit sensitive on this subject. If he really pays attention to your blog, you’re an equal opportunity basher. You bash women just as much as you bash men, though Lestat posts tip the scales on the male side, but he’s the reason you started blogging to begin with – to get that story out of yourself and put him to rest once and for all. Some people deserve to be bashed, regardless of their sex…and you have a gift for finding them. It’s one of the reasons I love reading your blog! 😉

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  10. Hi ya, thanks for mentioning me in your honoured list of positive man bloggers. I have to agree with you, the guys you bash deserve it. I must remember t read and comment on your blog more 🙂

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