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The Blues of the Blue

Today was the sixteenth year that the University of Michigan met with their rivals from that university down south in the rivalry game that even other colleges call “the game.” Today marked another year Michigan hasn’t won in the “shoe.”  A university that shall remain nameless due to my disdain of their entire collegiate existence, has yet again put the kibosh on the Wolverines football program.  The University of Michigan went into this game with a somewhat glorious record, beating all but one of their opponents this year, as did those “nut jobs” from Ohio.  Only their record was a bit more lucrative since they have been on top of their game for the last seven years or so, or since Urban Meyer has been their coach but I don’t keep track of such things since I don’t care for the nut jobs from down south.

The Ohio “Nut Jobs” lost to their opponents the Purdue Boilermakers on October 20th in a game that resulted in a 49-20 thrashing that was the equivalent to a college football noogey.   Wolverine fans will tell you we also were less than stellar in the game against our opponents Notre Dame resulting in a loss of 24-17.  But we blew past “little brother” Michigan State with a 21-7 win, which lets face it was a long time coming.  But Michigan supporters wait and hope that every year when the “big” game comes along this will be “the” year the dry spell against those nut jobs from down south will end.  But sadly it hasn’t, it was a bitter pill to swallow watching all the mistakes being made by the offensive line as well as some on the defense.  As I watched the game and scrolling through social media many diehard Michigan fans were verbalizing that Urban Meyer should just have an aneurysm on the sidelines and be done with it.  This has to do with the fact that he has a cyst on his brain that cause him severe, stress induced headaches.

Once again being a huge Wolverine fan I got caught up in the feverish fandom spectacle that is fueled by hatred from both sides of this one hundred and twenty one year rivalry.  That’s right, that’s how long this battle between these two universities has been going on.  But, I have to say that I didn’t condone such brutal wishes of the Nut Job’s head coach to keel over on the sidelines just so we might have a chance at winning.  I thought to myself, what if this was Coach Harbaugh and any illness he may be going through?  I would find myself wishing those Nut Job fans to burn in hell for eternity if they were posting such wishes online for my coach.

In any case, that team from down south won yet again, but not before we got a chance to put some points on the board and take advantage of some of their defensive mistakes before the clock ran down and the win went elsewhere.   Since this is officially the last game of the season all the Michigan fans are reveling in nostalgia and anger and many saying “Next year we’ll get those nut jobs” but will we really?  Maybe it’s the Michigan coaching or the multi-talented team or the fact that somehow we can’t seem to get past this horribly tainted grey and scarlet (yuck almost threw up in my mouth there) team.  How long do we, the Michigan fans have to wait until we finally ring victorious over that dreaded team from Blohio?  I suppose that other fans will say “where’s you devotion, where’s your support for the maize and blue?” Just because I can see what is from what should have been doesn’t mean I’m any less devoted to Michigan.  Many college football programs have their dry spells, and sometimes they last more than a decade.  I consider myself a realist, especially when it comes to my team.  Many people constantly ask me why am I am University of Michigan fan when I live in Texas.  And shouldn’t Texas be my college team of choice?

My answer is always the same, I live in Texas but my heart is in Michigan.  And just because I live in Texas doesn’t mean I HAVE to be a Texas fan.  In fact I loath the University of Texas Longhorns, they are like the Dallas Cowboys of the college world for me.   And if you haven’t guessed, I hate the Cowboys too, GO STEELERS!!!!

I leave this post with hopes and dreams that next year we will be able to have an undefeated season, that as much talent as Michigan recruits and develops we can finally say that we will not only be ready for that team down south, we will reign victorious for an entire decade.  In a perfect world, all my teams will be victorious and have a perfect season.  But I am also fair and give credit where credit is due, and “that” team did a better job today, and that’s as far as my credit will go.  So continues the Blues of the Blue, one day we will no longer sing those blues with a heavy heart but celebrate a win on the scoreboard and the Fighting Wolverines singing Hail to the Victors in their hearts.

So, in spite of today’s loss I will bleed Maize and Blue until I die, so Hail to the Victors! GO BLUE!!!!

Published by thehuntress915

My life has been a lot like the movie Bridget Jones Diary (the Hispanic version) constant comedic struggles and life lessons learned by way of personal experience. I've survived divorce and online dating debacles, so tag along for the ride and lets laugh together.

4 thoughts on “The Blues of the Blue

  1. Yes, it was an extremely bitter loss, and I’m dealing with the social nightmare hangover this morning from the overzealous nut job fans. But soldier on we must, that is what the University of Michigan is known for.


    1. It seems that way doesn’t it? But I believe that they felt the win was slipping away and whether or not they stopped trying after three minutes left on the clock it just looked like it would a futile effort because they couldn’t come back to put 23 points on the board in such a short time. *Sigh* Alas there is still next year……


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